The Greater the Division in the World, the Greater the Solidarity in the Church

unityThis morning, July 14 2016, I received the following word:

“Many in this nation are angry. This anger is not new. It has been building for some time. The questions that must be asked with regards to this anger are, “Why are they angry?” “Who is the object of their anger?” and “What is the proposed solution to satisfy that anger?”

Many discern that changes are taking place in our nation. There is a sense of uneasiness surrounding the word (change) itself and that sense is multiplied as it is mingled with uncertainly and confusion. It’s as though the weatherman announced, “There is a storm coming soon,” yet failed to state when “soon” is. Furthermore they fail to mention the direction from which it will come, and how those hearing this news should prepare in order to be ready. Yet even with the lack of information, self-declared “storm chasers” ramp up and head out. They travel in all directions looking for a sign. At the very first cloud they encounter they clock on and follow assuming that it is sure to develop into the storm they are certain is coming.

This is the kind of madness that describes the anger, which is flaring up in many. There is a rising sense of outrage, but without understanding its’ source those who are effected are quick to jump on a bandwagon. No one wants to be a “rebel without a cause,” so they are quick to latch on to the first explanation that presents itself. The “why” becomes the fuel that keeps the anger flowing. The word “injustice” describes their general sense that they have somehow been slighted. The question that is the object of their anger meets an equally muddled response as they are certain someone is to blame and whoever that someone is, they must pay.

It is insanity, but it is not so chaotic as it appears. There are forces, who prefer to remain unseen, who are glad to answer the questions of why and who. They wield the mob like a chopping maul and once the maul is wedged in they come in behind it like a sledgehammer to split, and split they do. They will not be satisfied until the nation is completely split into factions. These unseen forces know all too well the principle that a house divided will not stand. Division is their goal and its conclusion is tremendous bloodshed and ultimately the collapse of this once great nation.

The puppets and their unseen handlers share a common vision of revolution and civil war. While the puppets think they understand the ramifications of this goal, they do not. Like in all other aspects of these questions and their answers, they are deceived. When what they think they want becomes a reality, they will realize how misguided they were all along. Only at this point it will be too late to turn back. So as what remains of their consciences rages within, they will defy the last measure of prudent reason to execute their plans.

Division at this scale has not been seen in this nation for nearly two centuries and while the previous conflict had relatively well defined geographical and ideological lines, the battle lines of this war appear more like a shattered mirror. However, the confusion of the battle lines will not curb the bloodshed that will accompany it. This will be the bloodiest and most horrific war that this nation has seen to date. Neighbor will fight neighbor and where there is no strong unity there will be a deep chasm of division.

Like smoke and mirrors, the true enemy will disguise himself behind the tools of his bloody warfare. Most will not spot his nearly unseen hand at work. A key part of his strategy is never being spotted.

Yet among the division there will be one name that unites. Those who put their trust in this name will stand in solidarity. While violence rages from sea to shining sea, there will be peace among them. Some among these will be caught in the crossfire, but no amount of adversity will shake them from their steadfast position. No amount of violence will keep them from seeking and proclaiming peace.

What is the name that unites them? It is the name of Jesus. His name and His countenance will be lifted as a banner among them. It is the banner of love and although the enemy will rage against it, he will not tear it down. Although he will continue to sow seeds of division among them, they will not take root. In fact, the greater the division in the world, the greater the solidarity of their stance. In a time where mankind is diminished, these will be multiplied.

Like those seeking relief from the sun on a brutally hot day, the church will stand like the only tree in a vast and arid desert. Many will retreat from the relentless heat to find shelter beneath its branches. More importantly, they will discover the root which allows the tree to flourish even as everything around it withers and dies.

Then they too will be grafted in.

Mitch Salmon

Author: Mitch Salmon

Mitch Salmon is a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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Wiley Phipps
Wiley Phipps
July 14, 2016 4:35 PM

Thank you Mitch for both of these posts. i have spent a lot of time thinking about this building anger in our country and how the Good Lord expects me to respond.

Closer to home… I can verify that many of the sleeping sheep are waking up. Unfortunately few are becoming sheepdogs and many are reacting more like a pack of wolves protecting their pups. I keep telling them that they need more food, water, and prayer time… but they just keep buying more guns and ammo. These are good people but they have no concept of the coming judgments.

I often think about the 1965 classic movie “Shenandoah” where the father (Jimmy Stewart) tries to keep his 6 sons and daughter out of the coming civil war. He was a man of God yet the war still overtook his family. Sitting it out wasn’t a viable option.

Quite honestly, in most places, spiritual armor will be rare and out-numbered. I agree that the Good Lord will provide us with spiritual peace and He will even provide spiritual protection to many. My prayer is that I will respond in a way that will not endanger my salvation and be pleasing to God. I know that the enemy will attempt to use pride and honor against me. As Christians… We must all pray for each other as we face the coming judgments.

Kathy Culver
Kathy C
July 14, 2016 5:42 PM

Good word Mitch and Wiley—-Yes sleeping sheep are waking up.
The terrific shootings happened as we drove through downtown Dallas on our way to son’s house . Our son’s Pastor and friend organized prayer for the Pastors in the area to meet before Sun. service for prayer –they were hit hard
by this event! I brought Michael Snyder’s book [ Rapture Verdict] and our son
took it and said he would read it—-praise God –don’t think that he was ready to receive message before this shaking!

I remember a word spoken on Z3 —that stated ” from the Lord ” Don’t
join in the protest in the streets” ! or something similar !
Also from Diana —Look straight in the Face of Jesus –not to the right or the left! Will be praying for my Z3 family , that we indeed be pleasing to
our Father and be used in our particular calling ! May His name be lifted
over our comforts !

Mitch Salmon
July 15, 2016 9:49 AM

I am not going to mention who, but suffice it to say I am speaking of someone in close relation to me. They are a believer (a true believer) but they are also easily caught up on what they perceive are injustices (and they probably are) yet things like diminishing healthcare through Obamacare and the government bankrupting our country are not God’s primary concerns. So we need to be careful where it comes to choosing the “mountain we will die fighting for” so to speak. We need to pick our battles and we cannot be caught up in what is causing/will cause the citizens of this nation to rage. We don’t belong in angry mobs screaming about social injustices… this isn’t even our home. However, we are meant to continue carrying on the Kingdom business where mankind is transgressing against God’s word and His law.

The bottom line is we can’t let emotion rule us in this hour or we will be swept away with the tide of destruction like many others. God bless!

Ken Roberts
Ken Roberts
July 15, 2016 3:54 PM

Christian- American, not American-Christian. I have to remind myself of this. Also a cool song I sang as a youngster that was a lot of fun helps remind me: “This world is not my home, I’m just a passing through. My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue. The angels beckon me to heaven’s open door and I can’t, no I can’t call this home anymore. Sing Hosanna, sing Hosanna, sing Hosanna to the King of Kings.” Anybody remember that old Sunday school song? For those into classic Christian rock, how about Petra’s – “Not of this World?” Ok. I’m showing my age. I’m out. Have a blessed weekend!

Mitch Salmon
July 15, 2016 9:42 AM

Thanks for your thoughts, Wiley. Regarding the peace that will be among God’s people, I believe there are a couple of reasons for it but I also believe there is a tendency for many to mix up the prioritization of these reasons. Yes, God loves His remnant and His word in our hearts and upon our lips will be a huge factor. We will walk in agreement which, frankly, is something new to the church. We can’t even get the First Baptists to sit through a service with the Second Baptists right now!

I believe that all of these things coming to pass will have a dramatic effect on those exposed to them. They will see that there really something “different” about Christ followers. They will not just hear lip service the difference will become apparent. That difference will allow God, in His mercy, to draw them into redemption and salvation.

So while the words I was given are heavy, I always see the “flip side of the coin” so to speak. God isn’t angry in the way that we expect Him to be. He is heartbroken as He watches the continued, almost endless stream of souls entering into an eternity of damnation. So, while many may die by the sword, many more will find eternal salvation in Christ Jesus our LORD.

Thanks again for your comments, brother.

Diana Pulliam
Diana Pulliam
July 14, 2016 6:04 PM

Thank you for this true summation of what we’re witnessing. It’s hard to watch, and we need to be careful to not focus on it too much, or can find ourselves getting emotionally involved in the mess. I know myself, I’m trying to just skim the “news” so I’m obedient to “watch that I’m not caught unaware.” I can tell right away when I need to switch my focus, because instead of joy and peace, I start feeling anger and stress…
God Bless!

Mitch Salmon
July 15, 2016 10:39 AM

The changing of our disposition is the spiritual canary set to warn of the poison early on. You are right to take heed. We have to guard ourselves against such things or they will overtake us.

It is here we find the peace that surpasses understanding which will guard our hearts.

Ken Roberts
Ken Roberts
July 15, 2016 3:42 PM

Excellent, excellent word, Mitch! Very relatable to the word so many prophets and watchmen have received.

Peggy A.
July 14, 2016 7:00 PM

Song “At the Name of Jesus” composed by Cindy Berry
(4 minutes)
(with some acting out of the words)

(Part of Mitch’s post reminded me of this song.)