The Glory of God is Coming Like the Waters Cover the Sea

In a dream on the morning of June 10 2017, I discovered humans can breathe underwater. We had not realized it before because everyone believed it was impossible, so we did not even try, but it was possible all along.

I was excited by the great new possibilities because anyone who was willing could now go out into the ocean floor and lay claim to the land and it would be theirs, like the old pioneer days. It was so easy, all we had to do was go out there and claim it.

I went to my house and told some of my friends about it and they got as excited as I was. We started making plans to go out there. I also met with a larger group of Christians and explained the opportunity to them. It seemed to go well, but later when I was in the basement of my home, a man entered upstairs intending to stop me and the others. I knew he had a gun, but I was well prepared to handle him. I grabbed my machine gun and waited for a confrontation, but there was none.

My friends and I went out as a group exploring the bottom of the ocean. Amazingly, it looked like beautiful country land with green fields and rolling hills. We did not swim or float through the water, but walked along the bottom following trails that someone had already made there. Breathing and moving around was just as easy there as on land. Occasionally, we came across large industrial buildings, which let us know we were not the first ones to discover these places. Many others had gone before us, taking advantage of this great secret, but somehow it had remained a secret. I marveled at some of the businesses we saw because they were quite large with many vehicles and buildings and industrial type structures. I did not see any people around, but it was evident they had been there. That was the end of the dream.


I believe my discovery represented the revelation of secret mysteries from God, mysteries that would make the impossible possible, even defying natural laws, mysteries that have been hidden for many centuries, but are now being revealed to our generation, especially new insights into the knowledge of God. Our generation will see the book of Revelation fulfilled, the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, concluding with the invisible God making Himself visible for all to see, the sign of the Son of man appearing in heaven and the Son of man returning in the clouds. (Matthew 24:30)

My friends were those who were willing to believe and receive these secret insights. Many were willing to hear about it, but only a few were willing to venture out into the deep with me. Those who were willing got excited because they saw amazing things coming.

The man with the gun intending to stop me represented Christians who will resist this new move of God’s spirit, like so many other religious hypocrites have resisted every previous move of God’s spirit, including the Pharisees who resisted the ministry of the Lord Jesus. They thought they were serving God, but they were fighting against Him. The man was unable to stop me even though he had a gun because I had a far more powerful weapon, a machine gun, which represented a higher power, the power of God moving in my behalf.

Great secrets awaited those who were willing to venture into the deep and take possession. That was all that was required, but few were willing to go, so the secret things remained hidden from them. God required action from those who wanted to partake as a way of separating those who were hungry for Him from those who were not.

Those of us who were willing to venture out were surprised by how easy it was to breath and move, as easy as anything we had ever done. This realm we thought was impossible was not only possible, but easy! It was far more beautiful than we imagined, with green fields and rolling hills, showing how the beauty of the Lord will far surpass our wildest imagination.

We thought we were the original pioneers, going where no one had gone before, but we discovered a trail had already been blazed by others who came before us. We did not see any of those earlier pioneers because they were no longer there, but lived in earlier generations. God has always had a remnant of faithful followers who pressed into the deeper realms as they hungered to know Him more. Although they discovered secret things, they were not allowed to share them. The prophet Daniel was one of them. He saw and heard great mysteries, but was not allowed to write them because they were not for his time, but were reserved for our generation, so the angel Gabriel told him, “Shut up the words and seal the book even to the time of the end.” (Daniel 12:4) Even so, Daniel saw and heard and knew things we have yet to discover.

The Apostle Paul was another one. He was caught up to the third heaven, into paradise, where he heard unspeakable words, which are not lawful for a man to utter. So, the secret things he discovered were not passed down to us, but must be rediscovered by whoever is willing to follow the same trail he followed. (2 Corinthians 12:1-4)

The Prophet Habakkuk was another one. He saw a day coming when the whole earth would be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord like waters covering the sea. (Habakkuk 2:14) I believe my dream revealed how that will happen. A righteous remnant will believe what others refuse to believe. They will venture into the deep things of God to take possession of what others refuse to go and take. They will persevere even when others try to stop them. Their hearts will be enlarged as the abundance of the sea is given to them, which will enable them to display the glory of God for all the world to see, demonstrating it through great works of power, but also through great abundance, as shown by the great businesses we saw in the deep. Then our sons and daughters who have strayed far away from God will see and believe and return to Him. (Isaiah 60:4-5)

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is a blogger, business owner, husband and father of two grown children. In 1982, he surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. In 2012, he founded to broadcast the message of salvation by reporting end time news before it happens.

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Expat Gal
Expat Gal
June 12, 2017 4:35 AM

Welcome back James! Hope your vacation was restful – body & soul. You were missed! 😊

Thank you for this encouraging word! As a water enthusiast (scuba, snorkel, sailing, swimming, etc.), I loved the visual image your dream brought to mind. For those that have never scuba dived, underwater is one of the most peaceful places I have ever experienced. You hear only your breathing through the regulator.

After reading Sujit’s dream, I love that there might be places of refuge for Christians. I know I am not ready for the deep darkness that exists in some people & the hatred they feel towards God & His people. Since I read your dream & Sujit’s dreams back-to-back, I also thought your dream could mean that God will offer supernatural shelter to His people in the days ahead. The Elites will have their DUMBs (deep underground military bases) & we will have “our ocean floors”.

I already feel this is happening as those of us that have “awoken”, are being shown more & more about the world in which we live. I regularly learn of new ways the Elites attempt to hide God from the masses & have thought we should create a list of all the deceptions being used by the enemy to help others see how this world really is a full out battle for a person’s soul between Satan & God. Praise God we know who ultimately wins but how many souls will Satan succeed in taking to the pits of hell through “a lack of knowledge” as Scripture warns?

Bonnie paasch
Bonnie paasch
June 12, 2017 10:59 AM

I felt the same thing as I read the dream as far as us being hidden. I have often felt that our property will b a refuge and that God will keep it hidden from those who would cause harm. I also feel that a lot of other people will be here too. A couple weeks ago the Lord laid it on my heart to walk the entire 700 acres and pray the blood of Jesus over every boundary. There are canyons and mountains and I am not that young any more so it was not an easy task. Also being covered by water gives me the same sense as being sheltered under God’s wings.

Gary F
Gary F
June 12, 2017 10:05 AM

Blessings Expat Gal. Thank you for your insightful commentary relating to James’ post. I agree that these evil plans should be exposed to the greatest extent possible. This excerpt ( from “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skouse is including in the Congressional Record (1963) revealing 45 steps to Communism in America. After reading through this list, it becomes clear that the plan to destroy the traditional family structure (among other things) was strategically and methodically put in place -and has just about been accomplished.

For anyone that might be intersted, a few other interesting sources that help to reveal these plans over the past 50+ years include Saul Alinsky’s book ‘Rules for Radicals’ and the teachings of Cloward & Piven that promote the NWO strategy of creating chaos by ‘overwhelming the system’ – through inciting violence, false flags, riots, economic collapse, open borders, geopolitical tensions, etc.

The reality is that these plans have been in place since the time of Adam and Eve however I agree that as we quickly approach the last of days, knowledge, wisdom and discernment concerning these details and schemes can be useful as we labour to bring in the harvest.

June 14, 2017 2:33 AM

That article you shared is just sic and wicked! You just see it happening now…
There are a lot more of these “agenda’s” we do and don’t know to come to a NWO.
But God is always in control, these things have to happen to fulfill bible prophecy, but we really need to be at our knees to be with God.

Todd Henderson
June 13, 2017 1:52 AM

I like the idea of having a list. We should use the world of God (Bible) for new believers but for those Christians who are “believers” and asleep I think a list would be a good tool. I would be willing to help if you want to really start to compile a list. Email me

June 13, 2017 4:07 PM

As well as you I love the thought of getting to see more of God’s creation underneath the ocean floors. Not ever have I gotten to do or even afford to the expense of getting to experience some of the things such as snorkelling etc. Just going to the coast and seeing the ocean waves and playing jumping the waves. I got to go Sea World. And I actually cried when Shamu was done with his show. Just to see the beauty of the things God created. I cannot wait to get in and play with the dolphins and go cruising on the whales….And seeing life underneath the water. There is so much more of his creation…We can’t even fathom what’s to come in his Kingdom. Oh..Just all of us t need to endure to the end…And we will be truly blessed what God has for institute for us. (Heb.10:36–Mt:10:22)

Sujit Thomas
June 12, 2017 6:09 AM


When I read the introductory lines of your post, I actually thought that during your recent beach vacation, you’d discovered that you could breathe underwater for real! And why not? The scripture actually says that everything is possible for the one who believes.

Krista West
June 12, 2017 10:09 AM

I thought the same thing at first. 🙂

June 12, 2017 10:54 PM

I’ve seen video of spirit possessed people breathing water like a fish. They must be gently taken out of the trance-like state or they drown. Probably a counterfeit manifestation of the real experience (of GOD). Job 38:16
“Have you journeyed to the springs of the SEA or WALKED in the recesses of the DEEP?

James Backwards
June 12, 2017 12:17 PM

Halleluyah! I’m starting to feel like the Lord is using His one big church to communicate with all of us…just like He did with His people in the first century, giving them dreams and visions and prophecies and tongues…because how can two meet together except by appointment?

A loving sister in Christ named Jo Laverne contacted me on Youtube last week with a dream. In her dream she was a ship captain or pilot, but the ship floated on the clouds of heaven instead of the seas of earth. She received instruction to direct her ship to the top of God’s Mountain, and when she got there she unloaded a bag of white fish (Isaiah 2).

Her dream really got to me because the week prior the Lord literally called me James “Helmsman” (the Lord always gets my attention by saying “James” repeatedly, but He plays around with the last names in order to convey whatever message). I understood that I am called to navigate a ship through seas of Living Water for the Lord, because there is going to be a massive outpouring of God’s Spirit on the earth soon.

It is highly likely that the your underwater breathing is directly connected. It was most probably “Living Water” you were breathing after all… And those who had discovered this and erected buildings before you were the Apostles of Jesus…

Let the Holy Presence of our Lord increase! The Second Advent of Christ is going to be magnificent; and I am so excited!


June 12, 2017 5:18 AM

Thank you, James, for this post. I am overwhelmed as it answers some questions I had put to the Lord just this morning. Thank you – thank you. You can’t imagine how much this blessed me and encouraged me. God bless you richly.

Robin Benoit
Robin Benoit
June 12, 2017 6:54 AM

Welcome back James. You were missed. Love this glory dream. I too had a water dream recently! The Holy Spirit comfirms his message through multiple people! He never ceases to amaze me! If you are interested in the dream, please check out my blog….

June 12, 2017 1:10 PM

Hey James…Welcome back…You are part of my mornings as I pray and get my mornings off in the presence of the Lord.
Some how some way I had found your website a year ago this time. My only guess is the Lord led me here.
I just want to share that I had a dream a few years ago. That I was in water. I want to say maybe it was river. I just recall being in deep and all of sudden I found myself breathing.
I was so in awe…I remember thinking that one day this will be that we will be able to experience being beneath the depths of water and will be able to breath there.
It’s only been past two years that I realized about dreams can be of God. So I don’t think I had written it down in my journaling.
Just want to share….It’s interesting the dreams that are from the Lord stay imprinted in our minds. I’ve learned so much from this website of yours…And grateful for you and all the other brothers and sisters that share!!
Love and prayers to you!!

June 12, 2017 9:15 AM

James, this is so interesting because I’ve been seeing a lot of water in dreams, ocean waves and it’s like the tide is rising or something. Anyway, this peaked my interest when i saw the title of this article! Thanks for sharing! Hope you had a wonderful vacation!

Kathy C
June 12, 2017 9:15 AM

James–welcome back !
You went on vacation with expectations to hear from God and you did !
He is such a faithful Father –calling us higher –to walk with Him in heavenly
places- Now!
As the ground floor of the ocean is as low as we could go in one aspect ,
the ” feeling comfortable ” there is walking in the supernatural and training for
the harvest in places we have not been before .
Recently our prayer group has been set on fire by the Lord answering
prayers in unexpected ways that are blowing our minds to a new level !
Agree with you —we have to take action—talk about a faith step out of the
boat——-this is way out of the boat ! Bless you James and thank you
Father God !

June 12, 2017 6:51 AM

It is interesting that pyramids have been found on the ocean floor.

Matt NZ
Matt NZ
June 13, 2017 4:30 AM