Judgment Coming to America’s Defiant Sleeping Churches


I had a terrible dream on the night of May 8 2015. It was very vivid and terrifying. I awoke in a cold sweat and immediately knew this was a dream from the Lord.

In my dream, I walked up to a concrete slab (maybe 20’ x 20’) situated in the middle of a green field. One by one, four men laid down individually. All of them were nude in various poses. A voice told me, “These people will burn.”

Then I saw a giant blow-torch, about three feet in diameter, belching a long stream of blue flame, which consumed each of these people, one at a time. The flame came from BEHIND me and went THROUGH me to consume them. I was not the source of the flame, but I was immune to it. At first I thought they were dead bodies being cremated.

The first man was lying nude on his left side (facing me) and on the right side of the slab. Then the flame came on and consumed him. I saw the fire blister his skin and it began to boil and char, but he was sound asleep and never showed any reaction. It was very graphic and very sickening.

Next I saw another man laying on his left side on the left side of the slab and facing away from me. This man was also asleep, but when the flame came on again I same him flinch. A voice then told me, “These are not dead, but asleep.”

I prayed for this man to have a painless death and for God to have mercy on him. I was sickened at the thought of him suffering.

Then I saw a third man laying in the same position as the second man. However, he was awake and KNEW what he was doing. He had intentionally laid down.

I then realized that ALL three men had intentionally put themselves on the slab knowing their fate. The first two had simply tried to sleep through the judgment as to lessen the pain. The first man had successfully slept through the fire because he was so fast asleep it didn’t wake him. The second man tried to ignore the fire, but he could not.

I was terrified when I saw the third man was awake. I cried out to God to lessen his torment and to make this quick so he didn’t suffer. I watched his ivory skin turn light brown as the fire hit him. I watched his hair catch on fire. Then I saw he was in extreme pain, but he would not cry out to the voice to save him. I observed a certain arrogant defiance in him as his skin browned then blackened. It looked a lot like a marshmallow getting roasted, until finally he burst into flames. I realized he just took it, and it was then I realized that all three of these men had intentionally placed themselves on the slab knowing punishment was coming. They did not care. The first two were just trying to escape the pain of the fire by sleeping although the second man didn’t achieve his goal. The third man was a willing participant, but all three were defiant to the end.

Then I saw the fourth guy. He was also nude and on all fours facing away from me. His butt in the air defiantly. It was a disgusting and disturbing sight. He was strutting his butt in the air and then the voice told me he was a homosexual. He was yelling at the fire, “Hurry up!”

He was wanting to be burned, beginning with his genitalia, as if to gain some sort of perverse pleasure from it. Then the flame consumed him.

Immediately the slab was clear. Two giant hands held a small metal trashcan, no bigger than a waste-bucket, and showed me the inside of the contents: it was full of ash. I realized in my spirit this was what was left of these four men.

It amazed me that none of these men screamed or begged for mercy. I was begging for mercy for them, at least the last three, for it to stop and for their deaths to be painless and quick (when it became apparent the fire wouldn’t stop). It was also apparent that all of them had willingly placed their bodies on the slab knowing their fate. They knew they were headed to their deaths, but they were defiant, arrogant to the end.


The four men represent four different types of churches in America. God’s judgment is coming to those who are in the church, but are not part of THE church (the true Body of Christ). These people are willingly embracing the Laodicean life because to get off the slab of judgment is too inconvenient for them.

  1. The first man represents the majority of self-labeled Christians who are are simply asleep by their own choice.
  2. The second man represents those who are aware of what’s going on, but don’t want to do anything about it.
  3. The third man represents those who KNOW what is happening and what is wrong, but in their arrogance they refuse to repent and do what it takes to stop the coming judgment.
  4. The fourth man is the part of the American church who is getting into bed with the homosexual revolution. God is judging America because of her sin and these churches are openly embracing the homosexual agenda (despite Romans 1:26, 27) by ordaining homosexual clergy, performing weddings for   homosexual couples, and compromising the Word of God. They do it willingly and are proud of their disobedience. The fourth man represents the apostate church, the church which is rejecting the authority of God’s Word and embracing the world.

The fire is God’s judgment, which is coming and is now unavoidable. God is judging the church in America because it is asleep, indifferent, and apostate.

I represented the part of the church which will pass through this judgment and be refined by it, but not hurt or destroyed. There will be a remnant who will be found awake when this judgment comes, which explains why I was not burned by the flame.

We have to preach the Word of God and stand strong on the scriptures. By this God will use us to bring His judgment and damnation upon the heretical church.

Nelson Lee

Author: Nelson Lee

Nelson W. Lee is an author, evangelist, pastor and teacher. He is the founding pastor of Agape Home Fellowship, a network of house churches linked together through common leadership and technology. His ministry focuses on the areas of Church Revitalization and Revival. He has a heart for seeing men and women of faith “Be the Church” and feels this can be best accomplished through the close community of New Testament style house-churches. For over 20 years, he has focused on revitalizing the church and trying to restore it to its New Testament roots and foundations. He is an avid student of Church History and Systematic Theology and has written numerous discipleship courses, church history articles and guides.

He is married with three children and is a member of the United States Air Force. He has served his country for over 29 years and is currently a meteorologist and flight superintendent. When he is not in uniform, ministering or studying, he can be found spending time with his family or working in his garden.

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Sujit Thomas
January 25, 2016 8:37 AM
Hi Nelson, I cannot help but say I’ve experienced a curious set of events here. This is the first time I am reading this post. Last night, that is, Jan 24, 2016, I was reading Gen. 18:16–33 before going to bed. Normally, I meditate in the mornings, and that is when I usually receive something from the Lord. So, I was kind of surprised to feel that as I was reading this passage, he was saying something, which I felt became clearer once I finished the passage and closed my eyes. Even though I was dead tired and wanted to do nothing more than just pray and plonk on to my bed for the night, I felt him urge me to write down what I had heard in the spirit. So I did. Here is what I received: You are right in saying that modern-day America is just like Sodom and Gomorrah of old. I will not destroy the righteous with the wicked, but I will surely take them through the fire and purify them like pure gold and precious silver. Then they will be my people, and I will be their God. I will write my law on their hearts, and they will not forget it. But I will destroy the country for its evil and the wicked along with it. And, no, the righteous will not be able to save the country. As Linda Clay has several times conveyed through her posts and blog, the Lord’s refining fire will not be pleasant, but (am I crazy?) I feel like I am actually looking forward to it. I honestly have no idea what exactly is in store for America and the rest of the world later this year and in the years to come, but I can say that… Read more »
Robert Adolph
Robert Adolph
January 25, 2016 11:28 AM

Sujit, no you’re not crazy! When you see all these signs LOOK UP, YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWETH NEAR!!!!

January 15, 2016 12:41 AM

This morning about 6:30 am Jan 14, I went to put my daughter’s school bags n stuff into the car as we were running late. Upon stepping outside, I immediately smelt a foul, chemically burning smell. It lasted only no more than 3 ft. past the front of the townhome. I thought, “What is that?!” Then what came to my mind were other posts about smelling smoke. I then felt Holy Ghost goose bumps as if to confirm my conclusion. I wanted to tell my daughter to see if she smelled foul smoke too upon exiting the townhome to go to school but when we both exited less then a minute later the smell was gone.

Perhaps the initial smell means that judgment ad its associated smell are truly at our doorsteps.
Perhaps the smell just at the door way means that the burning juedgements really are “just at the door.”

January 15, 2016 7:07 PM

I said, “What will you do with the church?” He said, “I want to save the church, but the churches have forsaken me.” I said, “How did they forsake you?” He said, “The people praise themselves. The honor that the people are supposed to give Jesus Christ, they take upon themselves. In the churches there are divorces. There is adultery in the churches. There are homosexuals in the churches. There is abortion in the churches and all other sins that are possible.
From “Message For America” Dreams and Visions of GOD (Hand of Help).

January 19, 2016 7:28 PM

Thanks for posting Martin. I went to your site. The children are lovely. How many are not sponsored? We can pray for them.

Tracye B.
Tracye B.
January 15, 2016 3:59 PM
I just read an excellent article today (posted 1/15/2016) on Sin in the Church by John Little of OmegaShock.com. It’s all very sad and very true – although it’s primarily about a particular instance of a sin against another believer, the article is also all encompassing and speaks of the state of “church” these days. See: http://www.omegashock.com/2016/01/15/sin-in-the-church/. Although this article is not about a “church” (one held in a building), it is about the body of believers. Perhaps, like many of you, God has in the past several months slowly withdrawn me from going to church in buildings, at services (which I’ve done for the past 23 years as a Christian), listening to pastors who do not teach the whole word of the Bible, who do not give us the full truth, who do not preach of separation from the world, who do not teach the flock the signs of the end times we are in…. It’s all about feeling good when you leave the church and drop off your tithe check (for that new church building to house 10,000 instead of 3,000), it’s about the men’s ministry watching football together, the women’s ministry having another time of tea and dessert together, and the children’s ministry having play time and doing crafts, and the teen/young adults having a place to socialize, meet friends and pick up their latest boyfriends/girlfriends… I instead listen to Bible studies online at home taught by solid Pastors who teach in-depth of God’s Word, I listen and sing to worship music both at home and in car, and I fellowship with believers wherever I may find them. (I am looking, though, for a serious home Bible study/fellowship.) I have grown in the Lord so much in these past several months, I’ve never prayed more, read more… Read more »
James Bailey
January 15, 2016 4:27 PM

Thanks for sharing this Tracye. I believe God has called many of His faithful followers to escape from the prisons we call churches, at least for a season. I recently had a revelation in which I saw a new church arising where there will be no compromise and we will all be in agreement. Hang in there!

Tracye B.
Tracye B.
January 15, 2016 11:03 PM

That day may come when we are in Heaven, James, and when God establishes a new Earth. Everything will then be perfect!

January 15, 2016 1:03 AM

Thank-you for sharing, Rosemary. Your interpretation sounds right.

Ed W.
Ed W.
January 13, 2016 9:07 AM

Jesus is standing OUTSIDE most denominational “churches”, pointing a finger at the brick building saying, “This is not My Church.” We can tell, because when we share the real truth of God’s Word or a relative word from the Lord, it is not received.

When I am sharing about the return of the Lord, their eyes glaze over pretty quickly. Thank God, that the Lord sent me to a church where I have been able to teach my pastor about upcoming end-time events, and the pastor was taught directly by the Lord on these matters, and became a beacon of truth. He has done many series on the return of the Lord, the Feast days, Book of Zech, Book of Revelation in outline form, etc.

As he was sharing, where do you think he was resisted? BINGO…. The church is defiant in many ways, having left the love of the truth.

Linda Hasche
January 12, 2016 6:26 AM

GREETINGS, I woke up in grief and sobbing from this dream that went into a vision, then a Word from the LORD, then Scriptures. It confirms this post here about the “Defiant Sleeping Church”


January 13, 2016 6:29 PM

Thank-you, just sent it to 5 others. The Chrislam video at the end was very moving. i noticed he has longer versions on youtube.

January 11, 2016 12:10 PM

pastor Sadhu ( indian pastor } ‘s message regarding to the end time and pope , it is very informative.
and another pastor talk regarding to catholic ecumenical movement

check these out

January 11, 2016 11:44 AM

Hi, i have question regarding to blowing trumpet (shofar},
blowing shofar is very biblical and it is weapon to do spiritualist warfare. but do not see blowing-shofar will have impact or change for the shofar blower itself , saw people blowing shofar for years, but did not see their characters change, so it is possible blowing-shofar is just gifting from God have nothing to do with characters.
thanks !!!

God Bless

Eddie Garcia
Eddie Garcia
January 11, 2016 9:40 AM

Thanks James for all you do.
Love the people on this site. Any believers live in San Antonio, Texas ?