“Judgment Has Been Sealed for this Nation. It Will Not Be Reversed, and it Has Already Begun.”

I would like to share a couple of dreams that I’ve had over the last month or so. I chose not put them out individually due to the shortness of each dream or vision. However, I do believe they are all tied into the things to come.

About two weeks ago, around 3:36am, the Lord spoke to me regarding America. Now, I hadn’t heard Him speak specifically regarding the nation for a couple of months, and things seem to have been quiet, so I was taken by surprise.… [Continue reading...]

Reckless Faith Getting Amazing Results for Pakistani Christians in Thailand

Since 2012,  Christians in Pakistan have been violently persecuted by Islamic terrorists and also from local police, who should be protecting them. With nowhere safe to hide, many fled for their lives, leaving their country with the hope of applying for refugee status and resettling somewhere safe.

To register as a refugee, they must contact a UNHRC office, but not every country has one. There is such an office in Thailand and it is relatively close to Pakistan, so asylum seekers from Pakistan have been coming to Thailand, so much so that there are now about, 3,000 to 5,000 of them living in Bangkok.… [Continue reading...]

Moving Closer to Two Legs Down is Silver

I believe we are getting closer to seeing two legs down in silver, but might see a small move up before then. I have seen both recently, so it is challenging to know exactly how it plays out.

On March 7, I saw a graph showing a steep move up followed by a short sideways to downward move followed by a steep move down. So if we see a steep move up, I am expecting it to quickly reverse back down.… [Continue reading...]

Best of the Web – March 13, 2017

Superstar reporter goes public with Obama’s creepy spying on her

The woman who is perhaps the nation’s top investigative journalist is fighting back against Big Brother. Sharyl Attkisson shared with WND a detailed and harrowing description of what it was like to experience a reality straight out of Orwell: The reporter claims she was spied on by the Obama administration while investigating its scandals. (Source: Worldnet Daily)

Federal Court Blocks Trump Admin’s Immigration Executive Order

A second federal judge—this one in Wisconsin—on Friday blocked President Donald Trump’s new executive order (EO) on immigration travel, while the federal judge who blocked the first EO is reserving judgment on the revised EO.… [Continue reading...]

“You Are About to Enter into a Season of Increase Regarding Provision, Possession, and Prophecy”

In the 8:50-minute video below, Dr. Patricia Green shares a great prophetic word revealing what God is about to do. She is an author and founder of Joy Ministries Worldwide.

She shares how her eyes kept being drawn to 11:11 and certain other numbers, so she asked God about it and this is the answer she received from Him:

“I will reveal to you why you have been drawn to 11:11 as well as 111, 222, 333, 444, and 555.… [Continue reading...]

Best of the Web – March 12, 2017

Obama Blocked Access to Vote Fraud Data, Trump Pursuing Investigation

With his call for Vice President Mike Pence to lead an investigation of vote fraud, President Trump has not given up on documenting his much-maligned claim that more than 3 million illegal-alien voters cost him the nationwide popular vote last November.

Amid vehement objection and ridicule from the left, there are many election experts who agree with the president that widespread vote fraud exists, including illegal-alien voting. (Source: World Net Daily)

The Mystery of the Treasury’s Disappearing Cash

As of October 24, the U.S.… [Continue reading...]

God is Doing More While You Sleep Than You Realize

I had a dream a few weeks ago and the Lord spoke to me that sleep is KEY right now!

Since that dream I have seen sensing the Lord is doing a deep work in the hearts, souls and minds of His people as they sleep. He is reaching the deepest depths of hearts and souls with His love and bringing deep refreshing, healing and restoration. Many deep roots that have plagued, tormented and caused God’s people pain and anguish will be removed by His love as they go to bed at night and sleep!… [Continue reading...]

“The Wealth of the Wicked Shall Be Yours in This Day”

The time is coming soon when what belongs to the wicked shall become yours. I have told you about a transfer, and that transfer is on the way. It is not yet, for My Word must be fulfilled exactly, but it is coming.

The day is coming, My children, when you will awake a pauper and go to sleep wealthy, for I will direct the wicked to give to you. I will cause situations which will bring what the wicked now own into your hands as your own.… [Continue reading...]

Update on the Final Four Seasons of the U.S. Dollar

This provides an update to my previous post, The Final Four Seasons of the U.S. Dollar, which was an attempt to put future events related to the U.S. dollar in sequential order.

Two years have passed, so we have more data available now to show what has happened. We also have some new warning signs to watch in currency and silver markets to let us know when we are getting close to the cataclysmic events.


I identified four seasons ahead for the U.S.… [Continue reading...]

“I Am Restoring to My People Some of What the Enemy has Stolen”

“The enemy has been stealing from My people for far too long. I am restoring to My people some of what the enemy has stolen from you.

Watch now as I bring back that which you have lost, which you never thought to see again.

For some, you have lost that which cannot be replaced, but I tell you truly, I shall bring you something even better, for I am a good Father, I am a Father who loves His children dearly.… [Continue reading...]

Best of the Web – March 10, 2017

Italian Archbishop Suggests Pope Benedict XVI Resigned Under Obama ‘Pressure’

A letter written by a group of American Catholics to President Trump in January requested the administration conduct an investigation into a possible Soros-Obama-Clinton conspiracy behind the 2013 resignation of Pope Benedict. The letter stated specifically that “we have reason to believe that a Vatican ‘regime change’ was engineered by the Obama administration.”

The letter further stated, “we find that Pope Benedict XVI abdicated under highly unusual circumstances and was replaced by a pope whose apparent mission is to provide a spiritual component to the radical ideological agenda of the international left.”

In the midst of the hundreds of Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta’s emails released by Wikileaks, one contained a report by Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, a faux Catholic association founded by Podesta to provoke a revolution in the Catholic Church.… [Continue reading...]

16 Reasons Why Americans are Leaving California by the Millions

It has been said that “as California goes, so goes the nation”.  That is why it is such a shame what is happening to that once great state.  At one time, California seemed to be the epicenter of the American Dream.  Featuring some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the entire world, the gorgeous weather and booming economy of the state inspired people from all over the world to move to the state.  But now people are moving out of the state by the millions, because life in California has literally become a nightmare for so many people.… [Continue reading...]

Martin Armstrong: “Obama Will Fuel the Destruction and Collapse of the United States”

Economist Martin Armstrong

In an article posted on his website today, one of the most respected economists of our time, Martin Armstrong, shared two amazing forecasts, both confirming what God has revealed to me.

Martin Armstrong is known for his accurate economic forecasts using his proprietary Economic Confidence Model, which is based on the mathematical formula Pi. However, his forecasts are not limited to economics, but also include wars, revolutions, and other cyclical events.

His post today shared this forecast about Barack Obama:

“Never in the history of our nation has any president refused to leave and sought to disrupt the government of his successor.… [Continue reading...]

“Confusion and Calamity is Seen Upon the Very Steps of the White House”

“Set your guard as a watch upon your heart and home. For many strangers come and go. They come attempting to infiltrate and rid your home of peace. And yet, I the Lord, give you weapons to wage against the enemy.

These are the days of uncertainty for many. These are the days of turmoil and unrest. And yet I would say that I can give you rest. I can give you rest in the midst of the storm. I calmed the sea when my disciples were in the boat.… [Continue reading...]

Best of the Web – March 9, 2017

Islamic State Leader Abandons Mosul Flees for His Life

Amazing what a difference a new U.S. President can make in only a couple of months. The Islamic State is being driven our of Syria and now Mosul, Iraq too. Intelligence sources say Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has fled from Mosul for his own survival. He left behind his commanders to fight a losing battle. He now changes locations constantly, multiple times each day. ISIS is now expected to move underground.… [Continue reading...]

“Darkness Comes, and it Comes Quickly”

I was praying in the Spirit and asking the Lord for a word for today, for an open vision, about what is to come. He told me several days earlier that “Obama is a King,” but I did not know what He meant. I felt He meant something about the ten kings in Daniel, but He did not say that.

I had been praying about President Trump at the time He said it. I have no revelation on Daniel, so I did not know what to do with the information.… [Continue reading...]

Wikileaks Bombshell Turns Tables on Deep State CIA and NSA

New evidence released in Wikileaks Vault 7 documents shows what we have suspected all along, our intelligence agencies are spying on U.S. citizens, including Donald Trump, while using Russia as a scapegoat.

Wikileaks exposed the CIA is using the following hacking tools to spy on the American people:

  • Infiltrated Android phones by bypassing encryption programs and capturing audio phone conversations and text messages.
  • Infiltrated smart televisions by placing them in fake off-mode while the TV remains on and used as a covert microphone to eavesdrop on private conversations.
[Continue reading...]

“I am Releasing Ridiculous Favor”

As I was waking up, I heard the words, “Ridiculous favor.”

The Lord said to me, “I am releasing ridiculous favor and this favor I am pouring out is going to be so outrageous, My people will be laughing their way into their promises. It will spark hilarious outbreaks of My joy as I move in an unthinkable, astonishing expression of My favor that will catapult My people in their divine destiny.”

God is going to move in really different ways.… [Continue reading...]

“I Saw the One Called “Mohammed” in Hell, as He Was Burning in a Pit of Lava”

I saw in a vision, the founder of the demonic religion of Islam in hell. I saw the one called “Mohammed” in hell, as he was burning in a pit of lava.

A demonic spirit walked over to him as he was burning, and then violently dragged him out of the lava by the top of his head. He fell to the dry, cracked ground in front of me. His skin was charred black with a very hard and flaky texture.… [Continue reading...]

Every ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ In America Has Just Been Vindicated…

Yes, the government can use your phone, your computer and even potentially your television to spy on what you are doing inside your own home.  On Tuesday, Wikileaks released thousands of documents that prove what virtually every “conspiracy theorist” in America has been saying for years about government spying.  And I don’t even like to use the term “conspiracy theorist” much, because the truth is that most “conspiracy theorists” are simply citizen journalists that are attempting to expose things that the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about. … [Continue reading...]

Fighting at YMCA Reveals Deeply Divided America

Despite all the talk about the importance of tolerance, Americans are more polarized and less tolerant of alternative views today than ever.

We are deeply divided and the cracks are surfacing, even at the YMCA in Scranton PA where club members can no longer agree on which channel to watch news broadcasts while working out. After repeated fights, the YMCA finally had to ban all 24-hour news networks.

Scranton is a great example of the divide in our nation because in the 2016 Presidential election, they were almost evenly split between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.… [Continue reading...]

Best of the Web – March 8, 2017

Obamagate: Exposing the Obama Deep State

Obama’s third term has begun. Our Republic is in danger.

A few weeks after the election, Daniel Greenfield warned that Obama was planning to run the country from outside the White House. And that the “Obama Anonymous” network of staffers embedded in the government was the real threat. Since then Obama’s Kalorama mansion has become a shadow White House. And the Obama Anonymous network is doing everything it can to bring down an elected government.… [Continue reading...]

Prophets Now Walking Through a Dark Night, But Here Comes the Sun!

I have seen a very dark night of the soul that many prophets are facing right now. There has been an assault against the prophets in the last month or so that has been unlike anything I have ever seen before.

The Lord spoke to me recently and said, “The enemy is RAGING MAD. He is going after the prophets to silence them and to bring them to a standstill.”

It has been an incredible onslaught for many, and there has been a spirit of witchcraft attempting to kill the prophets right now in many ways.… [Continue reading...]

Is The Left Trying To Start A Civil War?

An army of subversives is attempting to undermine the Trump administration from within the government, and at the same time a whole host of prominent leftist leaders are fueling the flames of hate against Trump and are promoting riots, civil uprisings and in some cases even violence.  And of course the mainstream media is a more than willing accomplice, because pretty much everyone that works in the mainstream media absolutely hates Donald Trump.  On a fundamental level, the United States is more divided today than it has been in any of our lifetimes, and the radical left is treating the presidency of Donald Trump as if it was the end of the world. … [Continue reading...]

God Calling His People to a Rescue Mission

On February 23rd, I was given a vision and a word from the Lord.

While in prayer, I began to repent and intercede for the Church.  As I prayed, I started to feel deep pain and agony in my spirit.  Suddenly, what looked like a slide show presentation began.

Faces of people from all over the world began flashing across the screen.  Some were crying, their hearts broken; my heart ached for them. Others were lying in beds, sick and injured; this brought twinges of pain in various parts of my own body.… [Continue reading...]

Best of the Web – March 7, 2017

Here’s the List: More Than a Dozen Proven Victims of Obama’s Many Wiretaps

It is not unfounded that former President Obama would wire tap President Trump during the election process. This is because he has done this before. Here is a list of individuals who were wire tapped by the Obama Administration.

Washington and America Self-Implode at the Hands of a Treasonous, Obama Led Shadow Government

The United States federal government in Washington is under attack today. Our nation’s capital is presently under siege, not from military bombs or rockets fired by any foreign enemy but from powerful enemies within.… [Continue reading...]

FBI Insider: “We are entering a time of political purge”

An interview with an anonymous FBI insider was posted today on a blog site, Victurus Libertas. The agent claims to know about a political purge coming this spring on a scale we have not seen before.

Here are some quotes from the interview:

“In the words of the Carpenters, ‘It’s only just begun.’

Trump is a threat to the Deep State. The Deep State is a threat to Trump. Globalists are the populations bee keepers. They harness the energy, they harness the honey.… [Continue reading...]

Word for Australia: A Move of the Furious Fire of His Love

The Lord is changing the face of the Church in this nation from the face of fear to the face of Love.


He is stripping away religion and tradition, the stumbling blocks to a move of His Spirit.

He is stripping away the culture of performance that the Church in Australia has been deeply rooted in and He is bringing forth a nation rooted and grounded in his love.… [Continue reading...]

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

In a time of intercession today, I went into an encounter of travail. In this encounter, it was winter time and I saw the devil was having fun on a sled laughing and joyfully thinking he had won against God’s people. He was drunk with his own satisfaction of deceived victory against God’s people, as he was deluded in thinking he had prevented them from breaking through into the next season of blessing and inheritance. Next minute, his sled got overturned and he was toppled out!… [Continue reading...]

Best of the Web – March 6, 2017

64 Ways Obama is Sabotaging Trump

It might seem outrageous and unprecedented that a newly departed president would devote himself to overthrowing his successor, but that is exactly what a mountain of growing evidence appears to indicate.

“Obama’s goal, according to a close family friend, is to oust Trump from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment,” the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

The source also told the paper that Obama loathes President Trump and considers his presidency illegitimate.… [Continue reading...]