A Prophetic Word for Australia

australiamapThis word was received March-June 2015.


1. Don’t be mesmerised about news coverage of the upcoming catastrophic events.

2. Sometime in the future Australia is going to be invaded by a foreign power.

3. The good news is that at that time the church will function together well.

Now is the time to hear from the Lord, man-up and get healthy.

When I came off a fast in Feb 2015, the Lord began to speak with me in more clarity than I have experienced in the past. I have kept a daily journal for years, and the following quotes that are in italics are transcriptions from my handwritten journal entries, with endnotes giving the dates.

Background related information

Back in May 2014, my wife and I had a private guide in Israel and he constructed a tour of the Judean lowlands area, where a number of battles of the kings’ period had taken place. Our last visit was to the archaeological site of Lachish. Here we could see how the invading Assyrian empire had built a siege ramp to eventually breach the city wall in 701 BC. At the time Hezekiah was king (1), Isaiah was prophet (2), and the Jerusalem temple was functioning with priests. Once this devastating event occurred, only Jerusalem stood in the way for a complete takeover of Judah. They turned to God for help. They had real memories of the Northern Kingdom falling just 20 years prior (3).

The elaborate artwork that victorious Sennacherib of Assyria had made, depicted the fall of Lachish. Later on in the museum we observed the artwork, and I felt for the people of Judah who had died at that time defending their city (4).


Part 1: Upcoming catastrophic events (5)

There are going to be a series of events. You can’t pray them away. 

But we can pray about our reactions. 

The world will be in fear, there will be 24×7 news.

DO NOT watch the news. Do not be mesmerised. 

Obama will make a speech in it.

Further words, that may or may not relate to the above message (6)

 “I am about to…” (7)  shake the earth (8)

Catastrophic (9) Cataclysm (10) 

The earth is going to ring like a big brass bell when it is struck (11)

Reflections: No dates were given for these worldwide troubles, and I sense the events relate more to the Northern hemisphere and are imminent (12). President Obama’s term is scheduled to finish in late 2016. [Editor’s note : This does not necessarily mean these events will happen by end 2016. Some believers claim to have seen the 2016 presidential elections in the United States will be cancelled and Obama will remain in office beyond the end of his term as the final President](13).

Emphasized were that Christians were not to be mesmerised (hypnotized/spellbound), meaning don’t get locked into the media (14). The fact is that Christians are called to prayer and intercession and Bible searching, not to participate in world-wide fear.

The “series” of events were not random, but linked in some sort of organized or orchestrated fashion, somewhat like mathematics uses the term series. In the series there would be one major event, where many die (15).

I sensed that we have to be very discerning about the president’s speech (16). It seems that Satan’s strategy is to get people into fear so that he can slip in and be “the saviour” and offer comfort.

When he spoke to me “I am…” I was surprised that in this case it was the Lord who was going to instigate the trouble, as I always thought it was Satan. The causation is that the sin level in the world is too high (17), and that people are not listening to the still small voice due to too much noise in the world (18).

Underestimate” – things are going to be worse than people expect (19). Brace for what is coming (20).

Personally this word to me is an answer to a prayer, “Lord how are people going to wake up to the things of God? What’s it going to take?”

Part 2: An invasion of Australia (21)

Australia is going to be invaded. The movie “Tomorrow…..” is prophetic in a number of its elements, but not the fine details. Australians will be surprised by the countries alliance that does it. Double-crossing so to speak.

Timing: as you see the American military machine crumbling, others will see this as an opportunity to take our Australia. There are several countries out there that would like Australia, but are held back from action due to the USA strong alliance.

It will be like Lachish for Australia – this is not pretty. But the speed (compared to the Assyrians) will be much quicker than the period between the fall of the Northern Kingdom and Lachish.

King Hezekiah is a type of the church; at the Lachish fall he turned fully to God and we saw the proper working of king, prophet and priests. But this came after the fall of Lachish, the event needed to happen first.

Perth is like the Sardis church. There is hope, its not all bad.

Subsequent Reflections: The movie referred to above is Tomorrow When The War Began (2010) based on a novel (1993) by John Marsden. I watched the DVD some years ago, and I had a sickly feel for days after it, in the sense that there is some possibility that an invasion could happen, and life would change forever. I wonder now if God is using this movie in a somewhat way to prepare Australians?

King Hezekiah as a type, walked in David’s ways, and inquired of the Lord. He prepared by building his famous water tunnel under Jerusalem (22). David often conversed (inquired ) with his Lord.

As I unpack the phrase “king prophet and priests” I understand that it relates at first to the OT. One example is that King David respected the prophet Nathan and took action. The priests provided pastoral care to the people. For the NT church era, Agabus had a prophetic word which resulted in preparedness action by the leadership team of the church in Antioch, to sustain them through a famine (Acts 11:28). Also Jesus embodies king, prophet and priest.

What does the reference to Sardis mean?  Back in May 2014 we were on an organized tour of the churches of Revelation (Ephesus, Pergamum, Sardis, Laodicea) with theologian Dr Ben Witherington. This tour gave us insight to the cultural and historical setting for several books of the New Testament, plus an appreciation of the sacrificial ministry of the early Christians in a persecuted environment, and a sense that society was a bit like Australia today, ie many attractions. My prayer question had been; so which church best reflects Perth today? We can note the similarities between Perth and the Sardis Church (Rev 3:1-6), for example the wealth of the land, the resources sector. The imperative action I would like to highlight is that Jesus said “wake up / watch / be vigilant” (23) , mentioned twice. There is also an imperative to “strengthen” the church, and to repent – change one’s mind.

Why would a foreign group want Australia? There are plenty of resources here. When the gold price skyrockets, then the land will be lots more valuable. Elite etc want to control the supply of gold into the financial grid (24).

What about the reference to USA? We went there in 2010 and stayed with family, and that’s when the Lord began to wake me up big time, as I saw first hand the demise. I realized that Australia takes its lead from the United States, so sadly we will follow with a) a time lag, and thankfully b) with less intensity (25).

The weapons are going to be advanced and silent. You can’t think in terms of gunpowder technology, ie machine guns and rifles. The warfare will be advanced and the military strategy well planned. People will die (26)

Reflections: This reminds me of so many sci-fi movies which use advanced weaponry.  It’s obvious that Satan influences movies, but I think that God can use Hollywood to prophetically warn his children. The general public however only think in terms of conventional weaponry and that sci-fi is a genre of fantasy only. Thinking about Lachish, it was taken because of the Assyrian’s advanced technology and their organisation. The city wall was finally breached after some time.

The invasion comes in from the south. Most people would think from the north. History tells us about Darwin being struck from the north. Antarctica is key, the country who really controls it will have it as a base (27).

Reflections: Coming from the south, what a surprise! Antarctica appears neutral at the moment, but things can change in the future. Thinking about the south, the main cities here are Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth are closest. From what I read, I also understand that modern military warfare involves the control of the power grid, internet, phone towers, social media, psyops mind-control, sickness, weakening of the general public and other subtle strategies well before visible boots on the ground.

Personally this is the worst word that I have ever been given, and the burden is heavy. It’s my first word that has national significance. I had been praying for a long time “Lord, give me a word for Australia, what is going to happen in the future?” I did not expect to get anything like this. The moral of the story is be careful for what you ask!

At first the only part of the message that my poor little mind focused on was the invasion. Then as the days went on, I reflected on the Hezekiah part which was a tremendous victorious hope for the church.

Where are we now (2015) in the scheme of things?

We are in a “cyclical” phase, but coming up are “never seen before events” (28). I understand this to mean that history, financial markets and wars work in cycles, eg history sort of repeats itself which Ecclesiastes notes. Events that have never been seen before make me think of Revelation, eg a third of the ships go down (29) (taking a futurist rather than purely preterist or allegorical reading), and Isaiah describing the earth wobbling on its axis (30) (if you take a literal-predictive reading).

Transitions” are how things happen, things don’t occur overnight (31). By keeping my reflective daily journal over many years, I can see how this works in hindsight. Be vigilant: watch for the transitions.

Satan’s intention is to co-habit with humanity (32) and be their shepherd, the great shepherd of the world (33). Conversely Jesus is the good shepherd (John 10:14-16). The Devil got a foothold at the start of the industrial revolution (34). This is the age that we live in. This explains the high tech world we are in and the satanic hold over the huge range of sciences and technologies, including hi-tech weapons.

Things happening now are a) famine b) pestilence and c) rumours of war. For West Australians, we will know God’s judgement when the rain stops (35). Question…. can God supernaturally provide water? (36).

Terror of the Lord” is a phrase I have never used to describe God; I was fearful when I received this (37). This has me thinking theologically about God’s emotion, and our response to that emotion.

Live by the power of the Holy Spirit, because you can’t rely on medications (38).

What do we do now?

I sense we have some time to give teaching in appropriate areas to build up the body of Christ. This is both spiritual readiness and practical readiness, eg being fit and healthy and disciplined in lifestyle, as well as godliness, and hearing God’s voice (39). It is time to “MAN UP” (40). This is not a sexist comment, other than to say the Christian males are ultimately required to love unto death (41). Can I suggest Revelation 12:11 as a timeless truth:

They (followers of Jesus) overcame him (dragon, serpent, devil, satan, deceiver, accuser)

by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony

and they loved not their life to death (martyrdom).

For those who are debating about being prepared with water and food etc: the Lord has clearly revealed these things are for others. It’s for the love of people. Scripturally, prepping is a literal reading of Jesus’ miraculous feeding of 5000, because the child prepped his lunch (42). When the food runs out then the faith aspect kicks in. I get the idea that one Christian family can support a whole community, by the Lord multiplying what that family decided to prep before hand. Please regard prepping as a blessing to others (43) as a demonstration of God’s great love for humanity. Have a store of Bibles ready to give out, along with the food (44).

I sense that my role is simply to present these words and annotate with some theological and scriptural backing. I certainly don’t claim to be anyone special and have been wondering why I got these messages when I’m not even a prophet.

Perhaps I could present to church leadership in person, and if invited, maybe engage in strategic discussion.

Your brother in Christ, Bryan Grey.

Perth, Western Australia.


1) 2 Kings chapter 18 narrates King Hezekiah, a great king.

2) Chapters 36 & 37 of Isaiah give narrative detail of these events at Jerusalem and Lachish.

3) 2 Kings 17:5-6. Ch 17 narrates the fall of Samaria.

4) The ancient Assyrian artwork is very significant in that archaeology confirms scripture. See Wikipedia for images.

5) Journal entry 1 April 2015 while praying at Scarborough Beach Perth.

6) From my studies of prophetic literature, I understand that the order of the text does not necessarily correspond to time sequence. Therefore these events may refer to different time periods.

7) 1st & 3rd May 2015 journal entry – in response to me praying Lord what is the timing?

8) “Shake the earth” is a phrase found in Hebrews 12:26 and a number of OT passages.

9) Catastrophic was the adjective I received on 1 July. I can not give the timing of this.

10) Cataclysm was the descriptive noun I received on 3 July. Again I was not given the timing of this.

11) I had a brief mind picture of an old big bell, and it resonates all over when struck, given 3 July at Dunsborough Beach Western Australia.

12) “About to ”, the Greek word mello is usually translated about to happen, and denotes a certainty.

13) Editor’s comment, James Bailey z3news.com

14) Back in 2011 I received a clear instruction from the Lord to cease watching TV news.

15) Received 30 March, after I had made a major life decision: to be a friend of God and face the prospect of martyrdom, as the early Christians faced.

16) On 20 June I had a very unusual dream concerning President Obama, my interpretation is: be very discerning.

17) Sin level too high means deliberate sin of all types, including human-demon interactions (revealed 1 May)

18) Still small voice is not working; This is God’s preferred way of relating to people, so now he has to use shock tactics (entry 12 May).

19) Journal entry 22 June. This word of “underestimating”, applies to my mind as well, I have to make sure I don’t become mesmerised by the news.

20) I received a mind picture of a building site where bracing is used to hold up a wall (28 June). I think this is a metaphor.

21) Journal entry, Easter Saturday 4 April 2015. Later that day at 8pm Perth time, I watched the total lunar eclipse, referred to as a blood moon number 3 in a sequence of 4.

22) I walked through this very tunnel in 2014 and was totally amazed at the engineering feat of 2700 years ago. Hezekiah with the Spirit of God.

23) Greek gragoreo has the idea of alertness, watchfulness, being awake, vigilant. 22x in NT.

24) I was asking the Lord who on earth would want Australia? And this is the response, received 15 June.

25) Journal entry 7 June, in response to a prayer question about Australia.

26) Journal entry 12 April – I had been asking the Lord for further details on the invasion.

27) 14 April journal entry concerning the direction of the invasion.

28) Journal entry 26 May.

29) Rev 8:9. From my theology studies, I am aware that 4 hermeneutical paradigms exist: preterist, historical, futurist, idealist.

30) Isaiah 24:18-20. I am aware that prophetic literature is a challenge, what is symbolic and what is literal.

31) 9 June journal entry, as I was enquiring of the Lord about the lists of judgements in Revelation.

32) The co-habit of Satan with the people in the world is a new concept the Lord gave me, 26 April, as I was admiring God’s natural creation.

33) 26 March journal entry, after doing a word study on planao ‘to lead astray’ Rev 13:14

34) 6 March journal entry concerning Satan’s current agenda. The industrial revolution commenced around the year 1760 or so. By the way we had the first boat load to Australia in 1788.

35) Journal entry 11 June. I note this is a theme in the OT, that judgement affects animals, food, plants, water.

36) My wife believes yes to this question as she witnessed a miracle once. We will need the power of the Holy Spirit.

37) I looked up “terror of the Lord” and found it in 2 Coin 5:11 and several chapters of Isaiah. (journal 29 June)

38) Without medications in the future sounds scary as I thought of all the people in hospitals (journal 30 June)

39) Hearing Jesus’s voice is the concluding invitation to the 7 Churches of Revelation (Rev 3:20)

40) Journal entry 6 June. I still need to unpack what “man-up” means.

41) Ephesians 5:25, the timeless truth of a male husband loving a female wife in covenant relationship. This parallels the relationship between Christ (depicted as male) and his bride, the church (female).

42) A literal reading is acknowledging that this miracle actually occurred and can happen again in my lifetime.

43) A selfish sin area of mine that the Lord worked on was that prepping is for others, not just me and my family.

44) In choosing a suitable Bible version to give to others, consider the cost, and whether bulk orders are available, consider whether full Bible or NT or just a gospel is sufficient, and consider the reading age, and remember most people have never read a Bible before.

Author: Bryan Grey

Originally from New Zealand, Bryan Grey moved to Perth Australia in 1991 and still resides there today, with his wife of 34 years. They have four adult children and six grandchildren. Bryan first received the Lord at age 16 and was filled with the Holy Spirit at age 19. He recently worked for 12 years as a chaplain in a men’s prison, a general hospital, and hospice. Ordained as a minister with the Assemblies of God in the 90’s, he pastored a church for 8 years. He has just finished a masters of theology from Vose Seminary.

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Julie sharma
Julie sharma
August 10, 2016 1:24 PM
Blessings Mark B. I am in the North of the Northern Territory & perhaps am able to shed some light on this as MUCH is happening in the spiritual battle for this nation and, “on the ground” extraordinary things. As Graeme has said: still we must pray and especially for Canberra to align with God our Father’s righteous perfect LAWS. This is vital as it is possible and not at all unlikely that as the enemy sees defeat in the war to stop the Aboriginal revival (with instant miraculous changes to individuals) – he might bring forward his human servants to come against us. There are more human hosts of demons now & they can be found attending churches as well as elsewhere and they CAN hurt us if we are not discerning and careful to keep well away from them. I am extremely relieved that Graeme said The Holy Spirit says we still have some time to prepare!! But I don’t know if that word applies to a full scale attack on the West coast of North West Australia which was seen in the spirit by Ralph. – a servant of God; confirmed in a vision and prophesy to me in about 1984 and both of us later saw total, specific detail of my vision and words from God in a book by one Jack Burrell which he wrote about 1974. Recently a missionary shared visions of invasion God had given him to another man in this town and that man advised him to see me as he knew of the prophesies God had given me. The missionary asked me to tell him what God had revealed to me so over the next hours I did so. At times he interrupted to have me clarify in more detail and… Read more »
Aris - Melb
Aris - Melb
August 10, 2016 4:20 PM

Julie, thank you for sharing this wealth of information! I would really like to get in touch via email…would that be ok?

Julie sharma
Julie sharma
November 20, 2016 7:41 AM
November 14, 2016 9:06 AM

Thank you Julie. I’m shocked but yes with Is in this country and the govt allowing 25000 further in Feb – not good. Now I’ve read your post I shall certainly be praying. God bless you.

Peter Read
Peter Read
May 8, 2018 8:57 PM

So interesting to read this article and comments. For most of this century God has been showing me, through a series of dreams, that Australia will come under attack by an Asian army. The first image was of an army quickly over running Sydney then three dreams showing nuclear bombs going off. The first bomb was over Sydney and resulted in a great exodus of folk leaving Sydney and rushing past me. (I live in Newcastle and in the dream I observed this event from just south of my home). The second dream involving a bomb was to show me God would provide for us and for our family members who would come to us for shelter. My wife has had many dreams telling of family turning up unexpectedly and
God gave me a promise that our home and possessions would be secure Job 5:17 to the end of the chapter. We have just returned from a two year God journey around Australia praying and worshipping and meeting folk as directed by Holy Spirit. We are trying to sell our home to move to nearby Maitland but have been frustrated in our efforts, maybe we are supposed to stay here.
Then two days ago I had an intense dream of a foreign Air Force attacking Australian airfields in which our defences were easily destroyed. On waking I ask Holy Spirit to give me a scripture, he gave me this with the chapter title ‘Jerusalem’s last warning.
Jeremiah 6:1 NLT
[1] “Run for your lives, you people of Benjamin! Get out of Jerusalem! Sound the alarm in Tekoa! Send up a signal at Beth-hakkerem! A powerful army is coming from the north, coming with disaster and destruction.

Julie Sharma
April 5, 2016 4:08 AM
Blessings in the wonderful name of Jesus Who is our Savior. In a post which has not been published here I said the çountry whose soldiers I saw in the 1985 vision which God showed me whilst at prayer I have not published so far as I wait for confirmation by His prophets before so doing but I confirm that it is an Islamic country (as Brian rightly thinks) and that every two years as our RAAF holds exercises over our North with other nations to date trusted, that country’s pilots have taken part. Directly after the vision which God gave with the words saying what would happen, I tried to find who the invaders were. It was only after the year 2000 that I asked (!!) And then, returning to my home town on holiday from where I had been lecturing, I saw a soldier in camouflage fatigues – colour – dark jungle green, his hair jet black & slightly wavy and his face & hands a colour like dark milk chocolate. His boots were black leather and, like all the rest of the soldiers like him he looked scrubbed shiny clean. Breathless, my heart pounding I struggled to control my breathing & slipped in behind him at the checkout line. All personnel in the exercises have a strip on upper arm on shirts stating their country. I read it clearly. If someone reading this has any influence on our defence force people please warn that training bombing runs on our RAAF base to expose our weaknesses by the pilots who belong to this enemy force is not just madness – it is tantamount to treason. It is utterly stupid to try to ensure loyalty to us by including them as neighbours & therefore friends. Individually yes, many lovely… Read more »
November 14, 2016 9:37 AM

Can relate Julie. I am aware that Muslims are in our ADF and they have stated they want to bring down our government. I am also aware Islam cannot exist without Sharia law – condones rape, child abuse, honor killings, and other horrific practices and sharia law has been practised in this country since 1996. There have already been 3 murders and a woman raped and assaulted in Adelaide which was covered up by Police. Hundreds of children have been forced to marry under Islam and hundreds more been forced to have their genitals mutilated under Islam. The law in Victoria has been changed to accommodate Muslims so that 12yr old girls can have sex if their “husband” can prove they are “married”. It is horrific, blatant child abuse and against our laws. I am extremely concerned about the future of our nation, especially considering the hundreds of mosques going up around the nation which are under sharia law – not Australian law and where Jihad is taught as part of Islam. Much prayer is needed for our country and our people and for Muslims around our Nation and the globe.

April 9, 2016 6:04 AM
hi julia – some things in your post have a resonance with me. i also have read forgive me natasha – very touching and encouraging book – i urge people to buy it. there was a story in the bible (i was just looking but cant remember where it is) about a jewish king who thought it wise to invite his sometimes enemy to look around the kingdom even the treasury. the enemy waited for a period after feigning friendship and later on invaded and killed everyone taking a vast booty. there is a warning there – australia and most other countries are inviting these people in and showing our strengths and weaknesses in the belief that this will make them friends forever. nothing could be further from the truth – we have even had the most senior chinese military leadership walk around and see all. now the chinese govt owns the port of darwin – even tho there is a military presence there – its a navy dock. singapore trains in our bases, we have trained indonesia forces and by the sas (special air service) – these are the ones who call in the bombs for those that dont know who they are and they are THE best. no american branch comes close to the australian sas.an exception may be the ghurkas. i sincerely believe there will be an invasion – yes god could stop it if we allowed ourselves to repent but if the churches arent what hope have we? the invaders? as i pointed out above. japan and chiina may be at odds atm but there is every likelihood of them joining forces. and indonesia hates us. my inclination and yearning is to escape to the property and forget the world. ive had enough – ive even… Read more »
November 14, 2016 9:41 AM

Brian I’m sorry you have had bad experiences with Christians. I am a Christian myself and have had bad experiences also yet everyone is different and on their own spiritual journey. All of my friends are Christians yet not all of my family are and I continue to pray for them. Every Christian is on a spiritual journey and every one of us are under construction by the Holy Spirit and at a different point in our lives. I wouldn’t be without Jesus in my life – he brings me through the many difficulties and challenges of life. God bless you.

Julie Sharma
Julie Sharma
March 16, 2016 11:17 PM
My comment has not appeared here although I have checked here for the last few days. Is it because I am not a “recognized prophet” or because I don’t use “christianese”? I was kneeling at prayer when God showed me what is to come. Yes, His words: “My people shall not escape because they have allowed this to happen,” directly contradicts a post above and I see even true prophets are trying to reassure true believers that God will protect if we stay close to him though say personally they must prepare for martyrdom if that is what is to happen. God’s prophets of old did not soften God’s warnings! We are NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH TO KEEP OUR LAWS PURE NOR ARE WE STICKING OUR NECKS OUT & EXHORTING OUR CHURCHES TO TAKE A PUBLIC STRONG STAND AGAINST what WILL MAKE God’s chastisement necessary to save many. Your words “they cannot be prayed away” with terrible sorrow I feel are right. In reply to my asking Father who should be told He said: the Holy Spirit will tell those who are listening to Him when to flee. Others I would be told who to tell of the full invasion warning. Your words about the warfare being advanced and well organised are right. The prophesy which states we will see things which have never been seen before is right – one of God’s warnings that the first invasion has begun and to get out is that we will see pictures on our TV or computer screens never before shown on the news as it is terrible to behold. I was shown this but have never spoken it as if any true prophet knows what it is they will confirm it to me somehow. Mid 1980’s was when this happened. As… Read more »
November 14, 2016 9:46 AM

Thank you for your post Julie Sharma. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe. Amen. If it is alright with you, I will pass this information on to my friends who are Christians. I think we all need to be in prayer.

Julie sharma
Julie sharma
November 20, 2016 6:21 AM

Chris, thank-you so much for your beautiful blessing and prayer for my safety. I am happy for you to pass on the information to your Christian friends and am delighted to know you will pray. As with Bryan & Graeme – I do not have a time for when this will happen. I DO hope it will be never – that Australia will quickly become the nation we are meant to be WITHOUT the Lord needing to bring chastisement but it’s hard not to worry about what we look like to our surrounding nations with media showing “schoolies” on TV & the suggestion they will be doing their “thing” in Bali!! Horrors! God IS above it all. And there are reasons to keep surrendering to the Lord. I will write them in a public post shortly as I should answer further Mark B’s post & it is only right I think to encourage others who are “watchers and intercessors on the wall” yours in the wonderful Saviour. Julie

Julie sharma
Julie sharma
August 16, 2016 4:02 AM
Hello z3 family. It is with GREAT relief that I note the countries taking part in operation Pitch Black don’t include that nations forces God showed me in the 1980’s vision. The only two close Asian nations are Singapore and Indonesia. Still, we can’t go on sinning as a nation and become complacent. We must NEVER THINK abortion and the sexualization of a whole generation with the latest fashions in female skirts and shorts cut outrageously can change unless we protest vigorously.. I am embarrassed even writing about them but I want people to realize WHY peace loving Moslem families WILL harbour radical visitors who espouse jihad. Even these say they love Australia, but not the permissiveness. They do not see, nor are they told, that genuine believers in Jesus Christ hate the evil as much as they do They sadly really believe a takeover and the institution of Sharia is the ONLY logical answer. Where does this information come from?? I have been a driving instructor for many years as well as teaching at university and have been a loved and privileged friend of decent Moslems. I have been in Moslem homes and seen these things first hand. In the 70’s In Fiji a Moslem colleague crossed the flooded Rewa river to get to work to protect my honour, realizing no one else from my side of the river (except a dangerous man) would be in the office that day. Only when they see us get serious about honouring God and learn what we DO stand for (NOT the permissiveness they see all around) will they be able to say to their compatriots who use their homes to move through our country on “business” hated tho they sometimes are but feared lest they become thought of as ” not… Read more »
Julie Sharma
April 25, 2016 2:33 AM
Dearest brothers & sisters in Christ. SERIOUS SERIOUS SERIOUS ALERT. Firstly though thank-you (panel beated) Bryan for your reply which has strengthened me & eased so much pain. I will email James as you suggest tho am still reluctant to make completely public the full details of God’s warning with visions.. Thank-you so much for your prayer for all of us. How we need the love and care. & Brian for the affirmations which now I will explain and to all why it is VERY SERIOUS. Jennifer re “holiness rare” I will relate at end of post a true story which will I trust empower & encourage. BRIAN………. The story you relate is real history and can be found in the book of Kings CH 20 verses 12 – 19 and Isaiah CH 39 vs 1 & 2 & maybe in more detail in Chronicles. I first read it after praying about whether to send an email to a pastor whom I trust re the invasion of North Australia. As I prayed I asked the Lord to give me confirmation in His word but was “only” directed to turn over pages & where on the page to look and read about the king Merodach Baladan sending a letter to King Hezekia with gifts to cheer him after his illness & Hezekia grateful & touched – taking the messengers on a full tour of the Treasury & even showed them where he kept his wepons . “Nothing in his palace or in the entire kingdom was kept hidden from them.”. I thought: ” this can’t be right. It doesnt relate to my telling Pastor N my vision.” But I was wrong: The next day I arranged to meet a busy friend who was to help set up an email address so… Read more »
November 14, 2016 9:25 AM

Julie Sharma, – I am really interested to hear more of your prophecy and what is happening and going to happen in Australia. I am also extremely concerned for our country and what is already happening here. Very concerned for our future and our families etc. I get visions and words at times as well. Not long ago the word apocalypse, the word recession, another time I received the vision of a field of bright yellow wheat swaying in the breeze and the word rapture. After praying about this vision of wheat, I told God what I thought it meant and asked him how and where I was supposed to do this. He led me to talk to a group of Christians from a couple of Churches who run a food truck which feeds the homeless and disadvantaged in my local community. The Lord prompted me during conversation to share the vision and word with the leader of the team who got very excited. After further discussion I was welcomed into the Team. It was made clear God wanted me on the team. There are three Churches involved which is now a 5 fold ministry where people are fed, given a hot drink or cold drink on a hot night, toiletries, clothing etc and prayer. God gave me the privilege of leading a lady in prayer to receive Christ one night, amazing. Praying for our nation. Praise His Holy name. Amen.

Julie sharma
Julie sharma
November 20, 2016 7:16 AM

Chris, lovely news about you joining the team & leading a lady to Jesus! Way to go!! I can be reached on julieofgod777@hotmail.com but am not always at my computer so won’t be immediate replies. Bless you & the team. Julie

April 28, 2016 4:01 AM

hi julie – i do pray you release what you have been shown. both bryan and myself would be very interested. we too, are on the same page. now with an election looming here in australia i truly fear what is about to be unleashed especially should labor get elected and now also with manus falling apart. the woman who runs the human rights commission, triggs, who abandoned her disabled child, is gunning for all of the illegals to be brought to australia.
unless repentance is embraced we are dead in the water.

January 21, 2016 10:42 PM

PS: some interesting revelations can be found @ http://whatwillbecomeofaustraliabyjburrell.blogspot.com.au/
As with all prophecy we simply have to wait and see if it happens? In the meantime we pray for Australia that God will establish Christian revival and many people will come to know Jesus as their personal Saviour and Lord:)

Stephen Ellis
Stephen Ellis
April 5, 2016 10:45 PM

Graeme, Amen to your latter comment and may that the revival will be through all the Earth. Thank-you for the link above, the content resonated with me immediately. Out of the blue, a Colleague stood up in the Office yesterday and said “I had a dream last night and I saw ANZ Bank at $16 and also WBC Bank at $16, I have never had a dream like in my life!”. No time-frames. We will see in time. Blessings to all the Z3 Community.

April 10, 2016 3:58 AM

Thanks Stephen. Yes, revival will save the world. And it maybe coming not too far off. I had a vision recently in which I saw these two arms holding a platter with what looked like a temple on it. The temple was beautiful. The arms then put the platter down and the vision disappeared. I took it that the 3rd temple may soon be built in Jerusalem? I continue to watch.