“A great separation is about to take place between those who have, are, and want to profess My name.”

The remaining days of relative peace are few (Matthew 10:34). Many will be caught off guard and vulnerable to the enemy, the accuser of their souls (Revelation 12:10). In that time, a time of chaos, I will cause My Bride to rise (Revelation 2:25-26).

The time of hate is at the gate. A decision is on the horizon for those who profess My name (Matthew 10:22). A stern and firm decision will be made that will either draw them closer to Me or farther away from Me (Joshua 24:15). Declare it to all you know. Let it be known that I AM the Lord of ALL, I AM that I AM will cause My people to come unto Me (Romans 10:11-13).

Those who have continually rejected My Holy Spirit will find themselves bereft and confused in the days ahead (1 Thessalonians 4:8). Then, many will turn from Me because of the coming darkness, having never believed My word, embraced the Comforter and Counselor, and have merely known My Son, only intellectually (2 Thess. 2:3). Let it be known that ample time has been granted for them to come unto Me, they are without excuse (2 Pet. 3:8-9).

These are those who having ears, have not heard (Mark 8:17-18). They have hearts full of themselves, and have rejected fully trusting Me in times of relative peace and abundance (Luke 18:8-9). Their lack of trust in Me has left them rootless, grounded-less, and unattached to Me in their souls (Mark 4:17). They have never renewed their minds in the only hope of humanity, My word, the Holy Scriptures (Romans 12:2). These will soon hate all that call on Me, all who speak of Me, and anyone who reflects My glory (Proverbs 26:23-25).

A great separation is about to take place between those who have, are, and want to profess My name (Joel 3:14). My name is salvation which is inseparable from transformation through regeneration (Titus 3:5). My name is a refuge and strong fortress for all who genuinely know Me (Proverbs 14:26). Those who continue to have a form of godliness will become envious of those who carry My glory (2 Timothy 3:2-5). Those who will carry My glory have carried their cross (Luke 9:23-27). They have endured like a good soldier. They have counted the cost, persevered through many years by continual and unshaken faith in Me. These will not see the same  afflictions of the seeker friendly Christians (Proverbs 11:3).

The tide of unity is about to fall into total un-submission to Me (2 Peter 2:1). A sharp shift will soon be evident in the call of unity. Stand fast in Me when the rise of the one call to the one church gains power in society (Colossians 1:2-23). These know Me not (Hosea 5:7). These are the empty and vain philosophies giving way to doctrines of demons (Colossians 2:8). The ears of many have indeed been tickled with untruths (2 Timothy 4:3-5).

Stand fast oh Church of the Lamb, the Holy Bride and remnant of Mine. Stand fast in Me, the end of all things is fast approaching (Ephesians 6:13-18). Ensure you will be found in Me, no matter the cost of lost human commodities, which has ensnared many into a life of apathy (1 John 2:15). This life is your temporary place of residence (Philippians 3:20). Eternal life is where your citizenship lies, incorruptible and un-tainted because of the perfect sacrifice provided for humanity (1 Peter 1:3-7).

Secure your place with Me by fully trusting in Me for your every need when the one church rises to a short lived place of authority in society (Mark 3:26). Church of Mine, My Bride, you must fully trust only in Me to remain in peace in the days ahead (1 John 2:28).

Ivette Ellis

Author: Ivette Ellis

Ivette, also known as Eve, is a prophetic scribe and author. In her role as a prophetic psalmist since 2005, and now as an aspiring harpist, she, like Elisha, hear’s “But now, bring me a harpist. And while the harpist played, the hand of the Lord came upon Elisha.” (2 Kings 3:15) Her website, songbirdscribe.com, is a place of healing and a resource for all who are seeking Jehovah God’s peace. She holds a Bachelor of Ministry degree from Safe Harbor Institute located in Georgia, and a Master of Social Work degree from The University of Alabama. Having overcome chronic grief, her book, Whisper to Us: Hope for Change and Recovery, is a resource for all who desire emotional and spiritual healing.

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Marilee Alm
Marilee Alm
August 23, 2018 7:33 AM

Wow, I need to print this and study it.. Very in depth, do not pass over this word lightly.. Blessings to all, thank you Lord and Ivette for sharing this crucial word.

Lydia Hodge
August 25, 2018 11:10 AM

This is a timely word that addresses where we are as a church. The Lord has showed me also that there is going to be a day of decision where the church will be confronted with the truth and will have to choose. So many are riding the fence of indecision. They are half heartedly serving him and that just won’t do. He is merciful and will indeed raise up a voice of separation to call his people to repentance and to serve him with their whole heart. Those that reject the words and choose to remain lukewarm will find themselves joining hands with others of their kind and they will join hands with Islam as well and totally reject the testimony of Jesus being the only way truth and life. This apostasy comes before the man of sin is revealed. He will ride this wave of apostasy to power and exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god. We see signs all around of this unification of religions. It is rising swiftly and at the chosen time it will indeed come together and stand as a sharp contrast against the true remnant of God. We will overcome by the blood of the Lamb, and by the Word of our testimony and by not loving our lives unto the death.

Daniel Steinmann
August 25, 2018 3:18 AM

Dear Ivette, thank you for the powerful word. You may want to double check your scripture references though,

Declare it to all you know. Let it be known that I AM the Lord of ALL, I AM that I AM will cause My people to come unto Me (Romans 10:11-13).

From the Greek, the literal translation of Romans 10: 11 to 13 is as follows:
11. Says thus the writing, Everyone the believing in him not will be embarrassed.
12. Not, therefore, are distinction of Jews or also of Hellenes (Greeks), the, therefore, same lord of all, of abundance in all of the outcallers him.
13. Everyone, thus, whoever will call out the name of the lord will be saved.

The official Nestle translation reads:
11. The scripture says, No one who believes in him will be put to shame.
12. For their is no distinction between Jew and Greek; the same Lord is Lord of all and bestows his riches upon all who call upon him.
13. For every one who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.

In Hebrew, I am, (eheje) is the hillel form of haja (to be). It is the duplication, eheje eheje that is usually translated as I am (what) I am.

I do not see that in the Greek.
I have not checked any of your other references.