Help Send the Love of God to Some of the Poorest People on Earth

After graduating from college with a teaching degree, specializing in Elementary Special Education, my daughter discovered her true passion last fall during a three month mission trip to Uganda where she worked with special needs children.

She returned home in December without any doubt about what she wanted to do next. She returns to Uganda on February 7 2017, but this time it is a one-year commitment. My wife and I are sad to see her leaving for so long, but we are happy for her because, at the ripe old age of 23 years, she has honed in on her passion, which took me over 50 years to do.

She will be working as a full time teacher for a class of special needs kids. About half of them are orphans. She created her own blog site, which is called Love Takes Root, where she posted lots of information and photos taken during her previous trip.

She made her plans trusting God to provide the financial support. Her position is not paid, so she relies on the generous donations of other believers to support her simple lifestyle for the next 12 months. Her fundraising goal is only $700 per month, but as of today (Jan 25), she is still about 25% short. Her blog site offers an easy way for people to make tax deductible donations.

For anyone looking for a great way to help send the love of God to some of the poorest people on earth, please prayerfully consider supporting Avery Bailey’s 2017 Uganda Mission Trip. For more information, please visit her blog site or click here to donate now.

Here is a little summary written by Avery:

“My name is Avery Bailey. I am a 23-year old Special Education Teacher from Atlanta, Georgia. By the grace of God, I am setting off to spend a year working with Ekisa Ministries, a non-profit located in Jinja, Uganda. The mission of Ekisa is to improve the quality of life for those living with special needs in Uganda, to keep working till no more children are institutionalized, and to tirelessly dream until the negative stigma towards those living with special needs in Uganda is changed. While serving as a teacher here, I will be working daily at both Ekisa’s children’s home and Special Education Academy. The Home provides around the clock love and care for the 19 children with special needs living there. The end goal is to see these children resettled into families filled with unconditional love. The school exists to empower each student (from both the surrounding community and the children’s home), through individualized, inclusive, special education. Would you prayerfully consider joining my support team, to stand in the gap for those living with special needs in Uganda. Together, we can change the negative stigma towards disabilities one child at a time.”


James Bailey