“Wield your swords mightily and shout My victory!”

Message received July 21, 2019.

I was given this message 2 days before the accident with my daughter but have not been able to post it until now. I want to sincerely thank you for all of your prayers, love and support during this very difficult time for my family. My daughter had skin-graft surgery on several areas and is now beginning the process of recovery and rehabilitation. Everything went well, praise be to Yahushua, and I’m asking for continued prayers for her and our family, as we face the challenges that will present themselves each day. She will remain in the hospital at least until mid to late next week.

Our King is doing a great work here, and we praise Him always for the opportunity to walk in all He has purposed for us so we can here Him say one day soon, “Well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Master.”

I realize there are many of you who are His remnant who are suffering greatly at this time at the hands of the enemy and my heart and prayers go out to all of you. This message encourages us and reminds us of what we have been taught, what we need to continue to do, and lets us know we are almost there. Yahushua is at our side, hedging us in on all sides, strengthening us to persevere through the darkest of times. May He alone be glorified in all we experience here as Heaven invades earth and the enemy is made to know that Yahushua has the victory! AMEN!

That which is presenting itself before you now is that which you have been trained to battle. As hell has opened her gates and the demons are measured in great number, you will see more and more manifestations of the demonic all around you. You are targets because of your obedience to Me, and they will stop at nothing to throw you off track. They prey upon your weaknesses and look for breaches in your armor. You must not allow them entry.

Face them head on, directly speaking verbally the words I have given you, My holy Word, as there is great power in the spoken Word. Breath is life, and you deliver life or death with all you speak. So, speak forcefully, directly, and with My great authority granted to you and command them to flee. They must obey. It is Me in you they fear, and although many will come against you, they are still greatly outnumbered and lack any power against those who walk in My commandments. The enemy only has vehicles in which he inhabits to use and abuse; however, I have finely tuned instruments which I have refined by fire who walk in the fullness of all I Am. He is no match for Us.

The enemy will especially target you through those who are closest to you- your family, your children, and your acquaintances. Maintain your position, realizing you must separate the spirits operating through a person from the person themself. Most times, the person will not have the understanding that they are being used as a weapon against you. Simply speak My Word and stand in truth. No weapon formed against you will I allow to prosper.

I have given you the war manual in the form of your warfare prayers, and I have given you My Word which is sufficient to battle all the hordes of hell, as they attempt to devour all in their path. You are not victims. You are victorious in Me, and the battle has already been won. It is your position to take the authority which has been given to you and stand. I will train you using those closest to you until you learn to overcome before I send you out to others.

You are not to be afraid, for the enemy fears you greatly. You are strong and mighty in Me, and he and his army are terrified that My people will now walk in the fullness of who they are in Me. This is his greatest fear, as I pour out My Spirit upon My remnant in this final hour.

Do not lay your swords down now My Bride and My army, for you are both to Me. I know you are weary, but you must persevere. You must stay strong and continue this spiritual battle until My Word is fulfilled. I assure you, you are not alone.

I am always with you, at your right hand and strengthening you for all you are enduring and all that is now upon you. The heavenly host is also interceding on your behalf, as they surround you with their prayers. Do not underestimate all that is being done on your behalf. My angelic guard remains with you as well, and you are not in this battle alone. It may look as if the enemy is winning more and more, but I assure you, his time is so very short. I have only given him a very short season to finish the assault on My people before I intervene in this realm. The world will know that the Great I Am is the Source of All, as the wicked are annihilated by My Holy fire.

I loved you first, I knew you and ordained you for what you are experiencing now before you ever came here to this realm. I know you better than you know yourselves. I believe in you, because I have seen you through this battle and victorious in My Kingdom, so rejoice this day!

You are My battle axe and weapons of war to break into pieces all evil forces of destruction, devastation, death and the grave! Wield your swords mightily and shout My victory! Allow Me to consume every fiber of your being. Allow Me full access, and you will not believe what I will do in these days, even if it were told to you!

Now is not the time to lay your sword down, I will help you and I will strengthen you. Rise My mighty ones and confront the task at hand. I promise you, this is your last season before everything as you know it will change. This is your final stretch. You are almost home.

I realize it becomes more and more difficult to reside here, so be encouraged, for soon you will be with Me in My Kingdom. Almost, My loves… you were born for this very purpose.

Thank you for your service. Thank you for saying yes when I asked for everything from you. Thank you for not giving up hope, for in Me all things are possible. Thank you for honoring Me with your lives and all I have given you. Thank you for responding to the call I have placed on your lives. Thank you for being willing to walk in My footsteps, and allow My will to rule and reign in your lives.

Now… please help Me to bring My lost people home… Help Me save My people.


Scripture References: King James Version (KJV)

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22 With thee also will I break in pieces man and woman; and with thee will I break in pieces old and young; and with thee will I break in pieces the young man and the maid;
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Author: Julie Whedbee

Julie Whedbee is a born-again disciple of Yahushua who has been instructed to warn those who have ears to hear to repent, He is coming soon! Her sole priority is advancing His Kingdom here until He comes for His Bride. She has had dreams and visions for over 20 years about biblical prophecy and it’s fulfillment, especially concerning the US. All of the words He gives her are found in the His holy Word.

Several years ago, the Lord spoke to her about securing a Sanctuary for His people in the end times. He spoke clearly in May of 2013 that it was then time to leave her home in Florida and move elsewhere to establish a Sanctuary that will minster to those in need during the difficult days that lie ahead. To see more of her articles, visit her blog: Behold I Come.

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John Barry
John Barry
August 9, 2019 9:33 PM

HOLY SPIRIT has been telling me for 3 – 4 weeks the harvest is starting , the first grains are turning white now . Julie gives much battle wisdom here , the demons only have bluff , if you know who you are in YESHUA , bluff will not work . They are more scared of us , than we should be of them . If we will pray for the lost around us ( friends , co-workers & neighbors ) now , HOLY SPIRIT will move on those we pray for & we will see GOD move , this will of course bring attacks of the enemy , we will have to deal with thru the Word . Don’t miss this opportunity to add to your heavenly bank acct. , it will not come again . When the grains are white for harvest , they will fall into your hand ! Praying for your family Julie & Blessings to all .

Michelle gibson
Michelle gibson
August 10, 2019 6:40 AM

Barry, just last night I had a dream where I was out back of a church planting a garden with childern, and out of nowhere comes a black wolf and it was looking at me, it looked like it was starving to death. I said, man I wish I had my gun then all of a sudden it attacked me on my arm. But I just grabbed it by the neck and twisted it like a dish rag and killed it and threw it down and went inside to wash the wound. Everyone was worried about me and I said, my Lord has this. End of dream. I have been under attack a lot lately in my dreams. So this word spoke volumes to me. I am also being tried by people around me .

John Barry
John Barry
August 10, 2019 6:54 AM

Gentle Soul Michelle , I notice great warrior of the LORD that you had no trouble killing the wolf . Battle scars are Battle honors , we have to battle to get battle scars . no pain , no gain . Hu Ra ! Blessings in JESUS .

David Mann
David Mann
August 9, 2019 3:49 PM

Hi there Julie,
It’s good to hear that your daughter is doing well with her skin grafts and hope she makes a good recovery and doesn’t get any infections as I continue to pray for her to get through this traumatic time.
As I read your post I thought this was very encouraging news .
Your whole post as helped lift my spirits as well as there’s a lot of encouragement in there from the lord as been feeling down lately.
Take care love David

Tracie Goodwin
Tracie Goodwin
August 10, 2019 8:20 AM

This is a great word from the Lord , I have learned myself that sometimes when you are going through a dark time in your life and you are a Child of God the Holy Spirit begins to speak to you during these times. Thank you Julie for even taking the time to share this , I can’t even imagine what you guys are going through with this absolutely horrific tragedy with your sweet daughter. My heart goes out to you and I am praying for you all. You have many here that are standing with you in prayer for complete healing for your child and also For the Lord to continue to give you the strength to endure from day to day, it can take a toll on you when you are at the hospital day end and day out but as you already know YOUR GOD is sustaining you and he will continue to. I pray for every Doctor and Nurse that comes into contact with your daughter the Lord will give them HIS wisdom every step of the way.

God bless you sister

Expat Gal
Expat Gal
August 9, 2019 4:31 PM
Dear Sister Julie – What wonderful news about your daughter! 💝. I have been praying for her & your family & your Ministry! 💕 This Word had me in tears. 😢. It has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. My daughter is being tried at every turn & her hurt is being directed 💯 at my husband and me & she is being manipulated by the Enemy. Prayer Warriors – Please pray for her to feel peace & God’s Love. I have shed hundreds of tears over the trials which started intensely following our family’s lake baptism 6 years ago….. With God’s also perfect timing, one of the hardest weeks of my life (which I did not know was coming) is also the week I spent 2 days with a Sister-In-Christ who is helping us as a translator with difficult situations with thefts against us by “professionals”, a 5 hour session with a Christian counselor (1st time we could align calendars since I met her a month ago!) and a once/month church service in English that I prayed I could attend with a social commitment that would have conflicted magically scheduled at the “perfect time” to allow me to attend both! 🎉 God is amazing & I see His presence & Work in my life & that is ENOUGH to feel His Love when the world is on the brink of crushing me…. I NEEDED to hear this message today. I am so worn out & so tired of being on the defensive in life. I am so grateful for you, your ministry, God’s Words & God’s awesome timing. ❤️ I needed a supernatural lift to my Spirits & this provided that. All glory to God for His promise to never leave us. God is good! 🎉… Read more »
Michelle gibson
Michelle gibson
August 10, 2019 6:45 AM

Expat Gal, I was once told by a friend, when the devil starts messing , the Lord is going to start blessing. There is a lot of truth in that little saying. Just look up your redemption draweth nigh

Expat Gal
Expat Gal
August 10, 2019 2:27 PM

Thanks Michelle Gibson. I love that saying! 😂

David Mann
David Mann
August 10, 2019 2:20 PM

Dear Expat Gal,
While at work having my break this afternoon reading your post an image of 2 warriors fighting
flashed through my mind.
I knew straight away it was from a Lana Vawser post from this website dated August 18th 2017.
The title is The fierce repayment of god is upon you for the ferocious battle you have faced.
Take a look at it as I believe it’s for you.
There’s a lot there which I believe can help you out and your daughter as well.
I hope this message is useful to you.
Take care David


Expat Gal
Expat Gal
August 10, 2019 2:27 PM

Thank you David Mann. I remember the post you are referencing so I will go re-read that. I appreciate it! 😊

michelle gibson
michelle gibson
August 9, 2019 6:21 PM

Julie, this is a conformation of a dream I had this week. Thank you for posting and I am praying for your daughter and family. Praise God

August 9, 2019 3:09 PM

Wow! “Thank you for your service”
About a month ago I heard God say thank you to me. I thought what? Really? Wait a minute, thank you from God? OK I’ll accept it but I don’t understand it.Has God ever thanked his people? Is there anywhere in scripture to confirm or verify this? Not that I know of but there it was and now this is confirmation praise the Lord. Just staggering. THANK YOU LORD! Thank you sister!

Michelle gibson
Michelle gibson
August 10, 2019 6:50 AM

Brent, several years ago I had been sick for awhile and one night lying in bed crying out to God, there must be someone I have not forgiven or some unknown sin that I don’t know about to feel this bad for so long. And all of a sudden I felt a hand go across my forehead and a voice that said, well done good and faithful servant. I was like you blown out of the water. God truly does love us no matter what the enemy says

John Barry
John Barry
August 10, 2019 6:20 AM

Brother Brent , the thank you from GOD indicates you are on the right path of relationship , not religion . A Friend will always say thank you to a friend . Blessings