Do Not Expect Things To Be as They Have Always Been

FourHorsemenFor days on end, from March through May 2005, I had a dark foreboding sense of urgency and yet, very little understanding of it’s nature. Great anguish and angst, a feeling of tribulation and suffering was on me as if I was about to die.

I believe I was in touch with feelings that are forthcoming to the global community.

I am compelled by my faith to share. I would rather be wrong and considered crazy than to be right and watch the torment of the trimming but, it is beyond my control.

These are some of the things The Lord shared with me:

“The cries of peace and safety resound, as those who kill you believe they are offering a service to God. Earthquakes in diverse places will shake the foundations of the world. The hot air that has fueled the world economy is being let out of the balloon and will leave many who trust in riches destitute. The wars have begun and will not cease until the end. These are the birth pains.”

“Time is short. Delivery is at the door of eternity. Do you hear the agony of creation waiting for it’s vindication?”

“Do not expect things to be as they have always been. What has passed for normal is going to change in a radical way. You are not entitled to life as you have known it, I am going to shake the foundations of man and this world.”

Based on these words, I believe we have crossed the threshold into a time of great trouble. There will be a shake up of major proportion and it could in fact be the beginning of the end, but it’s not mine to speculate.

I believe the Lord has shown me visions of a major economic collapse, a global systemic economic collapse. An economic monetary currency war if you will. Everyone will be affected, some will be ruined, others will be wounded but will be able to limp through. Many who are in debt will be crushed, even despairing to the point of death.

I saw great anguish and torment in these pictures. I sensed earthquakes, volcanic activity and other strident geological phenomena increasing. Changes or shifts to our sun and solar system acting in concert with these earth changes. Creation groaning in anticipation as what has passed for normal changes in a radical way.

The time of the autumn equinox and the winter solstice have been dates that continually return to me as relevant. I don’t know exact times or dates but I have a sense for the season.

This season will be akin to our Father trimming and cutting back His garden. A stripping down, a nakedness. The ease of what we have used in the past to comfort and clothe ourselves will be removed and trimmed back. It will be a purification to the body and it will reveal our true trusts.

Pray for wisdom and understanding.

Author: David Rowe

David Rowe works as a carpenter, a songwriter, and audio engineer. He is also building a homestead. The Lord began speaking to him in 2005 regarding a global economic collapse. He believes he is only a messenger seeking to be obedient, to live a crucified life, and to know the power of the Lord’s resurrection.

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Bryan Grey
September 18, 2015 1:20 AM

Hi David thanks for sharing this. A similar pattern as to what the Lord has been speaking to me bit by bit. I am also building a house in Western Australia but its a bit slow. Have a sound studio in the middle, which is now a full food prepping room because its a room within a room for sound isolation reasons and cool and dark. May the Lord bless you greatly.

September 18, 2015 12:46 AM

This is pretty much what we’ve all been expecting/preparing for for quite some time……. So I will ask a pertinent question to David that addresses the turmoil coming…….. Where have you chosen to build your homestead ? Not asking for an address just the area…….. I personally feel where I am is temporary and God will have me move east (I live on the west coast). I am patiently waiting for His direction.