Say Goodbye to the American Woman


On 5/25/15, I dreamed I and a couple others were playing a game of war with fake rifles. We were playing a fun game of war running through the yard. Then I didn’t have my rifle and had to wrestle two kids from their toy rifles before they would fake shoot me with them.

One of the kids I knew. His name is Nehemiah. So I managed to thrust their guns away from them with my arm and then proceeded to fun wrestle Nehemiah to the ground to fake choke him, but suddenly, real blood started rapidly flowing out of his entire head, neck and chest area. Then we stopped in shock, as the fun game of war, by our surprise, turned to blood.

The lyrics of the song American Woman, by the Guess Who, were playing throughout this dream. So when I woke up I was singing these words, which I believe are the key to understanding the dream.

“American Woman, get away from me-hee.
I don’t need your war machine.
I don’t need your ghetto scene.
Colored lights can hypnotize,
Sparkle someone else’s eyes….
Gotta go gotta get away,
Now go go go, gonna leave you woman,
Gonna leave you woman,
Bye bye bye bye….you’re no good for me,
I’m no good for you,
Gonna look you right in the eye,
Tell ya what I’m gonna do,
You know I’m gonna leave,
You know I’m gonna go,
I’m gonna leave you woman.”


When I awoke, I thought it was just a fluke of a dream, but hours later, in prayer, still remembering the details of the dream, God began to give me interpretation.

The game of war with rifles represents a real war that is coming. America is going to turn from fun and games to rapid blood in war.

American culture is consumed with fun and games, but the fun game of war is soon going to end in terrible horror. The fun is going to turn to blood. The sudden shock we were experiencing is prophetic as the American people won’t believe what’s happening to them until the blood begins to flow. This is a warning to America that the game of war is gonna turn real on American soil with civil war leading into WW3.

The boy Nehemiah, whom I was choking the blood out of, also represented the prophet of restoration to Israel, but we as a nation are choking the blood out of Nehemiah, what could have been the restoration of our nation. We are like Israel, belittling God’s prophets, choking the blood out of them. So too, will the blood of America spill in war because we have chosen fun, pleasure and ignore-ance over the safety of the knowledge of God and His correction.

This is also a message to parents that if we don’t leave this nation and get out, if we don’t leave the “American Woman”, some of our children’s blood is going to be choked out of them from the war coming, after economic collapse and civil war, when the WW3 prophecies of invasion come. (note, economic crash is different than economic collapse. Discern the difference)

We must prepare to leave the “American Woman”, before the totality of the collapse comes. Otherwise, our children will die in this land by the hand of war. To God, we are seen as playing games, but in a short time, real blood is going to flow and many children in this nation are going to die. Get in prayer now and ask God what you are to do to leave the American Woman or at least hunker down in a very rural hidden off the grid land in the middle parts of the country with supplies.

This is real people! WW3 is coming to American Soil and God has backed this message through this very strong testimony. We are without excuse for not believing!

Father Yah, help us to make plans to leave the country at the right time, or get to a safe place! Help us to realize, if we are in Christ, then we ultimately win, but you prefer the better, for us to live and continue to bear witness of your kingdom to come. You will raise us in glory, but we need a place of safety! Help us prepare that in Jesus mighty name! Amen

In Christ, Weather

Bill Weather

Author: Bill Weather

Bill Weather is a teacher, worship leader, college campus evangelist,
saved out of the Grateful Dead in 1987, by hearing the audible voice
of Christ. In 2010, Bill was severely tested by the enemy with a false
prophecy, but soon after, was rewarded with over 50 dreams and visions
at his web site,, to prepare whosoever would have ears to hear. Bill is now pursuing a Joseph type ministry in these last days for ministering to missions and missionaries.

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Diane B
January 7, 2017 3:35 PM

This is a confirmation of a dream I had, where a demon (disguised as my deceased sister at first) Said, “What you sow, so shall you reap. Your ‘entertainment’ will become reality. You have not protected your children, so you shall witness their destruction. Your children have no restraints because you have none.This generation is mine and there is nothing you can do.” I replied, ” I can pray in the name of Jesus Christ!” Then ‘it’ left.

April 20, 2016 12:59 AM

I am praying and seeking God for him to send someone holy and righteous in the Lord to help me on my farm to leave the Babylon system and prepare for the coming of the Lord and WW3. We will serve the Lord, be a prophetic warning to others to lead them to the safe haven for Jesus Christ and help and strengthen one another to survive these times as the scriptures would indicate. Please contact me at barnabaslive at gmail dot com . I am in Oregon in the mountains as the Lord has led me here. i praise and thank HIS HOLY NAME!

April 18, 2016 11:41 PM

Dear z3, I to have had dreams, visions as foretold in the bible. Dreams and visions of souls ascending from their graves, souls on there way to eternal life also foretold in scripture. I be-leave this is the promise that Jesus spoke. In other dreams, I stood at the gate of hell with a long line of people a mist, behind a door. it was my job to separate the people. left = back to the beginning of the line or right to heaven. Ever so often I would run across someone that I would have to escort through the door to my rear. The lord Jesus allowed me to be saint Peter for a few seconds to prove his love for me. truly, David.

Jennifer Vertesi
April 3, 2016 5:55 PM

Read Revelation 3,14-19.
Speaks of the Laodicean Church Age, which is now, the woman representing the condition of the church,
especially the American lukewarm church; the keyword in the Bible verse is: “and knowest not”.
She’s blind, naked, wretched,miserable, poor, but does not know it! Can there be anything more pitiful, when someone is in this condition, and yet completely unaware!
Blessing to you and your family!

April 3, 2016 7:16 PM

Thanks Jennifer. I’m looking forward to re-reading Revelation 3:14-19. The description certainly fits the woman in my dream. Blessings to you and yours as well.

April 3, 2016 10:59 AM

Thanks Steve for your insight and vision regarding this dream. It is just more confirmation to me. Blessings to you brother….

steve oeck
steve oeck
April 3, 2016 10:15 AM

Jamie, my heart is still stinging from the imagery of this vivid and descriptive dream.
I see only the very obvious here, I am sure others will see with much more detail and clarity.
Yes, this dream does in fact depict “the American woman” and what has already occurred to our social and economic structure.
We are already in the emergency room as a nation, but still oblivious to the extent of the injuries and subsequent pain that must follow.
The bathing suits of course speak to the lack of morality which was a key to the downfall “crash”.
The injury affecting the lower portion of her body (Legs- ability to move forward) refers in part to the horrific economic damage that will immobilize this country for a season.
I would expect this dream to have multiple applications, likely to the nominal church as well as to the “American Woman”

April 3, 2016 9:39 AM
I would also like to share a couple dreams I had some months ago that might connect to the American woman. I have been apprehensive in sharing them with anyone other then my wife and mother as they aren’t very positive and I felt I would be scorned for being a “doom and gloomer” but I feel comfortable in sharing them on this site especially if they are helpful to the body of Christ as a whole. I do not dream much and most of the time when I do I don’t remember very much. I did not journal these dreams I’m about to share so I don’t have specific dates of when I dreamed them but they were probably within the last 6 or 7 months. There are parts I do remember vividly that may speak to the condition of our nation or the church at large. Moving forward I will begin to journal my dreams as I’m beginning to understand the importance of doing so. Ok so in 1 of the 2 dreams I was in a hospital and I’m pretty sure it was the ER. I’m not sure why I was there but as I was standing there waiting an ambulance arrived and rushed in a group of young people (probably 20 to 30 range) and they were all in their bathing suits. I knew in the dream they were out boating or jet sking and partying with drugs and alcohol prior to coming to the hospital. The reason they were there is because one of the young persons, a woman, was involved in a bad accident (maybe boating or jet sking accident) while on the water and the majority of her lower body (legs) was burned really really bad. in the dream as they were in… Read more »
April 3, 2016 4:45 AM

Thanks everybody for their replies. Have a blessed day!

Kathy Culver
April 2, 2016 11:52 PM

I will Amen your Amen Sharon to James—-the real coin has to sides!
When we first moved to this area—-The Holy Spirit Moved in a WORD from the Lord in me ,
at orderly time in the service—-and I was fairly new to the Church—HAD ME SAY –TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES
THIS IS HOLY GROUND AND THERE WILL BE A GREAT SHAKING , made a motion like a rug shaken under your feet! Well!!! Hard times , darkness , judgement, repentance shaking —-Babylon are words never spoken
of when we do attend! YOU are so right on They say “Where’s the revival”? Now if my dear sweet sisters say this , they look over at me and shake their heads and say ” I KNOW KC –THE SHAKING FIRST!!!

April 3, 2016 10:05 AM

I don’t dream much, but when I do I only remember one part and then i wake up. A few days ago i had one and the only thing I remember is sitting in my living room relaxed with my feet up. All of a sudden the ground started to shake and roll. I felt no fear but only said It has started, hello God with a smile in my heart. I live in Minnesota and have never experienced a earth quake in MN.

Robert Adolph
Robert Adolph
April 3, 2016 10:18 AM

Shelley, there have many messages like yours. Remember how SUDDENLY 9-11 occurred? What if Deutsche Bank closed it’s doors? Even secular people are half expecting something big to happen. This explains the Trump and Sanders popularity.

Sharon Savage
Sharon Savage
April 2, 2016 9:41 PM

Amen, James!