Report: Hamas Thugs Come to Morsi’s Rescue

The Muslim Brotherhood is losing the very thing that brought it to power in Egypt: Popularity. President Morsi’s power grab and his Sharia-instituting constitution has destabilized his rule, sparking ongoing protests and bloody clashes. There are now unverified reports that Morsi has even resorted to importing Hamas terrorists to serve as loyal protectors.

In late January, was told by an Egyptian source that there were reports spreading of security personnel arresting people with weapons or bomb material and Palestinian identification cards, indicating that they were Hamas members. It was also reported that thousands of Hamas terrorists and foreign Salafist radicals had been given citizenship.

Now, Khaled Abu Toameh writes that pro-opposition media is reporting that 7,000 members of Hamas from the Gaza Strip have arrived in Egypt, some of whom were seen in Rafah on their way to Cairo. This comes shortly after the Islamist Gamaa Islamiyaa group threatened to set up a pro-government militia to “protect private and public property and counter the aggression on innocent citizens.”

It wouldn’t be surprising that Morsi would rely upon Hamas if he couldn’t trust his own security services. reported on January 30 about a video showing Hamas leaders pledging allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood and its jihad. The Iranian and Syrian regimes have utilized Hezbollah in their own crackdowns and former Libyan dictator Qaddafi hired African mercenaries. Morsi would be continuing a pattern.

However, caution is due regarding these reports. Serious questions have been raised about the credibility of one story going around. It’s being reported, including on Al-Arabiya TV, that Qatar paid $250 million for the intervention of Hamas. This report was based on an alleged letter from the Qatari Assistant Foreign Minister to the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. In the alleged letter, he reportedly requests the funds to “help empower the Egyptian president and preserve his life and the stability of the administration of the country for as long as possible.”

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