Eyewitness Reveals Horrors of What Really Happened in Charlottesville

The following testimony is from an eyewitness of the protests in Charlottesville VA on August 12, describing the horrors of what really happened and completely contradicting the fake news stories reported by the mainstream news media.

The eyewitness is a woman. She is not from Charlottesville, but was there on a temporary work assignment, completely unrelated to any protests. She has chosen to conceal her identity, which I believe is wise considering the violence. She shared her story with her personal friend, Charles Patrick, who recorded and published their conversation in the 38-minute video shown at the bottom of this post. I transcribed their conversation below in hopes of helping it go viral so the real criminals can be held accountable for their crimes.

Charles Patrick: “How long were you in Charlottesville before this riot thing happened?

Eyewitness: “I was here starting on my second week. Where I work is just a few minutes from Charlottesville, so we would go every day to Charlottesville for lunch. And this one restaurant I guess is a particular town favorite, so there were a lot of people, you know, in the restaurant. It was just like every descent restaurant fills up for lunch. And there were people out because there are little shops and stuff around there. And they were having, like at lunch, they were having discussions about the vote that had just taken place and had been overturned. You know, we were sitting real close to these people. We can hear their conversations, so we kind of get involved. I try to take in my little bit of culture, you know, when I travel for work, and we had found out that just a couple of months prior they had a vote in town on whether to take down the statue or not. And the town had voted 80 to 20 to leave the statue up.”

Charles Patrick: “Wait a minute. The town voted 80 to 20 to leave the statues up, right?”

Eyewitness: “Correct.”

Charles Patrick: “Now this town is a mixture of black and white votes, correct?

Eyewitness: “Yes, and both black and white voted on both sides of the fence.”

Charles Patrick: “So blacks voted to keep it up and blacks voted to take it down. Whites voted to keep it up and whites voted to take it down. Correct?”

Eyewitness: “Yes, we, you know, cause we were going up there every day for the week leading up to the riot. So, you know, we had different conversations and the girl that was with me, we would walk up and down the street and she would show me like your day off, you need to go visit here at this cute little shop. You know, and we met different people, we talked to different people and we met several people that were highly involved in the vote. And the town was going to have like an open forum, like with fifty or sixty people because the vote had been overturned by the city council.

Charles Patrick: “Wait a minute. Wait a minute.”

Eyewitness: “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I leave that out?”

Charles Patrick: “City council overturned the vote, the 80 to 20 vote?”

Eyewitness: “Yes.”

Charles Patrick: “So, the people voted to keep the statue up and city council overturned that vote.”

Eyewitness: “Correct. We go in there on Saturday and we get there about 11:00 o’clock and it’s the typical scene. You know, a little (people) more than normal, younger people out because it’s Saturday and they don’t work Saturday. So, we get there at about 11 o’clock and you know there’s kids and there’s old people and then, you know, a bunch of us that work out there and come out there for lunch so there’s our crowd and we are mixed in and we see people, pretty much the same people having lunch, black, white, sitting at the same table.”

Charles Patrick: “Okay, stop. Now in this restaurant for days before, up until then, people are sitting in the restaurant, black and white, no arguments, no fights. Correct?”

Eyewitness: “That’s absolutely correct. Yeah, but it wasn’t just that. Outside the restaurant too, where the shops and stuff were.”

Charles Patrick: “Okay, so all over town.”

Eyewitness: “Yeah, from what I could see in my line of sight, I can’t speak for the rest of the county, but…

Charles Patrick: “Did you see black and white people fighting every day?”

Eyewitness: “There was no fighting. There wasn’t even raised voices. There were people having, they were laughing and joking. There were some tables where you could tell that they were having some serious discussions, but no one got out of character. Okay, so we get there at about 11 o’clock and them um, you know,  it’s pretty busy, so it took a little bit for our waitress to get over there and just about the time she comes up, I don’t think she even got her name out, but it was the same waitress we had all week. One of the guys that had been in and all around the town, or around the area of the restaurant, where we had been all week, he banged on, he was outside the restaurant, and he banged on the glass. And it was pretty loud, so everybody just stopped. And of course, everybody looked up and these buses started pulling up.”

Charles Patrick: “Okay so this guy who was banging on the glass, you’ve seen him before. Correct?”

Eyewitness: “Oh yeah, I had seen him probably three of the six days three or four of the six days.”

Charles Patrick: “Why was he banging on the glass?”

Eyewitness: “Yeah, he banged on the window and cracked the door in and motioned like for all of us to look out, you know, pointed at the buses. I could see six of them, but the building cut off part of the road, which was across, not really a street because it’s a pedestrian only area, but it was on the other side of that, on the opposite side.

Charles Patrick: “What color were these buses.”

Eyewitness: “They were like a dark charcoal gray. I didn’t notice any writing, but you know there was some trees and people and stuff in between us and the buses so, I mean I didn’t see any names, but I know they were all the same.

Charles Patrick: “The buses were all the same. I know you told me earlier they were like back to back, like bumper-to-bumper.”

Eyewitness: “Yeah, bumper-to-bumper, like when school buses all follow each other to an out-of-town football game. You know, they followed each other like, so they don’t change lanes, they were going bumper-to-bumper.

Charles Patrick: “I understand what you’re saying. They were together.”

Eyewitness: “Yes, so they pull up and my first thought is it’s a tour because I had been finding out about the history of the town and thought it’s a pretty interesting town. You know, there’s some rich culture here. Maybe there’s, I don’t know, a tour going on. You know, like old people go to Vegas together, you know.

Charles Patrick: “So, it’s a tourist town. So when you seen the buses, it was like a tourist bus?”

Eyewitness: “Yeah, that’s what I thought, it was like a charter bus. You know, the University of Virginia is here too so, it could have been for anything. So, everybody in the restaurant, I mean you could hear a cricket, everybody was just looking. So you could tell that the town, the locals were not used to seeing something like that. And I mean within, I want to say 10 or 15 seconds, people came running off the bus and just flooded the place. I don’t care what anybody says and I don’t care if anybody believes me, but these people came off that bus ready to, I don’t know work, ready to fight. They had on helmets. They had on kneepads and elbow pads and face guards and mouthpieces and purses and bags and backpacks full of things, carrying…

Charles Patrick: “Hold on. Were these all white people getting off the bus?”

Eyewitness: “No, no, no, no. There were just as many black people as there were white people getting off the same buses. There were just as many women as there were men.

Charles Patrick: “So, white people, black people, men and women got off the bus, is what you’re telling me. Right?”

Eyewitness: “Got off the SAME bus. I even saw some people carrying, you know those shields that police men use for riots that you see on videos and stuff, there were people carrying those off the bus.

Charles Patrick: “Really?”

Eyewitness: “Yes.”

Charles Patrick: “Now, these black and white people that got off the bus. Are these the ones that had on T-shirts?”

Eyewitness: “There was T-shirts. There was emblems. Now I don’t recognize all the different groups that are out there. The ones that I know of are BLM, Black Lives Matter, the KKK.”

Charles Patrick: “Now, you’ve seen these emblems, is what you’re saying?”

Eyewitness: “Yeah, I did and not just one or two. Everybody on those buses that came off those buses had something on there that caught my attention. ‘Oh my God, that’s the KKK. Oh my God, that’s the BLM.”

Charles Patrick: “Wait a minute. You’re telling me that Black Lives Matter and the KKK got off the same damn bus.”

Eyewitness: “Yeah, but wait a minute. Wait a minute. I think I might have left something out. Those people I was talking about who were having those civilized conversations in the restaurant and in the town, they were also BLM. Um, I didn’t see any KKK or anything like that, but after seeing the people you could tell, or they would even offer up the information that they were affiliated or associated or in the KKK or some other Arian, whatever, but they were having conversations with each other.”

Charles Patrick: “You’re saying that in the restaurants, Black Lives Matter and the KKK were having civil conversations?”

Eyewitness: “Yes, they were! They were talking like you and I are talking.

Charles Patrick: “Now, when everybody disembarked the buses, what happened then.”

Eyewitness: “Well um, there was a couple of men in the restaurant that kind of let us all back to the back door, which led into the alley. And a lot of us had parked there in the alley, but there was, I want to say, probably 20 or 30 of us. We went out the back door because the people from the buses were coming from the front. And they weren’t walking. They weren’t skipping. They were full on running and screaming and throwing things. I mean they came off the bus angered and running to do damage.”

Charles Patrick: “So what were they throwing? What do you mean?”

Eyewitness: “Well, the one that almost got me and a few people around me, it was like a 20-ounce Sprite bottle that had concrete in it. I have never, who does that? They were throwing everything they could get their hands on. They had like condoms and balloons filled with, I don’t know if it was horse manure, which is very common around here.

Charles Patrick: “Wait a minute. They had condoms and balloons with feces in it?”

Eyewitness: “It was filled with crap and I don’t know what else, but I know it stunk like nothing I had ever smelled before.

Charles Patrick: “So somebody was carrying around 20-ounce bottles of Sprite with concrete in it and feces, getting off the bus. And feces in balloons?”

Eyewitness: “Yes, they had pepper spray and mace. The people that were sitting next to me in the restaurant was the sweetest old man. He was there having lunch with his granddaughter, his great granddaughter, who was seven. And she was so in love with her grandpa. And when we were going out the back of the restaurant, the man was trying really hard to keep his granddaughter from seeing what was going on because it all happened so fast. We didn’t have time to think or react or nothing. But you could tell, everybody was scared, but you could tell that there were people trying to stay calm because there were a lot of kids with a lot of old people that couldn’t move real fast too. So, things just started coming out of the air, I mean just hit the ground around us and everything. This old man was trying to stay over the top of his granddaughter. And me and I’m trying to cover him and his granddaughter.”

Charles Patrick: “So you were next to them?”

Eyewitness: “Yeah, we were arm in arm. We were holding people while we were walking, right?. We’re walking very fast I guess you would say because we were trying not to scare the kids, You know?”

Charles Patrick: “Because there were a lot of kids, right?”

Eyewitness: “Yeah, I want to say there were maybe eight or nine kids under the age of, I want to say 10 or 12. And there were a few older kids like teenagers.”

Charles Patrick: “The people throwing feces in concrete didn’t give a damn, right?

Eyewitness: “They had zero interest in who was getting hit or hurt. It was like they couldn’t see us as people because I can’t imagine that another human would treat another human like that.

Charles Patrick: “I’m sorry to make you relive this. Damn.”

Eyewitness: “It’s really the way, um, one of those, well, we seen something fly and one of the guys that was at the table next to us, was on my left side and the grandfather and granddaughter were on my right side. And I can’t even count how many things were flying through the air, but there was something flying at us and this guy puts his arm up and a bottle hits him in the arm and I guess it dropped to the ground and it lands right in front of me and I looked up. His arm bowed in. It had to have broken his arm. It had to have. And I picked it up and I’m just in total disbelief. If that would’ve hit that little girl, she would be dead. If that would’ve hit that old man, he would probably be dead.

Charles Patrick: “Yeah, a brick in the head can kill somebody.”

Eyewitness: “Yeah, I don’t know how far away it came from, but for it to do that kind of damage to that man’s arm, and that’s just in our one little spot. I don’t know, you could hear.

Charles Patrick: “Like different areas, they were still popping off, right?”

Eyewitness: “You could hear people screaming. You could hear people crying. You could hear babies. When I say babies, I mean anybody under the age of 10. To me that’s a baby. People were running. And we were, the people in the restaurant I was in, we weren’t the only ones in town. You know what I mean? We were all trying to get out. We didn’t know what these people were doing, why they were doing it. I had not, the hotel I was staying in, or I say hotel, it didn’t have television or Internet connection, so.”

Charles Patrick: “You was in the sticks.”

Eyewitness: “Yeah, I was. I was on a horse ranch, but I had no idea that anything like this was coming and I don’t think a lot of the people there did. Otherwise, none of us would’ve been there because we were trying to leave and it looked like these people were trying to push us out. I mean they came in like a swarm of bees.”

Charles Patrick: “So they didn’t know if you all were for or against anything. They was just coming in to make stuff happen.”

Eyewitness: “They didn’t ask any questions. They didn’t talk to anybody. They come running full force.

Charles Patrick: “Off the buses, black and white. Now the black and white, they got off the bus. Now, I understand what you say they had on, the gear, but was it Antifa, was it Black Lives Matter, was it KKK? Who were they? I mean, who do you think they were?”

Eyewitness: “Um, I don’t know the emblems of very many hate groups. I know the emblem of the KKK, which obviously is a hate group. I mean you know that. Everybody would know that. The Confederate flag, everybody recognizes that. BLM, everybody recognizes that.”

Charles Patrick: “Wait a minute. Are you telling me people with Black Lives Matters shirts got off the same bus as people with confederate flag shirts?”

Eyewitness: “And KKK emblems, Nazi emblems.”

Charles Patrick: “Wait a minute. All of them got off the same damn type of bus?”

Eyewitness: “Yes.”

Charles Patrick: “Please believe me people.I am not taking up for KKK. I’m not taking up for Black Lives Matter. I am not taking up for any groups, but I’m highly doubting if any of these people were with any of those groups. These people were hired to come out there and start some crap. Believe me now. Y’all done heard me put out videos about Black Lives Matter. You done heard me put out videos about KKK. I’m not a fan of either one, but the people that were on these buses, I do not believe were part of any of those groups because they were paid to do this. Tell me what happened with the guy in the Dodge Challenger, the murderer.”

Eyewitness: “Okay, so the alley we go out into has cars parked on both sides of the alley. And there was one car pulled up at the end of the alley in between, on both sides, so it makes like a U-shape. And some of the people have their cars parked in that alley. So people were, people from the restaurant and from the very nearby area that could get there were jumping in cars to avoid getting beaten or hit. You know, just to be safe. We see this car pull up and one of the ladies that was in the restaurant just tapped on the window and says, ‘Sir, you can’t go down there.’

And he rolls down his window and says, ‘I’ll get through.’

And then he just nails it. Charles, I don’t need anybody to believe what I’m saying, but I was there and I heard this man and we were all around his car. We knew what was gonna happen if he pressed on that gas pedal.”

Charles Patrick: “Did anybody hit his car, beat on his car, or do anything to cause him to hit the gas?”

Eyewitness: “If you count that woman tapping on his window because we thought he was with us. We had seen this guy previously in the week. He wasn’t in the restaurant that day.”

Charles Patrick: “Wait a minute. You’ve seen him during the week?”

Eyewitness: “Yeah, it was the same people, you know, all during the week. You know you see a few different faces here and there, but like you said earlier, it was like going to your favorite bar. It was the same people and every now and then you would get a visitor. And so their face draws attention because they’re not a regular, which I guess is what I was at the beginning too.”

She tapped on the window and said, ‘Sir you cannot get through there.’

But he said, ‘I can get through.'”

Charles Patrick: “So he hit the gas and went right into the crowd?”

Eyewitness: “Yeah. We all ran, started running up to, you know from the back we really couldn’t see what kind of damage he had done, but when he backed up, he got almost everybody that was in the restaurant, he hit and you know either their foot, their arms, and I’m not going to lie, I saw one lady, she just slapped the side of his car while he was backing up and threw herself on the ground. I thought that was odd with everything that was going on.”

Charles Patrick: “Hold on. So he went forward, hit the car, stopped, and backed up. Were people around his car? We’ve seen the video. Everybody has seen this video. And apparently, you were there.”

Eyewitness: “I haven’t seen the video. I don’t need to watch videos.”

Charles Patrick: “You don’t need to see the video, but we, the people that I’m talking to out there, they’ve seen the video. So, once he hit the car and backed up, on the back up, he hit more people. Correct? Did you see him hit more people?”

Eyewitness: “A lot more people.”

Charles Patrick: “The young lady who got killed in the situation, you had seen her conversing with other people during the week before, correct?

Eyewitness: “Yeah, she was in the restaurant like, I want to say like at least three days. I didn’t speak with her one on one, but I was at a table who was speaking with her table. And we were at a table together one day. And everybody was just talking about their opinions on why they voted the way they did and she gave her opinions on why she wanted it (the statues) left up. One of the days, she was having lunch with a black man and a black woman and they were very civil to each other. They were giving their opinion and she was giving hers. They were kind of exchanging, I guess, opinions. She wasn’t, from the conversations that I heard, she wasn’t affiliated with any white supremacist group, but she was proud to be white. She seemed like a really sweet lady.”

Charles Patrick: “And the people that she talked to, the black people she talked to, were they having like mean conversations or just, you know, conversations?”

Eyewitness: “Yeah, it was just like we’re talking right now. It was just, I don’t know, a regular conversation. I mean, I don’t know that my regular is the same as everybody else’s regular, but no one got out of character. She was not involved in any of the protesting or anything. She was trying to leave. This, there were some people there that they were holding some kind of signs. I want to say maybe on Wednesday or Thursday, but they were shaking peoples hands when they were walking by. You could see people laughing with them. I mean I never walked that far down, but you could see them having conversations with kids. They were taking selfies and stuff like that. You know, so, to me, it didn’t catch my attention because it wasn’t aggressive. They weren’t chanting or screaming at anybody and they were shaking hands and talking to black and white folks.”

Charles Patrick: “The woman who got killed wanted the monuments to stay up, correct?”

Eyewitness: “Yeah, from the conversations I heard, I overheard her say a couple of times that she did want the statues to stay up.”

Charles Patrick: “You saw her speaking at the table with a black man and black woman, and they spoke and were cordial?

Eyewitness: “Yes.”

Charles Patrick: “Last, but not least, tell us about the incident with the police.”

Eyewitness: “Well, this part was probably the hardest part for me to digest. I have a lot of family members involved in the military, in the police department, in the fire department, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for them, but when we were trying to leave, it wasn’t just the people from the bus that were keeping us trapped. The police were lined up and would not let us get to safety. They would not let us out of the crowd. It was like being corralled, or it was like being corralled, like being circled.”

Charles Patrick: “So the police would not let you leave the area?”

Eyewitness: “No. And they knew we were black and white and we were not in riot gear and we had no weapons in our hands. We had kids with us. We had old people.”

Charles Patrick: “Wait a minute. The police would not let the kids leave?”

Eyewitness: “No. No, they were standing side-by-side and holding us in place. We were getting more and more cramped and smashed and punched and pushed and kicked.”

Charles Patrick: “The kids were there?”

Eyewitness: “Kids were there.”

Charles Patrick: “How were the police holding back people with kids?”

Eyewitness: “They were not making eye contact with any of us. It was like they were seeing right through us because I turned around and I looked at two of the officers right behind me and I said, ‘Please, just let us out. We’ve got babies with us.’

I mean they stared right through us. And on the other side these people, I don’t know if they wanted us dead. I don’t know if they just wanted, I don’t have an answer. I don’t know how to explain what I saw. I’ve never, I’ve seen a lot of bad things in my life, but I’ve never seen people just have no regard for anybody’s life, nobody’s life. It didn’t matter whether you were young, old, black, white, tall, thin, Zero. Nothing mattered.”

Charles Patrick: “So you’re saying the police kept people in harm’s way instead of trying to get them out?”

Eyewitness: “Charles, please, it was those police that were there that day.

Charles Patrick: “Come on now. I don’t have a problem with the police.”

Eyewitness: “Charles, that’s what I’m saying, none of that made sense because you didn’t know who the good guys were and no one was willing to help.”

Charles Patrick: “How do you know the police could see the kids?”

Eyewitness: “There were two women who were locked arms with me and the grandpa I was telling you about and the other man behind me. There were two women holding their babies. I don’t mean babies like in diapers. I mean babies like one girl was probably five or six and another one was probably about seven or eight. And then the little granddaughter she was seven. That’s three kids right there. And we were all face to face, well, face to shield, with these cops. And they wouldn’t let us by.

Charles Patrick: “And they wouldn’t let you by?”

Eyewitness: “They wouldn’t let us by. One of the guys that was in the restaurant with us, I guess he was a cook or something, He managed, I want to say maybe 20 feet down from where I was at, he managed to crack a hole because there was like one of those silver guard, you know, rail like things that you know kind of makes you form a line. He managed to break through one of those. And he locked arms with the guy next to the grandpa and the grandpa was locked arms with the rest of us and we just all filed out real quick.”

Charles Patrick: “I’m sorry you went through all that craziness.”

Summary of Facts:

This woman’s testimony confirms other recent facts uncovered about these events. In my previous post, I shared the truth about Jason Kessler, the man who organized the white supremacist group called Unite the Right. His background shows he is neither a white supremacist nor a right-wing conservative. Instead, he is a loyal Obama supporter who suddenly decided to become a white supremacist after Donald Trump won the 2016 election. White supremacists don’t support African American politicians and right-wing conservatives don’t support Barack Obama. Jason Kessler also participated in the Occupy Wall Street movement, which supports anarchy, not fascism, as Unite the Right pretends to support. In addition, Jason Kessler describes himself as a “professional provocateur”, which is nothing more than a paid thug, and supports the likelihood that the rest of his fraudulent organization are also paid thugs. For more details, see my previous post.

Her testimony also supports the recent confession from a Charlottesville police officer who said the police were ordered to stand down, to allow the violence to continue. However, her testimony reveals it was worse than that because they trapped people in harm’s way, helping the attackers inflict more harm while ignoring the cries of victims standing right in front of them. These police officers cannot just pass the blame to their superior officers who ordered them to stand down because each of them betrayed the people they have sworn to protect. They should have ignored their orders and exposed whoever gave them. Every officer should be held accountable for their acts of betrayal.

Next, her testimony reveals the people of Charlottesville voted overwhelmingly, 80% to 20%, to keep their statues, but the city council overturned the will of the people and ordered them to be taken down, which confirms something foul was in the works. It appears the city council was ordered to stand down in the same way as the police department. Someone was pulling all the right strings to set up a national stage for phony protesters to ignite violence. Like the police, the Charlottesville city council members betrayed the people they are supposed to be serving. They too must be held accountable and expose whoever was behind their bizarre ruling.

Her testimony reveals the town was peaceful and quiet until six chartered buses showed up back to back and unloaded violent attackers equipped with helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, shields, and many harmful objects, which they threw at people. These were not protestors, but assassins. Their assaults on innocent people show they were not there to support any cause, but to incite violence and racism under the guise of BLM and KKK. They were not true members of BLM and KKK, but paid thugs.

Next, her testimony reveals the people who carried out this staged event have no regard for human life whatsoever. The mainstream news media focused on the fact that a driver ran over people, killing one and injuring nineteen others, but her testimony reveals others were also injured by thrown objects. Neither the attackers nor the police officers showed any regard for the fact that the victims were defenseless, unarmed women, children, and elderly people. These thugs and the criminals who hired them are far more evil than the hate groups they attempted to vilify. They are ruthless killers, enemies from within, seeking our demise, and they must be stopped.

At every turn, they made bush league mistakes, exposing their fraudulent scheme.

  • By bringing in six bus-loads of attackers on back to back chartered buses, then dropping them off in a public place where many witnesses saw them immediately assaulting people, they revealed they all came from the same place.
  • By putting BLM and KKK people on the same buses, they revealed none of them were true members of those organizations.
  • By immediately assaulting innocent people, they revealed their true purpose for being there had nothing to do with advancing the causes of those organizations. They were there only to incite violence.
  • By ordering the police to stand down and even trap people in harm’s way, they revealed this scheme involves top government officials.

These criminals are either incredibly dumb or so brazen, they think they can do whatever they want and get away with it, as if they’re above the law and believe no one is able to stop them. Despite all their mistakes, their plan seems to have succeeded so far, thanks to the full backing of the mainstream news media, but this new evidence can help turn the tables if anyone in the news media is willing to take a stand for righteousness.

This woman’s testimony contradicts the mainstream news media reports by showing the attackers were all on the same team and the victims were all innocent bystanders, which shows this issue never was about race or statues, just a sinister scheme to divide the American people against each other. Let’s not take their bate by taking sides, but join together as one people, determined to take back our nation.

Now that we have these facts, we must pursue the people who orchestrated these events. They should not be hard to find because someone hired at least six chartered buses, which means there is a record showing who it was. There are only so many chartered bus services with dark grey buses servicing the Virginia area. Someone also ordered the police to stand down, and only a small number of people have that authority. All participants must be confronted and held accountable.

We not only have evidence, we have suspects. President Obama’s Organizing for Action (OFA)  has been actively recruiting, training, and organizing dissidents to start hostile confrontations in town hall meetings across the nation, and paying college students to start fires on college campuses. This is an unprecedented revolution against our current president. OFA is reported to have recruited over 30,000 members and set up over 250 offices across the nation. They are well organized and well funded, backed by billionaire George Soros. And they have a clear agenda to derail President Trump’s administration and to destroy the faith and values upon which our nation was founded, which makes them prime suspects.

My prayer is that God will continue to shine the light on these dark schemes, exposing the killers, the organizers, the financiers, and the fake news organizations who are purposely misleading the American people. I pray God would raise up people to investigate these events further, so we can connect the dots, and hold these people accountable for their horrendous crimes. May God help us all do our part to stop this assignment against our nation.

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

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August 24, 2017 10:21 AM

I have a Sister and her family that lives in Charlottesville, and she has basically told me/verified the account of this witness’s story. What happened there was orchestrated by someone other that the good people of Charlottesville!

August 24, 2017 9:47 AM

The moment I heard about this riot I “knew” that we were “being played”; and her eyewitness testimony confirms that this was nothing but a ruse. Thank you for sharing this video.

jerry rigg
August 24, 2017 12:20 PM

One chilling thought occurs to me after reading this article…..was it not a body of people called “The City Council” who overturned the vote AND will of the people concerning these statues? Could there be another likeminded sinister plot brewing concerning the removal of Donald Trump from office? And funny how all roads seem to lead back to Mr. Obama? Just coincidence?

Rachel Baxter
August 24, 2017 12:16 PM

Thank you for taking the time to write this out and share. We are all being played. It’s sickening.

Carl Manning
Carl Manning
August 24, 2017 12:15 PM

They used crisis actors in the Boston Bombing false-flag, the Sandy Hook Hoax, and the utterly ridiculous edited and staged 9/11/01 man-on-the-scene videos. Some of these SAME crisis actors have been spotted in several of the aforementioned false-flags. Even Hollywood Director Steven Spielberg was a crisis actor in the Boston Bombing carnage playing a medical doctor with a doctor’s coat escorting a gurney with another actor. Hollywood blood kits were spotted everywhere. The Amerikan Sheeple are being played for fools by the CIA psychopaths who censor everything on the MSM.

August 26, 2017 11:18 AM

I think saying 9/11 was part of this is going too far. The towers definitely fell. Lives were lost. We really did lose Barbara Olson and other people on those planes.

August 24, 2017 11:41 AM

James Bailey: It remains to be seen how powerful the deep state will be in protecting Kessler and others from prosecution. If they walk free, our justice system is broken or controlled by the cabal

Matt Smith
August 24, 2017 2:18 PM

I believe the shooting at the baseball field, injuring Rep. Steve Scalise was an attempt to kill as man people on the Republican side, who are not in favor of invoking the 25th amendment, to impeach President Trump. If they would have succeeded in killing more Representatives that day, they would of had the votes needed for impeachment.

Now this staged event in Charlottesville, orchestrated by Barry Bozo Sotero, and funded by George Soros was an attempt to make President Trump look like a racist unsympathetic screw ball, one french fry short of a happy meal, all the while get their millennial base, to go out on the streets and events, to show their support for Congress impeaching President Trump. They are also doing this as an attempt to make the conservatives with guns think they would lose a civil war.

I believe it is quite possible, (not saying it will happen), the next riotous event will take place at a football game. Either an NFL game, under the disguise of doing for Colin Kapernick, or at a NCAA football game, under the disguise of racist mascots and school histories. You could see a false flag at a football event in the month and a half.

August 24, 2017 4:57 PM

Matt: The deep state is against trump, the msm is against rump, the dems and reps are against trump, but the American people are with him. The deep state will now try to divide us so that they can win the 2018 election and continue to destroy our constitution and bill of rights. Heads up America!!

Thomas Nodoubt
Thomas Nodoubt
August 24, 2017 3:59 PM

Heard a quote that Samuel Clements supposedly said, ‘If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed; but if you do read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.
All news is meant to incite fear.
Yoda said,’Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering.’

Yahuwshua said, ‘put down your sword… to Peter after cutting off an ear
John in revelation said, He who kills with the sword must be killed by the sword.

Don’t know if this applies to you nor to anyone reading this but these are just the thoughts I am hearing in the spirit and based from the conversation here.

[my note: I believe that the purpose of Charlottesville is like all their publicized events, i.e. To incite fear and terror. They are so advanced in their technology that they can make you think you are seeing a plane even though it’s a hologram]

Lydia Hodge
September 25, 2017 3:35 PM

The situation with the NFL certainly bears watching. I looked up football and it pulled up this post from August. I think the stage is being set for something hugh to happen.

Matt Smith
Matt Smith
September 25, 2017 7:05 PM
Here are a few scenarios: 1. A deep state planned gun man starts outside a NFL stadium, and they report it as a man angry at ” Disrespectful greedy players.” Then they blame President Trump, and his divisive rhetoric, for this man’s actions. Thus 25th amendment should be invoked on him, and he should be removed. 2. Same scenario above, but The Dark State say the gun man was trying to kill those racist, evangelical, conservatives. They will blame President Trump for this rhetoric, and say he causing people to act like this, because his behavior left these deranged individuals with no choice. Then they will go back to invoking the 25th amendment. 3. A high level, or level player(s) get killed. Then they do one of the two blame games mentioned in 1 and 2, and try to invoke the 25th amendment. 4. They do one of the previous 3 scenarios, or bomb a stadium, in an event to shut down the NFL, in an attempt to bring down the American Economy, by scaring people from going to these events. Thus when more and more these happen, they will put the blame game on President Trump, white, conservative, evangelicals, and black “Sambos” and look to attack then back by going into churches and shooting, like the shooting in Tennessee yesterday. Thus one can come up with these scenarios after churches start getting shot up. 5. This can also take place at NBA games, because the NBA is the most liberal dominated major sport in America. Most of their fan base agrees with the players, and so do the owners. And the commissioner Adam Silver, who when I look at him my Gaydar goes off, and so does my child molesting/sacrificing goes off as well, (That’s a whole different subject… Read more »
Lydia Hodge
September 25, 2017 7:38 PM

There is certainly any number of scenarios that could start a firestorm. I think it’s also of interest to note that one of John Paul Jackson’s prophetic headlines read, “NFL postpones all games until an answer is found.”

Marcio Ferez Jr.
Marcio Ferez Jr.
September 25, 2017 8:34 PM

John Paul Jackson mentions those headlines at 13:32:

Lydia Hodge
September 26, 2017 11:06 AM

Thanks for posting the video.

September 25, 2017 7:54 PM
I was just reviewing those headlines last night! I specifically noticed that headline and realized that it was one of the few that actually indicate a specific span of time. Early Sept until Feb in general. What I also noticed was that the act of postponing ALL NFL games means it is serious and probably involves someone or some people losing their life. It’s also sufficiently not serious that it is the NFL that can make or not make the decision. To me this can signals a few possibilities…as Matt S alludes to…perhaps there is an attack against the NFL ingrates and their sanctimonious “taking a knee”. At first I thought of a sniper taking out those that take the knee and then it provides the perfect leftist liberal narrative to say it was racially motivated or done by a “crazy vet” or whatever other tale they can spin. So they postpone he games for everyone’s safety Another possibility is a pandemic breaks out during football season and therefore the games are considered to dangerous for exposure…the answer to be found being a cure or a vaccine for the pandemic I can’t really think of anything else. I believe life/death has to be the motivating factor. I thought of the prophetic dream/vision about a bomb landing in the middle of a pro-football game. Perhaps Rick Wiles’s daughter? But I think if that happened it would have to be an act of war by a foreign government to actually drop a bomb or missile and it wouldn’t just be a football stadium it would probably be in lots of other places in the country so the focus wouldn’t be on whether or not to continue NFL games, it would be a state of war and a bigger picture The one caveat… Read more »
August 24, 2017 10:05 AM

I’m angry after reading this! The police didn’t just stand down. They participated. Is anyone with authority following these leads to confront those who organized and permitted this violence to occur?

August 25, 2017 12:40 AM

I decree & declare in this George Soros Battle: 2 Chron 20:15, “The battle is not yours but Gods!” Psalm 78:66, “The Lord beat back His enemies; He put them to everlasting shame.” Jeremiah 11:20, “Let me see your vengeance upon them for to you I have committed my cause.” Col 2:15, “And having disarmed the powers and authorities, Christ made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the Cross.”

August 25, 2017 10:08 AM

Amen to that.