More Evidence from Charlottesville Points to Elaborate Plan

In the two videos shown below, YouTube host SonofNewo does a great job of analyzing what happened in Charlottesville VA on August 12 and why it does not fit the mainstream news media narrative.

Often when innocent people are murdered by assassins or terrorists, the mainstream news media attributes it to one person acting alone, like when they claimed Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated John F Kennedy. This video presents evidence showing the events in Charlottesville were not the work of one man, but part of a much larger plan.

First, SonofNewo exposed the leaders of the white nationalists as frauds. In addition to Jason Kessler, the organizer of Unite the Right, an anarchist participant in Occupy Wall Street and a long time Obama supporter as documented in my previous posts, he also identifies Richard Spencer, who has received an artificially high level of press coverage as a leader of the alt-right. SonofNewo explains, “That is textbook deep state behavior. You raise the profile of somebody who is an infiltrator, an agent of yours that is operating under cover within a movement, you raise their profile and then when an incident occurs, you use that person to discredit who you want to discredit. That’s textbook and that’s what they’re doing with Richard Spencer.”

SonofNewo also identified a third leader of the group, Mike Enoch, whose mother has made large donations to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Next, he analyzed a livestream video filmed by a freelance reporter named Ford Fischer who has been embedded in the white nationalist group, interviewing them and documenting their activities for the past several months. Ford Fischer followed the white supremacists down the streets of Charlottesville prior to the tragic event when the Dodge Challenger drove into the crowd of counter-protestors, at 1:42 pm. His video is suspicious for several reasons:

  1. First, seven minutes prior to the tragedy, Ford filmed the same Dodge Challenger as the car drove by him on the street, several blocks away from the crime scene. He turned his camera towards the car as if he was aware of what was about to happen, perhaps sending a signal to someone else watching his live stream.
  2. Second, five minutes prior to the tragedy, he filmed the maroon van parked in the middle of the street at the bottom of 4th Street SE at the intersection of Water Street with no one in the front seats. The Dodge Challenger later crashed into the back of a car, which was stopped behind the van, causing the van to hit people in the crowd, as shown in the photo above. So, why was the parked in the middle of the street for at least five minutes prior to the crime? And why did Ford Fischer just happen to point his camera as he walked by it? Was this another signal letting his associates know the pieces of their plan were in place?
  3. Third, three minutes before the tragedy, Ford stopped following the white nationalists and stood near the intersection of E Main Street and 5th Street SE along with several other news reporters, about one block from 4th Street SE where the Dodge Challenger was waiting to attack. It was an odd location for reporters to spend any time because nothing was happening there and no protestors were in that area. What were they waiting for? It looks like they knew where to stay out of harm’s way and what was about to happen next. He even set up his video camera on a tripod pointing towards 4th Street SE where he filmed the Dodge Challenger en route to the crime, like he knew where it was going to happen. Then as soon as the Dodge Caravan passed by, he immediately picked up his camera and started moving again, like he knew it was happening even before the car hit anything (see second video shown below). He and the other reporters then ran to the crime scene capturing valuable footage of terrified people running away from the scene.

Another interesting coincidence is all of the white nationalists had cleared out of the area of the crash ahead of time. Ford Fischer filmed them walking several blocks north just a few minutes before, further supporting the likelihood they all knew what was about to happen. It appears their plan called for innocent blood, a sacrificial martyr, but to stir up the most strife it needed to be a counter-protestor rather than one of their own.

In the following 37-minute video, he shares a hi-definition photograph showing the license plate of the maroon van, which is a Virginia plate, VEP-6635. He ran a search for that license plate and the corresponding VIN number and found up until May 19, the car was registered in Montana for ten years from January 1, 2007 until May 19, 2017. Up until February 2, 2017, the car was owned by Copart Inc, a junk and salvage company located in Dallas TX. They bought it after it was damaged in an accident even though the car remained in Montana. It was listed in a salvage auction in April 2017. So it was the ideal car to use in a planned crash, further supporting the possibility that it was part of an elaborate plan, a staged event, not the work of one man acting alone.

These points provide further evidence showing the story reported by the mainstream news media does not add up. These facts support the possibility that the whole group of white nationalists were all frauds, paid agitators on a mission to stir up racial tensions, not just the leaders. I believe it is further evidence showing our nation is under attack by well funded, well organized deep state operatives seeking to divide us against one another as they are seeking to destroy our Constitutional republic, presumably to replace it with their own fascist tyrannical government. I believe we are in a spiritual battle, not fighting against flesh and blood opponents, but against the spirit of antichrist, which is now seeking to remove the biggest obstacle to the rise of the beast system, the United States of America.

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

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jerry rigg
August 28, 2017 3:32 AM

To answer the man’s question…what was that Challenger doing? The answer may be provided by a previous post here, involving the woman witness in the restaurant near the accident scene. Didnt that woman witness in the restaurant mention her and/or another person saw that car as it approached the crowd of people and one of them tapped on the window or something? Wouldnt that indicate the challenger at one point was at a complete stop? After the window tap, the driver then gunned the car up the street toward the people. Very strange why the maroon van would be parked there 5 minutes before, without a driver. Very strange indeed as is the vehicle history. Apparently someone intentionally bought that van, fixed the front end, and repainted it…………..for what purpose? to sell it to this Johnny Chandler guy? Why would someone just leave a car in an intersection like that? Again, I think the important question is, IF YOU WANTED TO STAGE AND EVENT, how would YOU DO IT? wonder as well, who owned the other cars, like the Tundra and the silver car/black top?God reveals mysteries. Great post and story.

September 6, 2017 5:24 PM

For anyone who watches YouTube, Mr. Cati has a video discussion about the gematria of the license plates of both the Charger and the car his mother drives…thought provoking. There are plots within plots and he goes deep…you may want to see some earlier vids to get a handle on the entities involved.

August 30, 2017 12:28 AM


In looking into the Honda van, seeing the same records and auction results you detail in the article.

Here’s something to think about: If the van was auctioned in April, it certainly could have been repaired after the salvage auction and found it’s way to a Virginia owner. What doesn’t sync is the inspection sticker displayed prominietly in the middle of the windshield – expired Feb 2018. This means that van was certified as road worthy in Virginia in Feb 2017. How does that work?

August 30, 2017 10:18 AM

The power of love and forgiveness “this happen 47 years ago”

Rowena O
Rowena O
August 28, 2017 6:09 PM

Funny, can’t get the videos to play.