Hero’s Islamic Killer Gets Off Scot-Free

Sunday evening I had the great honor of receiving the Patriot of the Year Award before a packed house of well over 200 people at the nation’s oldest Republican Club, the Queens Village Republican Club. I received a beautiful plaque that also featured a clock, which I thought apropos in light of our AFDI pro-freedom ads that just ran on 240 clocks throughout the New York subway system, and a citation from the New York City Council recognizing me as Patriot of the Year.

The event was illuminating in many ways. One speaker insistently emphasized that all religions teach the same core values, and another heralded our “nation building” efforts in Afghanistan. But then something happened that showed all that up as the politically correct nonsense that it is: the club presented a Supreme Sacrifice award to the family of Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr., who was murdered by one of our Afghan “allies” while working out in the base gym after a long day of work “nation building” among those allies in Afghanistan. Cpl. Buckley’s father spoke with heart-rending intensity, his voice breaking, about his love for his son, and revealed what his son had told him before he was killed: that the Afghans were not like Americans. They were cold-hearted; they had no gratitude for the Americans no matter now much the Americans did for them; and – most wrenching of all – that he didn’t think he was going to get out of Afghanistan alive.

Cpl. Buckley was murdered two days before he was scheduled to have come home. An Afghan police captain handed his weapon to his “t-boy,” his 19-year-old male companion who had followed him everywhere and done his bidding (in all things) for at least seven years. The Americans, including Cpl. Buckley, were unarmed: they were not permitted to carry weapons on the base, lest they antagonize our Afghan “allies.” The Afghans, in contrast, strutted around with AK-47s. The t-boy used his to shoot Cpl. Buckley in the chest and murder several other Americans before he was subdued.

Buckley’s father found all this out on his own, because our military wouldn’t investigate. He discovered the serial number of the AK-47, tracing it to the Afghan captain, and asked American authorities to arrest and prosecute him. The Americans did nothing. The murderer walked free; to have apprehended him would have again offended our Afghan “allies.” Buckley’s father demanded justice. And he deserves justice. But he has been met with silence.

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