Obama is Taking America Backward, Not Forward

obama_forwardPresident Obama’s 2012 campaign slogan was “Forward,” but his policies are taking America backward, all the way back to the place our forefathers escaped from nearly 400 years ago. They came to America to escape from evil, corrupt tyranny. President Obama is violating our Constitution, ignoring our laws, implementing policies, and issuing executive orders all designed to take us back where we came from.

To understand where we are going, we need to remember where we came from. In 1620, the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Like many other Europeans, the Pilgrims were being persecuted severely for their faith. They left Europe to escape from tyranny and persecution. They traveled to a new world in pursuit of freedom, especially the freedom to worship God.

By the time the Pilgrims arrived here, Europe had endured over 100 years of bloody religious wars that began in 1517 when Martin Luther posted his Ninety-Five Theses, which was the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. In the name of God, multitudes were tortured, burned at the stake, beheaded, drowned, driven from their homes, and forced to bow their knees to doctrines they believed to be heresy.

All of Europe was engulfed in religious wars. It was far broader in scope than just King James of England persecuting the Separatists (later called Pilgrims). Here are a few other examples of the horrible atrocities that occurred:

  • In Germany, a third of the population was massacred during the Thirty Years War from 1618-1648. The war was between Protestants and Catholics.
  • In Ireland, Catholics drowned about one hundred Protestants during the Irish Rebellion of 1641.
  • In Scotland, Presbyterians fought the Anglicans from 1680-1688.
  • In France in 1572, the Protestants (called Huguenots) were butchered by Roman Catholics during the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. As many as 400,000 French Protestants emigrated from France, many of them coming to America.
  • In Salzburg, which is now Austria, on more than one occasion, thousands of Protestants (called Lutherans) were forced to evacuate by order of the Catholic Archbishop. Many were left homeless in the winter and they froze to death. Hundreds of them made it to London and from there they crossed the Atlantic Ocean to reach the American colonies. They settled near Savannah, Georgia.
  • In England, both the Puritans and the Separatists were ordered to conform to the church of England. Those who refused received savage punishments, such as having an ear cut off and sentenced to life in prison.

The whole European continent was engulfed in a spiritual battle over the Word of God. Because of the Reformation, the Word of God was no longer controlled by priests but was unleashed into the hands of masses of common citizens. Evil manifested in the form of tyrannical kings and corrupt priests. Demonic forces were desperately trying to stop the Word from spreading into the hands of the masses. But they were too late. Before they could squelch it the light of the Word of God had penetrated the hearts of many people, and these enlightened ones refused to return to the darkness.

Unlike the evil religious leaders who used the name of God for their own selfish purposes, large numbers of the common people took hold of the Scriptures and became not just Christians in name only, but also in deed. They followed the commandments of the Scriptures. They valued a right relationship with God. They proved their allegiance to God by laying down their lives for Him. Despite the evil forces that controlled many of the kings and priests, a remnant of true believers came forth from the commoners. With God’s help they escaped the grasp of tyrants and came to America. These were the Separatists, Puritans, Lutherans, French Huguenots, Presbyterians,  Anabaptists, and others.

They were people of faith. They endured horrors beyond our imagination. They held so firmly to their convictions that they were willing to die for them. They knew first hand the corruption and tyranny of government. They witnessed horrible crimes committed in the name of God. They saw how evil forces operate in government and religious leaders, not out in the open but masquerading under the banner of righteousness. These are the stories of our forefathers.

With these things in mind, after their arrival in America our forefathers sought to prevent those horrible things from happening here. They instilled their faith and their stories of sacrifice into their children, who eventually drafted our Constitution to limit the powers of the federal government and to protect our freedoms. They established checks and balances of power with three branches of government to prevent anyone from having too much power. Their goal was to make it difficult for a tyrant to rise to power in America. They sought to prevent history from repeating itself.


Today many Americans have bought into the lie that our forefathers came to this country to be free from religion. This lie has spread because many have failed to discern the difference between true believers filled with the Spirit of God and religious imposters filled with demonic spirits. Our forefathers knew the difference between true and false religion. They came to America because they wanted to be free from tyranny and from Satanic, religious spirits but not free from true religion, which comes from a personal relationship with the one true God. They recognized the evil things done to them were not from God. They knew that because they had encountered God and had personal relationships with Him. These facts are evident in the documents and letters they left behind.

Why else would they sacrifice everything to travel for two months across the Atlantic Ocean to live in an unknown world? No person in their right mind would do that unless they had a strong sense of purpose, a clear mission, a mandate from God. They did it because they valued their relationship with God above all else. It would have been easy for them to abandon their religious doctrines to pledge their obedience to their king or to the Catholic Church or to whatever was demanded from them. But they refused to bow down because their allegiance was to God and God alone. So they fled for their lives. Thousands did not escape and were slaughtered. The remnant that escaped came to America seeking the freedom to worship God in spirit and in truth, no longer hindered by the doctrines of demons.

Nearly 400 years have passed since our forefathers suffered at the hands of European tyrants. The prosperity and blessings they earned has been passed down to our generation. They paid the price for us and enabled us to enjoy many freedoms that we still have today. But we have forgotten the value of what we have, perhaps because someone else paid the price for it. We are like spoiled children who have had everything given to us so we have not learned to appreciate what we have. As a result, we are in grave danger of losing everything.

Our prosperity has given us a false sense of security and caused us to become complacent and even apathetic towards our government and towards God. With our luxurious lifestyles and HD entertainment systems we have forgotten the God of our fathers. We have forgotten who we are and where we came from. We have forgotten how evil operates under the guise of righteousness. We have forgotten the horrible crimes committed against good people when evil people gain power.


In 2008, Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama campaigned for President promising to bring “hope and change,” to America. He promised “fundamentally transform America.” Despite the facts that he belonged to a racist church for twenty years, had sealed all records from his educational past, had been disbarred from practicing law, and had close relationships with known terrorists and communists, had no executive experience, and only served 18 months in the United States Senate where he had accomplished virtually nothing, Americans ignored all the warning signs and embraced him like cult hero, a messianic savior.


By now it should be clear to everyone what kind of changes and transformations he was talking about. President Obama has done everything in his power to bypass the Constitutional limits to federal government power. He has sought to diminish the powers of the judicial and legislative branches and extend his own executive powers way beyond the limits of the Constitution. He has replaced our laws with his own brand of lawlessness, making executive decisions not to enforce the laws passed by Congress, like the Defense of Marriage Act and the immigration laws.

Today, President Obama is trying to change our Constitutional Republic into a European monarchy like the ones our forefathers left behind. He is returning us back to the days of tyranny and religious oppression. And millions of Americans are applauding him as he does it.

Unless he is stopped, he will take us back to the very place we left 400 years ago, a place none of us will like when we get there. Unless he is stopped, he will destroy the protective barriers that our forefathers put in place, barriers that were designed to stop someone like him from doing the very things he has been doing.


Obama’s 2012 campaign slogan “Forward” has a long history of association with communists, which is not a coincidence because Obama also has a long history of association with communists, including Frank Marshall Davis, the homosexual communist who mentored Obama as a child. The communists use “Forward” because they believe their idealogy will move the world forward in the march of history, ultimately going beyond capitalism and socialism to achieve the ultimate goal of total communism.


Having identified the schemes operating against our country, it is important to point out that President Obama is not the problem. He is only a symptom of the problem. America’s economic and government problems are symptoms of our real problem, which is a nation of backsliding, complacent, apathetic, sinful people who are not in right relationship with God. America must repent from our sins and return to God. If we get our spiritual relationship with God right, God will give us the wisdom and understanding and divine help to solve all other problems we face, including economic problems. Only God can deliver us from the evil forces who are seeking our destruction.

America does not need more food stamps or welfare checks. America does not need big government to take care of us. America surely does not need an oppressive tyrant to rule over us. God holds the answers to everything we need and He is able to provide for us. He is very well that we need food, clothes, and shelter. That is why He taught us how to get all of our needs met. Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all of these things will be added to you.”

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

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January 26, 2013 1:27 PM

Oh… Obama is not taking America anywhere! You Americans, are just bunch of religious nutjobs! So don’t blame your stupidity on anyone! Obama is just delaying your pending collapse, however you don’t know it yet!