I Will Require the Fullness of Your Debt in Short Order

final_noticeOn 6-19-2008 the Lord spoke this word to me for America.

“This I have against you America. You have have extended your debt into the future to be paid at another time by another generation. You have used this debt as leverage for ill gotten gains. This debt and the way you manage it is an example of how you relate to me. You put me off for another time and seek to make incremental payments to me now. It is usury.”

I will require the fullness of your debt in short order. Standing naked and hungry you will question why I have forsaken you. I will ask you the same question in that very hour.

Life as you have known it is going to change in a radical way. You are not entitled to the life you have been living. I am not a debt to be serviced, I require full payment now.

Many will fall away as I bring your country to it’s knees; some will despair to the point of death; yet some shall be saved.

Your trust in the systems of men will fail you. You will go here and you will look there yet you will not find things as they were when you laid your head to rest the night before.

Those with ears to hear will seek me now and I will bring them wisdom and understanding. Be not wise in your own eyes, lean not on your own understanding because what is coming you have never seen. But when you see it you will know and you will regret the wasted time and forsaken wisdom.

Pay now for what will be unaffordable then.

Author: David Rowe

David Rowe works as a carpenter, a songwriter, and audio engineer. He is also building a homestead. The Lord began speaking to him in 2005 regarding a global economic collapse. He believes he is only a messenger seeking to be obedient, to live a crucified life, and to know the power of the Lord’s resurrection.

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Debra Walker
October 7, 2015 1:35 AM

The last line, “Pay now for what will be unaffordable then”, has two meanings: (1) When there is drought, crop failure, agricultural jihad (poisoned food), and resulting famine – prices of food have in the past soared beyond belief! So buy what you can while you can. Don’t delay. (2) Repent (turn away from the wrong things you do) and forgive others now, while you can still be forgiven. There is coming a single moment when time will end, and it will be too late.

David Rowe
David Rowe
October 6, 2015 11:19 PM

Apt description of the systems of men…

Repentance before God…?
He says we put Him off with incremental payments and called it usury.
Requiring the fullness of our debt in short order is more than money. Money is just the symptom of our failed hearts for the living God.

Anger with the systems of men misses the point. He’s saying stop trusting in them. Leave them. Forsake them. Forget them.
The Kingdom of God is at hand! Repent.

Don’t regret the wasted time and forsaken wisdom that can be paid for now.

October 6, 2015 2:22 PM

Half of Social Security taxes,,,,,,and half of Medicare taxes……and all of unemployment benefit taxes……..and much of obamacare costs are STOLEN FROM EMPLOYERS……………Employees pay half of their social security taxes, but the employer pays the other half………and the employer must pay ALL of his own social security tax………but I have never heard any christian or preacher say a word about all this stealing………the national debt is 18 trillion,,,,but that money is NOT borrowed,,,its STOLEN,,,Jesus knows that the usa has no intention of ever paying back any of that debt…….our leaders are intentionally bankrupting+destroying the usa, so they can replace the usa with the ONE WORLD GOVT FOR THE A/C………the 2 main obstacles to the ONE WORLD GOVT is the usa and Israel……….so the world is trying to destroy both nations(which will be easier with GUN CONTROL)……..All these govt charities like social security have destroyed any concept of honesty, stealing, property rights, property lines, …………the police should be the good guys, but we have turned the police into thieves who enforce the stealing programs.