I heard a voice very clearly say, “Obama is the antichrist.”

A few weeks ago, I dreamed I was discussing end time events with my coworkers. One of them said, “Barack Hussein Obama is the antichrist.”

I proceeded to tell her that he certainly fit the description and there were many people on the Internet who believed he was the one spoken of in scriptures, but God had not yet given me that revelation.

This dream revealed what my state of mind has been for the past few years after noticing that many people were claiming to have the revelation that Obama was the antichrist. In fact, there were so many that I really felt I couldn’t ignore it. So I began to pray and seek God; not in a sense of urgency, but trusting if it were so, that He would reveal it in His time.  There have been hints and promptings along the way, but nothing I could put my finger on and say, ” That’s it.”

After this latest dream, I wondered if maybe I wasn’t accepting what God was revealing. There are some revelations we don’t want to be true. We had rather be wrong. It would be easier to be labeled crazy than to accept the revelation because it necessitates a realization that unless the Lord calls you home, you are about to walk through the most difficult time in human history. So, my prayers changed to asking God to reveal if Obama was the antichrist in a way which would leave no doubt that He was speaking.

This week, I had a dream within a dream. As I dreamed I heard a voice very clearly say, “Obama is the antichrist.”

Then again a second time I heard the same voice say, “Obama is the antichrist.”

Then a third time I heard the same voice, but the tone was different. The tone was stern and emphatic and it said, “Obama is the antichrist.”

I awoke from this portion of the dream, but I continued to dream. In the remainder of the dream I was aware that I had heard the voice and I was asking people if they believed Obama was the antichrist. I was also trying to calculate how much time we had left based on his age. Then I awoke for real and realized I had been dreaming.

As I thought about what the voice said, I had a vision. It wasn’t an open vision, but a mental image. I saw Obama’s right hand and there was a garment that extended down his arm and stopped at his wrist. The garment was a white robe much like the robes a clergyman would wear. Further up the sleeve, there was a black and gold design. I don’t know if it was part of the sleeve, a sash or a stole. I have always envisioned Obama wearing a business suit, but the Lord impressed upon my heart that he will be clothed in a robe when he is declared to be God and establishes his throne in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount. ( 2 Thessalonians 2:3,4 ) All will worship him, everyone whose name has not been written from the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain. (Revelation 13:8)

I believe the Lord spoke to me three times concerning this revelation to get my attention and to emphasize that it really was Him speaking. I searched the scriptures for confirmation and I was led to the Apostle Peter in the book of Acts. Peter had a vision of a vessel filled with unclean animals descending out of heaven to him and he heard a voice saying, “What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common.” He heard this repeated three times as God was revealing to him that he had granted to the gentiles repentance unto life. (Acts 10:5-18)

I believe this example in scripture shows God will sometimes repeat Himself to get our attention and to emphasize that a message really came from Him, especially when we might have a hard time receiving the revelation otherwise.

Lydia Hodge

Author: Lydia Hodge

Lydia Hodge is a wife and mother of three. She serves as a registered nurse in the CVICU where she helps mend broken hearts. She came to faith in Christ after the death of her father in the 90’s. Shortly thereafter, she began to have dreams and visions. She has a passion for the prophetic and believes God has called her to minister during the Final Act of this age of grace.

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June 20, 2017 5:14 PM

In 2008, I was sitting in my parents upstairs bedroom watching a debate between Hillary and Obama during the primaries. I didn’t know anything about Obama, but of course knew about Hillary. In any event, Obama was speaking and his face was on the screen. I heard an AUDIBLE voice behind me like it was coming from the corner of the room saying “Josh, he’s the antichrist.” I have never, ever heard an audible voice like that until that time. And it is the only time since. So, I hope that confirms what you dreamt.

June 20, 2017 7:34 PM

thanks Lydia. When I read this portion of your post: ‘it necessitates a realization that unless the Lord calls you home, you are about to walk through the most difficult time in human history’ , my heart bounced and I thought: ‘it also brings a deeper realization that I need to be utterly serious about seeking Jesus so He can invest in me everything I need to serve Him in this hour’

Gabriel Erb
June 20, 2017 8:04 PM

Lydia, in 2008 God yoked me with the task of delivering a highly controversial message to the world — namely, that Jesus Christ is going to return to planet Earth exactly 2,000 years after the year of his death, which will be Feast of Trumpets 2028.

In 2012, God led me to make a movie about this revelation, which took me 6 months to create (Sept 2013 to Feb 2014) and covers God’s prophecies behind EACH of His 7 Creation days. Shockingly, the VERY DAY I was working on Creation day 6’s prophecy, which is about the coming Antichrist (God gave MAN dominion over all living things — Antichrist will take dominion over all kindreds, nations, and tongues) God flew Barrack Obama directly over my house, literally as I was working on the part in the “2028 END” movie which says “He will make all, rich and poor, free and bond, etc..etc..etc..”

I was STUNNED! I didn’t even know he was coming into town that day, but he came to McGavock High School over here in Donelson, TN where I live, and it was his first time back to Nashville since campaigning in 2007 or 2008? It was around January 2014 when this happened.

So, long story short, I have my eyes on Barack Obama! I know 100% God is behind this message He’s given me to speak to the world. So, just for your comfort, you don’t have to wonder how long it will be … it will ALL be over Feast of Trumpets 2028! Watch the movie sometime, if you get a chance …


God bless us all!


June 21, 2017 9:20 AM

I concur with your revelation. When I taught the Tabernacle of Moses in the late 90s, if you take the cubical dimensions of the outer court of 20x10x10 which = 2,000 and add His death on the cross at 28 A D ( He was born between 2 and 4 BC) the result is 2028 AD the return and the start of the 1000 year reign. Holy of Holies is 10x10x10 = 1000 years.

James Bailey
June 21, 2017 1:21 AM

Thanks for sharing this awesome testimony again Gabriel.

Jeff Byerly
June 20, 2017 4:17 PM

I believe you Lydia I had a very similar experience.Thank you for yet another confirmation.
Love and peace.

Marty Breeden
Marty Breeden
June 21, 2017 1:04 AM

Thank you Lydia.
I was talking about this exact topic with an Evangelist friend of mine recently.
I had a dream about 6 years ago, that I saw had heard obama was,arriving at a particular airport.
Being thoroughly disgusted with him as I was , I went to this airport to confront him to the face.
I remember approaching him and as I did he was wearing a large black leather trench coat and extremely dark glasses.
What SHOCKED ME was when I walked up to him, he was about 12 feet tall, more evil than I had possible imagined and his appearance actually took my breath.
It took me a moment to recover from this encounter as he walked by.
By the time I was able to gather myself….he was gone.
There’s been no doubt in my mind from that night on who he really is!!
Thanks for having the boldness to share!

June 21, 2017 8:50 AM

Hi Marty, do you think he is aware of who he is or will be later in the future. I know he was mocking people last year about his nefarious role especially Michelle Bachman.

June 21, 2017 6:06 PM

I have thought for awhile that he aspires to be the Muslim’s mahdi. He doesn’t believe in an antichrist.

Brother Steven
Brother Steven
June 20, 2017 8:35 PM

This reads very convincingly. O does fit the profile to a T…….the only missing element is that he has not yet been indwelt by Satan’s person, (But Barry sure does act like him (Satan) at times

June 20, 2017 4:28 PM

Lydia – this is going hand in hand with what I’ve been shown as well. Thank you for confirming & bless you sister! Also, I noticed you are from TN, so am I – about 30 minutes outside of Nashville 🙂

Molley Hacker
Molley Hacker
November 2, 2017 2:28 AM

Deut 18:22

June 21, 2017 9:48 PM

speculation – if barry is the assyrian and
if he occupies the new temple and
if he as the bible predicts is the one who suffers a mortal wound and
if he is the one that appears to be revived, knowing that israel is at the forefront of technology and knowing that it will only take 90 days to rebuild it and realising too, that the temple can only be built with an agreement of some type and realising that many have already called barry the messiah and would welcome his return even to the extent of offering worship to him and realising that much of the above can only be achieved with the use and help of technology (remembering that israel is a world leader in this field – and i seriously believe they will offer anything to anyone who can facilitate the rebuilding of the temple including barry soetoro) then if bazza gets the chop sometime in the future (if he really is the man of sin) then its just possible that the worship set up in the temple is a hologram or some form or type of artificial intelligence which both israel and china are excelling at.
in other words the ac will be an artificial intelligence in a virtual reality guiding the world which willingly and obligingly follows including the jews in the holy land.
my reasoning for this are the interviews and talkback by rick wiles and crew on their recent shows on technology, artificial intelligence, artificial reality and how technology is fast becoming a religion.
all supposition of course but the general gist of my comments make sense. i urge people to have a listen to all of his tech related shows including and starting with “london tech week” 12/06/2017

Tammy Larson
Tammy Larson
June 21, 2017 12:36 PM

I absolutely agree with you all on this. This guy sickness me! My eyes have been open in the last six months on this. When he went to get on helicopter to leave the White House the smirk on his face was just sick. I have to say I wanted to slap it off his face. I know this is not nice to say but it was how I felt.

I shared this with my husband also and as he says it is possible also. This man has sickened us the past few years. He has destroyed this country in a few years. Can you imagine when he has all power!! God help everyone that doesn’t know Jesus as their Savior!!