Israeli Forces to Continue and Possibly Escalate Air Strikes on Syria – Former Israeli Official Warns

Israeli forces struck two locations inside Syria just two weeks ago, one being a convoy that allegedly was carrying anti-tank missiles to Lebanon and the other being a scientific research center, which was used to enhance defense and resistance tools. As SLN reported, “Tuesday night’s Israeli attack on Syria brought confusion to the media as to what was hit inside Syria, and as the dust started to settle, it seems everyone was right.”

What was learned after the attacks on Syria is that the U.S. administration actually gave Israel the “green light” to conduct bombings – according to an intelligence official that talked to Time magazine. Obviously, the U.S. has been yearning to attack Syria for some time, waiting for the transfer of chemical or other “high-tech” weapons to neighboring States such as Lebanon. Instead, the U.S. has decided to give Israeli forces a go-ahead to target Syria.

After the U.S. gave Israel the green light to attack, the Times of Israeli reported days later, “The US government has given the “green light” for Israel to conduct further similar strikes, according to the report.” Not only is it plausible to say Israel will strike again, but the Sunday Times detailed that Israeli officials have debated creating a “buffer zone” on the Purple Line inside Syria, basically meaning a land grab, which in this case would be 10 miles long.

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