Russian Troops Identified at Asheville Mall in North Carolina

russian-airborneThere were a lot of reports in the news last year about Russian troops being trained in America, supposedly for the purpose of fighting terrorism in America. If you want to see for yourself, just Google the phrase “Russian troops in America.” You will be amazed by the search results.

Most of the reports I found were about Russian troops training in Colorado in 2012. The following is a quote from a report from Fox News giving the details about why Russian soldiers were training in Colorado in May 2012:

Twenty-two Russian army paratroopers are in Colorado for two weeks of training with the 10th Special Forces Group at Fort Carson, a post outside Colorado Springs.

The two nations’ militaries have been conducting joint exercises for years, but this is believed to be the first time Russian soldiers have trained on U.S. soil, Lt. Col. Steven Osterholzer said.

The Russians and Americans are training together on basic soldier skills ranging from firing weapons to making parachute drops, said Osterholzer, a public affairs officer for the 10th Special Forces Group.

It’s the first step toward joint exercises in more complicated anti-terrorism operations such as helicopter drops, he said. [Read more…]

So this is not a conspiracy theory. Many sources have confirmed Russian troops really have been training inside the United States of America. The question is what are they really doing here? There are lots of conspiracy theories attempting to answer that questions.

The plot thickens with the following report coming from a citizen in Asheville, NC, who claims to have seen Russian soldiers inside the Asheville Mall on February 9, 2013. The encounter is summarized in an email sent to Steve Quayle, which was shared on his website:

In short, I saw two Russian soldiers in the Asheville Mall, Asheville, NC last night, Friday 2/9. They were walking towards me, two young men who didn’t look much older than 16 to me. They were both probably 6′-4″, but didn’t look like they weighed 150lb.

They were both wearing full camo fatigues and what struck me first was the camo patterns were different from what I had seen. But the camo patterns each had on were different from one another (one was a dark digital, the other more of a darker woodlands). My wife later said one of them’s undershirt was white and blue stripped (like what I think the Russian navy wears). As they got closer, I could see the pins and badges on their fatigues and I saw a pin on the closest ones right chest pocket that was a white flag with something in the upper corner and I knew… Russians!

I couldn’t believe it. I have been hearing about it, but to actually see it… I was dumbfounded. Here. In Asheville. I didn’t know what to do. First response was anger, like I wanted to fight (not really like me). I was staring when they went by to the point they must have noticed cause they wouldn’t look at me. I noticed the one had one star on his shoulder lapel, like a brigadeer general here. Don’t know what that meant, I know he wasn’t old enough to be a general or even an officer for that matter.

It broke my heart. Soon as I walked by all I could think of was how this country has been given away. Sabotaged from within. Openly. [Read more…]

Finally, here is a report from another American citizen describing his encounter with two Russian military families. The men demanded a discounted price to ski in his resort because they claimed to be members of the military. The following is a quote from the email sent to Steve Quayle and posted on his website on January 7, 2013:

“I never doubted the information on Russian troops being brought over as permanent party personnel on our military installations, and today I got to meet 2 families that came to tube on our sledding hill at our resort. There were 2 men with their wives and each had 2 children with them. One of the men demanded a discount on the cheapest ticket, saying he was military and flashed his ID to prove it-when I tried to scrutinize it closely, he quickly put it away. I only saw his picture on an ID very similar to my old Air Force ID card. I told him we didn’t offer discounts and he got very arrogant, disrespectful, and rude. The other man acted in the same manner and their wives were very demanding and rude as well.”

“I asked one of the wives where they were from even though I already knew they were Russian. She said they were from Russia, and then corrected herself and said they were from Denver, when her husband said something sharply to her in Russian and acted as if she had said something she shouldn’t have. I stayed professional and polite, but kept direct eye contact the whole time to let them know I would not be intimidated. Their attitude was as if they didn’t have to bother being polite, because we were dirt under their feet. We have many foreign guests and I have never had any of them behave in this manner. Then they went out on the sledding hill and gave the attendant a hard time, and insisted on sending a 1yr old child down the fastest adult hill, over the objections of the person in charge. We are in deep trouble-if these who seem to be regular Russian army are this nasty, look out for the Spetznas.” [Read more…]

So there are many sources confirming the Russians are here. Again, the big question is why are they here? Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble buying the explanation about fighting terrorists in America? Since September 11, 2001, we have had very few terrorist attacks in the United States, although the threat is always there. But now we are asked to believe the threat is suddenly so severe we need the Russians to help us?

The only way this idea makes any sense is if you redefine who the terrorists are, which is exactly what the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has done. From the perspective of DHS, the terrorists are not Islamic fanatics, even though they are the ones who have been guilty of committing close to 100% of the terrorist attacks around the world. No, we can safely rule them out because we don’t want to offend any Muslims. DHS has adopted new definitions from a variety of studies including the 2011 report called Profiles of Perpetrators of Terrorism, produced by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism. Using DHS’s new definitions, the real terrorists are Christians, U.S. military veterans, the tea party, anyone who supports the pro-life movement, libertarians, anyone who flies the American flag, and anyone who is “suspicious of centralized federal authority.”

Using DHS’s new definition of terrorist explains why they need help from the Russians. If the goal was merely knocking out a few Islamic terrorist training camps our own federal agencies and military could easily handle that without the Russians. It is because they have redefined their enemy to include tens of millions of gun owning American citizens that they need help from the Russians.

The reports of Russian soldiers training in America is troubling by itself. But when you combine that with a host of other bizarre behavior from DHS it gets even more disturbing. It is not just the well-documented fact that they have redefined who the terrorists are, but there is also well-document evidence that they have been buying massive amounts of hollow tip bullets, which are only used in urban warfare. These bullets are not used for training purposes because they are more expensive than regular bullets. They are designed to expand on impact so they inflict maximum damage on victims without penetrating walls. Since DHS is only responsible for our homeland security, they appear to be gearing up for urban warfare right here in America.

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

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