Prophetic Dream: America’s Foundations Are Crumbling

FLAG2Beginning in May 1981, prophetic minister John Paul Jackson began receiving many revelations about the future of America. However, at that time many of the things he saw were still a long way off in the distant future.

In 2008, the Lord told John Paul, “I want you to begin sharing the things you have seen because these events are going to begin to happen during the next ten years and people need to be prepared for them.”

So in 2008, John Paul began sharing what he was seeing. He produced videos and wrote articles telling about the things God had shown him and the challenges ahead for our country. Many of the things he saw are covered in other posts on and links to those posts are listed at the end of this post. Then, near the end of 2008, John Paul received another prophetic dream about the future of America. That dream is the focus of this article.


In my dream I was in a rowboat. I was on this deep, beautiful, blue water. As I am rowing on this water it becomes harder and harder to row. I was trying to figure out why is it becoming so hard. So I looked over the side of the rowboat and I discovered the beautiful blue water had turned to slime. It was thick, clay-like slime but it was still blue. I looked in the distance and I saw this white wall. So as I am rowing the boat I said to myself “If I can just make it to that white wall I will be okay.”

So I get to the white wall and I am thinking, “How do I climb up this wall?” The wall was about 30 feet high and wider then I could see past it. Suddenly I found myself on top of the wall. The wall ended up being not just a wall but it was a broad flat place. I looked down and I saw steps, or what looked like stones in the top of the wall. As I looked at the stones I saw that one was sticking up a little higher than the others. I thought to myself, “Somebody is going to trip on that. If I could just pick up this stone and scoop out some of the dirt I could flatten it back out so nobody would trip on it.” So I pulled on it and as I pulled on it I got it up maybe one or 2 feet when I realized it was very long and deep. I thought I needed to go get a backhoe with a thumb on it so I could grab hold of the stone and pull it up and out. I thought I could then go down underneath the stone and fix it and put it back in. As I began to pull the stone out about 10 or 15 feet it broke. When it broke I saw that it was not a stone but a box and I could see inside the box. In the middle of the box there was nothing but dust, fine dust. A cloud of dust was flying everywhere.

At that moment I had two people standing beside me and they started lifting me up off of this broad, white, flat surface where I was standing. As I am going up with them I am going higher and higher and higher until I realize the white platform that I had been standing on was shaped like a star. As I kept going higher and higher I realized there were other stars beside it. As I kept going higher I realized there were many stars in this blue ocean. As I went higher and higher I saw off to my left there were red and white stripes. As I kept going higher I realized this was the flag of United States of America.

Then one of the angels lifting me up said, “This is coming soon.”


In dreams, rowboats are symbolic of a challenging issue which requires significant effort. The murkiness of the water symbolizes how difficult it is going to be for our country to navigate through the times that are coming. We are now in the murky water.

As it is with the American flag, each star represents a state. The broken stars represent the broken infrastructure of our states and our nation. Even though the stars appeared to be solid stones they easily crumbled when handled because they were hollow on the inside. The infrastructure of the states had crumbled and turned from stone into dust.

Just like the stars in this dream, the states were supposed to rise up but there was no infrastructure strong enough to support them to rise up against the onslaught of federal government powers. Even the infrastructure that was there was crumbling and turning to powder, in other words the power that once belonged to states and constitutionally belongs to states is now being taken away.

Constitutional powers that were supposed to belong to the states have been diminished by the actions of our federal government. The 10th amendment to our Constitution clearly states that any powers that are not specifically identified in the Constitution as belonging to the federal government belong to the states. Despite this clear constitutional mandate, there has been virtually no opposition to the federal government taking on powers not granted to them by the Constitution because our state governments have been bribed to keep silent.

States have allowed the federal government to overstep and go beyond its constitutional powers because they have been bribed by federal funding. The federal government offers funding to the states with strings attached, requiring them to meet certain conditions to continue receiving the funds. This bribery should never have been allowed to happen.


John Paul received this dream near the end of 2008. At that time, President Obama had been elected but had not yet been inaugurated for his first term. Since then America has witnessed an unprecedented assault on state rights by our federal government. Across the board on issues ranging from health care, immigration, gun control, voter ID, and more, the Obama administration has filed lawsuits against states and states have filed lawsuits against the federal government. States are under siege.

Some states are attempting to fight back. Texas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming have all passed or proposed state laws authorizing the arrest of federal agents who come to their state attempting to take guns away from their citizens. In Oklahoma, the penalty includes five years in prison!

Surely John Paul’s dream has already started coming to pass. The only question now is how far will these things be allowed to go before America turns around and returns to our Constitutional form of government that has served us so well for over two hundred years.


The answer to these problems will not come from the states or from any levels of government. This is not a Republican or Democrat problem and the answer is not in the political arena. This is all about God and our relationship with God. Americans need to get in right relationship with God and pray for our government leaders regardless of their political party. We are commanded by God to pray for all civil authorities because he put them there.

This is about a church that needs to rise up and a church that needs to understand the role of God in this nation. The church must not allow the freedoms of the church to be taken away. These freedoms are now gradually eroding. The church needs to let their voice be heard.

John Paul Jackson explained, “The reason the Lord gave me this dream is because the church has stopped being the backbone of this country. The church must rise up again and become strong and become the backbone of this country in order to alleviate these problems. There is a handful of people in our country who want civil disobedience to take place. Civil disobedience is going to take place. The difficulty is some people will call these race riots but these are not race riots, they are economic riots. The idea is that you create martial law. I saw martial law being imposed in America. The idea that these people have is to change everything in the aftermath of martial law. That is when the church is going to be impacted, when everything is changed in the aftermath of martial law. Potentially the tax protection which the church now enjoys through the 501 C3 nonprofit organization structure will be taken away. At the very least the government will begin to impose taxes on church properties.”

“I saw very wealthy areas that have been burned. I saw chimneys that were all that was left of houses in very wealthy areas. Because of these financial riots, gangs of people went to the streets saying in essence, “You have taken something away from me, now I am going to take something back.”

Alan Bullock, who is also gifted at interpreting dreams, gave the following interpretation of the dream, which also provides the answer to the problems.

“The fact that the angels lifted John Paul up out of that situation at the end represents the remnant of believers who will rise up during turbulent times ahead. No matter what we face, God has his hands on the church and the gates of hell will not prevail against the church. That doesn’t mean that the gates of hell will not try to knock it down but they will not succeed. So we do not need to be in fear because God is with us. We need to be prepared. The more we are prepared spiritually whenever these things begin to happen, and they are already unfolding, then the more we need to get into God’s Word and make sure that our relationships with each other are shored up and our relationship with God is right.”

John Paul Jackson is a prophetic minister gifted in interpreting dreams. He is an author and the founder of Streams Ministries International. The comments shown in this post were transcribed from the “Joni Table Talk” television program, which originally aired on the Daystar television network on May 24, 2010.

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February 22, 2015 6:36 AM
Prophetic warnings are given not as a crystal ball of what has to happen, but as a warning, so people of God can repent and hear God’s Voice for the next steps so it does _not_ happen. Prophetic legislator Patrick Henry (well-armed Governor of Virginia, lawyer with 17 children, “Give me Liberty orgive me death!” speech in Boston that motivated the covenantal Colonies to Lex Rex action) was an anti-federalist who was against the Constitution’s ratification, because he saw that the change from the Articles of Confederation did not have sufficient ‘teeth’ to prevent the federal government from overtaking the States and becoming a de facto centralized National government. He foresight was proved correct during Lincoln’s war, which essentially voided the Constitutional safeguard of secession, which is why his statue is the largest memorial in DC – because his illegal military takeover of the sovereign states laid the foundation for what it is today. Granted, chattel slavery allowed the occasion for such a war. But it did not end the injustice, and this is attested by the need of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech on those steps to begin a movement that did start to break it spiritually (though even with that there was intertwined violent elements like Black Panthers and Weather Underground to try to take it a wrong direction). THANKFULLY, the Founders, even before the Constitution (see state charters, colonial covenants and prayers, and Jefferson’s Declaration), gave separate, limited jurisdictions to us, the people (as accountable to God as kings and priests, rather than under an earthly king), so that lesser magistrates in civil government positions can arise and resist tyranny _legally_ (rather than in mob rebellion), by appealing to God’s law in legislation, with state militias (every able-bodied citizen of a State) to defend that legal action… Read more »
July 26, 2014 8:31 PM

Over the last 8 to 10 months I have had 3 dreams regarding a dysfunctional America. All these dreams were black and white, all were identical, yet all were somewhat different. Normal economic activity was gone and people no longer worked. It was a time of post -war hardship. Life as we knew it was finished and great hardship was upon us.

A forth dream followed, this one in color. Foreign soldiers were present in America as an occupation force. I saw a small group of soldiers, who appeared to be Asian, shoot 2 American citizens for fun. Their purpose was to terrorize and intimidate the population in order to minimize resistance.

My mother was a very spiritual and sensitive person who had many informative dreams. I have inherited a small portion of her gift. I am a Christian of fixed and firm faith, and have had many dreams which proved accurate.

Three weeks ago I had an insignificant dream of no particular substance. During that dream, however, I heard a distinctive male voice tell me that I would pass between 2016 and 2019. My only question is will this be a natural death or a result of what so many have come to know is coming. These dates may be significant.