Prophetic dream reveals epicenter of earthquake striking off coast of Santa Barbara.

I have had plenty of earthquake dreams, incuding the huge one coming to California. Here’s the most recent, which was last weekend.

In my dream, I was with a family I have never met before nor did they look at all familiar to me. They looked to be a pretty good size family. After viewing them, I went out to what felt like their back patio and I sat in a chair at the edge of a cement balcony. I noticed there were two boys outside with me, hanging out amongst the chairs with me. As I was sitting in the chair, I looked out in front of me and saw mountains in the far distance. They looked about level with where I was.

At this point, I noticed I was at a higher view point than ground level. Between me and the mountains, I saw a huge and vast valley of homes, livestock, businesses, etc. As I glanced out to the mountains, the earth started moving, like what I can only describe as “breathing”.

This “breathing” actually sounded familiar to me because I have heard of it before. I can’t say it was a swaying motion, but it looked like breathing because I was using the balcony and the mountians in the distance to see how much this breathing effect would lift us up and bring us back down each time (best way to describe it). Immediately, I knew an earthquake was coming. This “breathing wasn’t in one particular spot. It was all around. One moment I saw the right side of the land rise, then another time the left side rose and it progressed each time.

I got the attention of the boys who had been on the balcony with me. I pointed out to them what I was seeing and had them use the balcony so they could see it. The first boy saw the motion of the land moving right away, so he had no problem believing, but the second boy had difficulty seeing the motion and had an attitude of unbelieving. I didn’t give up trying to show him, so eventually he was able to see it, but it wasn’t until the motion was big enough to see and immediately right before the earthquake struck that he believed (too late).

The earthquake struck for a very brief moment. It felt like a good size rumble, but not huge.

Immediately after the shaking, I was with my daughter, kneeling down to her and asking her if she would like to call her dad and see if he is alright (her dad lives in San Diego right now). As I was asking her this question, I literally saw San Diego, so I was able to see the damage. This is where my dream gets interesting. Right after I saw a vision of damage hitting the San Diego area (not a huge amount of damage), I was then shown the epicenter of an earthquake striking off the coast of Santa Barbara.

Okay, time out here. I have had earthquake dreams in the past, but was never given an actual epicenter. I do know that weeks ago there was about a 4.0 earthquake off the coast of Santa Barbara and I know this because I watch the dutchsinse YouTube channel, so I stay up to date on earthquake activity. God definitely brought his YouTube channel to my attention because the USGS is not honest about the LOADS of activity happening on the west coast. Okay, getting back to my dream.

After seeing the epicenter where the earthquake struck, I was immediately back to the chair I was previously sitting in. I don’t know why, but as I am writing this, I keep thinking of the color of the chair I was sitting in and it was red. Perhaps the color is significant because it seemed to stand out a bit in my dream. The first thing I thought of was being covered by the blood of Jesus.

I ran back inside the house to alert the family of the earthquake that had just occurred. We all went back out to the balcony and looked out towards the mountains. Immediately, we began to see the same motion of “breathing” again, but this time it was bigger motions and they were intensifying more than the first time, right before the earthquake struck.

I turned to the family and told them, “That first earthquake was nothing compared to the huge earthquake coming next.”

That was it, and I woke up.  I laid there thinking about it for a while. It felt like I was actually there with the family and could literally feel the earthquake. I felt cautious about it, just due to the fact that there was an actual epicenter given to me, but then I received the coolest confirmation I have had thus far from the video below, which is “dutchsinse” earthquake analysis.  When it comes to watching the West Coast, I only trust him, but you need to listen to his analysis because it confirms my dream. My mind was blown when he forecasted this. Skip to the 25-minute mark, where he talks about the coast of Santa Barbara possibly getting hit by an earthquake.

Megan Manrubia

Author: Megan Manrubia

My name is Megan Manrubia. God has blessed me with two beautiful children. I gave my life to Christ in 2008 and it has been quite an adventure ever since. God has always drawn me towards the prophetic and continues to speak to me through dreams. I have always had two toes into tomorrow, but always proceed with caution and discernment. I am an artist and at times God will press it on my heart to draw a message to reach others. My heart’s desire is to draw things that inspire and reach hearts for Christ. I pray and hope God will use my art to show a glimpse or a picture of just how awesome He is. I love being a watcher and staying aware of what is going on in the world. I believe we are living the last days and God is truly speaking to His children so much more today. My prayer for these last days is that we get out from the walls of the church and truly walk as Jesus did, wherever He may lead us to reach others. Jesus was never confined to 4 walls, He walked where the Father lead him. I pray that we prepare our hearts and get our houses in order for the coming days ahead.

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Ed H
Ed H
November 18, 2017 9:02 AM

I too watch him. This guy has a serious love for the science of earthquakes and has them figured out very well.
I live in Calif. I have only had 1 earthquake dream. Did not see any damage or destruction. But it was a definite warning for me to purchase earthquake insurance.

November 19, 2017 11:43 AM
“Words of Encouragement Even Unto Death” I watched another YouTube video as well, where the Lord showed someone that first there will be a 5.7 magnitude West Coast earthquake and then a couple days later there will be a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, and then shortly after that a much larger devastating 9.1 or 10.1 massive magnitude earthquake will strike the Wrst Coast from Washington Sate all the way down to San Diego, but what caught my attention in that video was that they said the first 5.7 magnitude earthquake would originate from the Santa Barbara area, then the other two earthquakes would only be days afterwards, in that order. (One thing I don’t understand is why many so called True Believing Born Again Holy Spirit Filled Christians, who all know this event is coming, and who still live in this state, are prepping by stocking up on food and water and by buying survival gear? Don’t you realize that a 10.0 magnitude earthquake striking the San Andreas fault will pretty much drop more than half of California into the Pacific Ocean and will turn the entire San Jauquin Valley into a huge salt water lake? Don’t you realize that you will physically die if and when this were to occur? I sure hope you know snd understand this, because when this event occurs, this is when you will then become part of the Dead In Christ, and you will from that day forward be hanging out in a place called Paradise where you spiritual soul will stay up until the Rapture occurs!) My point is, why prep or buy survival gear? If I still lived in San Francisco or Los Angeles area like I did for over 30 years, I would take my surfboard and head to the beach and… Read more »
Megan Manrubia
November 19, 2017 5:34 PM

I see what you are saying, but God has not asked me to move. Yes, I have prepped on food and water, but that is because it is better to prepare as Joseph did then have nothing. Food and water is a great thing to have and share with others. Having essentials to share not only shows the love of Christ but a great oppertunity to spread the message of hope to those who never saw it coming, to the lost. We can’t assume that all will die during this event. The God I believe in is a Big and mighty God who can save, reserve and restore. I put my trust and hope in Him who is in complete control of everything and who knows how to keep me safe during any catastrophic event I might go through. God has given me deposits of faith throughout my life and it has been that trusting Him comes easy for me because of the amount faith that He has given me in that area. God has a plan for each of us and He will surely call me home when it is my time to come home, but until then I refuse to worry about to tomorrow and instead keep moving towards accomplishing His kingdom’s cause today. I pray you be blessed and know that you are loved😇🐑🕊💓
Your sister in Christ.

Francy Carl
November 20, 2017 9:15 AM

Hi Megs,

Loved your answer but most importantly your disposition towards our Mighty God.
Hope this encourages you to hold on to the faith even more because we serve an almighty God.
I had a dream of a tsunami where I actually experienced His supernatural protection. The water did indeed cover everything around me, but except my daughter and Me. The Lord actually surrounded us in some kind of supernatural dome and not one inch of of our bodies got wet. The peace I felt was inexplicable and definetely supernatural. In the dream, I saw Marcio Ferez, our brother here on z3 and he too was supernatural protected which shows, it doesn’t matter what happens, we serve a supernatural God who will protect His children supernaturally!
So no matter what you read or hear, keep focusing and trusting on the Lord for He is much bigger, mightier and more powerful than a 10.1 earthquake. The most important is for you to be in His Will and following His voice!

Glory to God and blessings!

Megan Manrubia
November 20, 2017 2:42 PM
Hi Francy! Very encouraging! Thank you sis for sharing! I love hearing others dreams and encouragement! I have had dreams of catastrophic events, but have always had peace and a sense of feeling safe in all of them. I do believe in these last days we will begin to see the supernatural again, just like in the bible and more so. I also believe God will supernaturally provide food, water, shelter and much more for His people. If God can rain down mana, send birds and bring forth fresh water through a rock for the Israelites, then I truly believe that God will take care of us in these last days. I just refuse to worry, His voice alone is more then just sound when He speaks, its love! A reassuring, tangible, honest, genuine love that is also felt deep inside my spirit. It’s his voice that moves us forward in perfect love. I pray that people understand thier authority in Christ. We are one with Jesus and in knowing this, we are also one with the Father because Jesus is one with Him (John 17). We stand with Jesus, far far far above any principalities, any catastrophic events, persecutions and hardships! Though we go through things to biuld our character and it sure can be tough at times, we are still called to the highest position with Christ and made to conquer! It is through the blood of Jesus that we are able to step into this position and we can be there daily. It is also His name, Jesus! That we call upon to save us. Jesus is our savior through it all, and will continue to be everything we will ever need in this life and in eternity. GBY sister! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁😀 May we… Read more »
Megan Manrubia
November 20, 2017 2:42 PM

Megs and Megan Manrubia are the same lol

Rachel Baxter
November 21, 2017 9:48 PM

I think that I have shared this on Z3 before but it’s been a while. My eyes bugged out when I saw the headline of this article. Back in 2015, I received a questionable prophetic word related to an earthquake being “triggered” off the coast of Santa Barbara. It was related to a location where oil exists. I did not know the geography of California, nor that Santa Barbara was a coastal city. I have always questioned the validity of what I heard because I was given specific dates (though not years) to go with it, and I am weary of any date setting. I was still learning to discern God’s voice and thought that the message could have come from the great deceiver, instead of the Lord. The tone of the word seemed “off” somehow. If it did come from Satan, His purpose was to deceive me or others. I will share it hear for the purposes of growing discernment in all of us. I did begin watching the Santa Barbara area for news that would give this credibility. I learned that there are oil rigs off the coast of Santa Barbara. I look forward to hearing what others think or feel in their spirit:

“I will give you the Revelation you desire. On June 7th, a report will come claiming that oil has been struck in California. This is a lie. There will be no oil but the earth does bleed. They need an excuse to bring in equipment to an area South of Santa Barbara. The equipment is meant to prevent a major earthquake but it will instead trigger it on July 9th. Sorrow will follow.”

Marilee Alm
November 18, 2017 10:18 AM
11-17-17 Huge Confirmation On The California Quake & The Final War!
Minister Paul

November 20, 2017 8:08 PM

Here is an interesting scientific article predicting an uptick in earthquakes specifically in 2018