The Coming Storm Will Hit Quickly and Unexpected

On the morning of March 3rd, 2017, I awoke at 3:53 am from a terrible dream. I believe it was from the Lord. I have a peace about it and I have increased in knowledge about it over time (it has become more vivid). It does not violate scripture and it agrees with the Rhema the Lord has revealed to His servants.

I was standing in a large formation of several hundred military personnel. It was summer. We were in a run-down industrial complex of some sort. The roof had failed but there were some rusty rafters left.

The troop commander told us to do a left-facing movement (dress…right dress movement…but turning away from the stage, which was on the west side of the complex to the left instead of the right). So we turned and faced left (south). We stayed there for a while. People began to chatter that the troop commander had forgotten to complete the rest of the facing movements. I looked over at the troop commander after a while, to get his attention to remind him to finish what he started. The troop commander came up to me and arrogantly reminded me he was in charge of this formation, not me. Even though he (and everyone) knew he had forgotten, he didn’t call for us to return to the front of the stage. So there we stood, still turned to the left (instead of the right as is normal)
It was then I noticed an appearance of very dark clouds on the eastern horizon. I could tell a bad storm was coming. I remember thinking: “Well, that’s what you get for humiliating the weather guy!” …ha ha ha

This storm was different. It was moving very rapidly; more rapidly than I have ever seen a severe thunderstorm move. The sky was boiling and getting very black. People were beginning to notice and act very nervous. Then I heard the roar. It was off in the distance. It sounded like a distant freight train, much like what they say an intense tornado sounds like. It increased rapidly in volume as the storm approached. Then it became deafening and the storm hit will full force.

It was a very strong wind. I began shouting at people to take cover. People all around me began to duck and cover…falling to the ground to hide from the wind and debris that was now flying all around, but I remained standing.

It only took about 20 seconds from the time I first noticed the dark clouds until the full fury of the storm was upon us. Then I heard a “POP!” I thought for a moment it was something being destroyed by the wind. Then another “POP” then another. It only took two or three pops until I realized it was semi-automatic weapons fire.

I turned to look at where it was coming from. It was coming from a balcony located on the north end of the complex. There, a young woman (black hair in a ponytail) was firing into the crowd directly below her (to my north). I knew this was a terrorist attack. She was firing very methodically…choosing her targets, not spraying randomly.

I remember thinking she looked like an anarchist and I was amazed she was not Islamic, but white or Hispanic. I began looking for cover. I noticed a building about 50 yards away. I began running in that direction. I remember having three thoughts as I ran:

1. Is she a lone wolf? Is there someone else waiting on the other side of the building to shoot people fleeing? I had to take that chance because if I remained where I was, I would surely die.

2. She WILL SEE ME! I thought as I ran. Everyone else was still on the ground and it seemed that only a few (out of hundreds) even noticed the attack. Everyone else was still distracted and in fear of the storm. They could only handle one emergency at a time and they had prioritized the storm and ignored the shooter. So, since I was the only one running there was ZERO DOUBT she would see me, turn towards me, and kill me. I just knew she was going to see me and kill me as I ran for cover.

3. WHERE ARE THE SECURITY FORCES? I remember wondering as I ran and contemplated my death that the cops weren’t firing back. Here we were in a group of hundreds of military personnel, some of which were armed, and nobody was doing anything about it. How did she get PAST the guards? Why aren’t they engaging her? Why is nobody doing anything?

It was a helpless feeling, but I ran, leaping over people, almost running on top of them. The building got closer and closer. It felt like I was running in slow motion with my eyes on her the entire time, just waiting on her to spot me. As I got within ten feet of the building, I was amazed I had gone unnoticed and it looked like I would find protection behind the building. I looked forward down the alley for another shooter, but saw nobody. I got closer to the building and thought: “ I can’t believe I’m going to make it! How did she not see me?” I dove behind the corner of the building and woke up immediately. It was as if when I dove, I dove from my dream into being wide awake.

I sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the clock. It was 3:53 am. I thought for a second, “Wow.” My heart was pounding. I laid back down and tried to go back to sleep, but could not. The overwhelming urge to write it in my journal forced me to get up, so I began to write. What you have read is from that journal, but now other details have been added as I have reflected on the dream.


I believe this was a warning from the Lord. After some prayer and contemplation, I believe I have a PRELIMINARY idea as to what the Lord is trying to say.

There is a storm coming. It will hit quickly and come out of nowhere. It will be totally unexpected and catch everyone off guard.

In the middle of the storm, enemies of this country (anarchists, extremists and Islamic terrorists) will take advantage of the confusion, systematically bringing even more devastation to this country. They will infiltrate large gatherings of people and kill many very systematically.

The military will be powerless to stop the terrorist attacks. They will be so concerned with the storm and the devastation caused by it, they will not be concerned with the attacks and won’t be able to stop them.

God’s people will be supernaturally protected and hidden from the enemy and the storm. The enemy will not see them. They will pass through the danger like CHRIST did when they were attempting to stone Him.

There is a great storm of judgment coming to this country. What now seems orderly will turn to chaos. It will be quickly come upon us. The nation will not escape, but God’s people (the TRUE bride of Christ) will be protected.

This dream is in line with other dreams I have had. Here are a selected few “Cliffs-notes” from those dreams:

20 December 2016: I was outside…in a city…and military fighter jets…F-16’s and F-18’s…were filling the sky. Then, one by one, they started bursting into flames and falling to the ground. There were explosions in the sky and planes hitting the ground. Some were on fire when they hit the ground (falling through the sky while burning) and some blew up when they hit the ground.

6 January 2017:  I was standing at a desk, leaning over looking at maps. A friend of mine (who I am stationed with) came up to me and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

He said, “The rumor mill is they are going to declare Martial Law. It’s going to happen on May 24th (or perhaps it was March, seemed like spring/summer time but a little fuzzy). Looks like we will be in charge of crowd control.”

28 September 2016: I had a conversation about how to hide; specifically how to hide Christians from persecution. We discussed how it used to be you could walk out in that thicket and hide…and nobody would find you. It was so dense that not even dogs could get through it and a determined man could easily hide in there from authorities and not be found. However, that was not the case these days. We talked about how today a man hiding in that dense thicket would easily be spotted by our recon aircraft using thermal sensors. I remember the phrase, “They would stick out like a sore thumb” when an aircraft flew overhead to scan the area.

The scene shifted and I was in a shopping mall. There were windows and passers-by could see in. It was, however, an underground church. We were certainly hiding in plain sight of everyone, but our actions did not betray who we were. Our enemies will seek to destroy us, but God will hide us in plain sight, just like He did His Son. We will walk through the crowds unnoticed and towards safety. This does not mean, however, that we will always be safe. Just as they eventually killed Jesus Christ and the prophets, so shall they kill us. However, that timing is determined by God and until that time, we will walk through the midst of the enemy, unseen and without fear.

3 August 2016: A Word from God (NOT A DREAM) – “Thus says the Lord, My hand of vengeance is upon this land. My hand is upon the church and My hand is upon the fields. Your harvests will fail. My hand is in this election. I will accomplish My will for My glory. I will not be mocked – whatsoever a nation sows, so shall it reap. The US has sown destruction – it has sown violence – debauchery – lasciviousness – and sin. It will reap that reward. I am the Lord, I will not be mocked. My name will be exalted in all the Land. America will crumble. It is My will. I will establish it.

4 April 2015: “Behold a revival is coming. I will pour out My Spirit. Do you want to be a part of that? Confess your sin, your collective sin of indifference.”

4 June 2015: A Word from God (NOT A DREAM) – “Judgment is coming. It cannot be delayed. It will not be stopped. There will be no reprieve. Revival is not coming until after judgment.”

Judgment is coming to the church (Dream of 8 May 2015; May 14th 2016 (on the Agape Home Fellowship webpage)

30 July 2015: A Word from God (NOT A DREAM) – “There is (soon) coming a time when the people’s (lost) hearts will be turned towards God by calamity. Embrace it and be ready for it. A time of great evangelistic opportunity is near.”

These are just a selection of the Rhema Words and Dreams I have had. They agree completely with my most recent dream, which I am calling “The Coming Storm.”

Judgment is coming. Be found praying.

Nelson Lee

Author: Nelson Lee

Nelson W. Lee is an author, evangelist, pastor and teacher. He is the founding pastor of Agape Home Fellowship, a network of house churches linked together through common leadership and technology. His ministry focuses on the areas of Church Revitalization and Revival. He has a heart for seeing men and women of faith “Be the Church” and feels this can be best accomplished through the close community of New Testament style house-churches. For over 20 years, he has focused on revitalizing the church and trying to restore it to its New Testament roots and foundations. He is an avid student of Church History and Systematic Theology and has written numerous discipleship courses, church history articles and guides.

He is married with three children and is a member of the United States Air Force. He has served his country for over 29 years and is currently a meteorologist and flight superintendent. When he is not in uniform, ministering or studying, he can be found spending time with his family or working in his garden.

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Peggy Ann
March 15, 2017 11:52 AM
Daily Bible Verse and Prayer (by “Jolie”) [The symbolism points in Jolie’s prayer are very enlightening— something I had never considered— Peggy] “Then Delilah lulled him to sleep on her knees, and called for a man and had him shave off the seven locks of his head. Then she began to torment him, and his strength left him. And she said, ‘The Philistines are upon you, Samson!’ So he awoke from his sleep, and said, ‘I will go out as before, at other times, and shake myself free!’ But he did not know that the Lord had departed from him” (Judges 16:19-20). Heavenly Father, we can learn so much from the story of Samson and Delilah. Samson is a picture of the Church (the body of Christ), as well as individual believers. And Delilah is a picture of the world (and all that goes with that). Just like how Delilah did with Samson, the world can lull us to sleep on its knees. Are we feeling more and more comfortable with the things of this world? It can sneak in so quietly. Are we starting to embrace more and more secular entertainment? Secular music? Secular friendships / relationships? Secular mindsets and popular views? As we draw near to the world, our strength in You will weaken. Finally, as with Samson and his hair (the source of his strength) – once his hair was cut, his strength was GONE, and he didn’t even know it. The world can affect us the same way. After a while – all our strength, faith and relationship with You can be gone, but we’re so compromised and watered down we don’t even see it! God, pls help us to draw near to YOU and to pursue holiness, not this world and all its pleasures! May… Read more »
Donna Bryant Sikes
Donna Bryant Sikes
March 15, 2017 2:27 AM

Your Jan 6 dream, I woke after hearing the 24th three times. (I dreamed I was dreaming and heard it, woke from that dream and said it, then woke in reality and said it.) I heard Matthew 24 the next day then Isaiah 24 days later. Now that I see your dream, I hope me hearing it three times doesn’t mean the 3rd month. I’ve hoped it was the scriptures and not a date. Still hoping and praying. I’ve also dreamed of the storm and high waves and we were led to shelter and protected. That’s when Isaiah 24 came to mind, and Psalm 91. May God bless you, your family, and your ministry, I pray in Jesus name. Noticed the time as I was typing 3:24.

Donna Bryant Sikes
Donna Bryant Sikes
March 15, 2017 2:28 AM

But it posted 2:27 as completed. It’s actually the third hour on my phone.

Peggy Ann
March 15, 2017 6:09 AM

Thank-you for sharing. They were powerful and sobering words.

Peggy Ann
March 15, 2017 6:29 AM
Here is a correlative prophetic word which was posted on “WhistleBlower Jeff” (Jeff Byerly’s Headlines) Tuesday, March 14, 2017 Prophetic Word: ONE MINUTE AWAY FROM YOUR FINAL BREATH ONE MINUTE AWAY FROM YOUR FINAL BREATH This is a very harsh word and a hard one for me to post because Abba is no longer going to tolerate our evil ways. Holy Spirit has requested that I ask you to share with all and on your media sites. Thank you. Take heed to the message. Daughter, write these words down: My words continue to be ignored and as such when calamity hits I will ignore their cries if they do not truly repent before Me. The arrogance of these people, this wicked generation will be crushed and I will purge this nation once and for all of its filth. Do they think they can mock Me and test Me yet they will not reap what they have sown? All are about to see I am Sovereign over all and all will answer to Me and bow before Me. Heaven is my throne and earth is my footstool and I AM THAT I AM has created it all for my pleasure. Do they not think they will have to confess their sins before me? I AM JUDGE AND JURY and all will receive their reward according to their deeds. As I made all things, I am about to shake this nation to its core. I have given much to a nation’s people who detest my ways, my laws, my statutes and my judgments. Without Me, lawlessness abounds. Have they not noticed evil has risen in this nation and around the world? This world is about to be turned upside down and inside out. Soon all will be one minute away from their… Read more »
Jeff Byerly
March 15, 2017 9:04 AM

Thanks for posting that Peggy!
That word was given to my partner on WBJ , Anna.
God Bless you!

michelle gibson
michelle gibson
March 15, 2017 6:28 AM

I see your dream also as a spiritual dream where God is commanding the army and to the church it looks like we are at a stand still and God has forgotten what to do next, oh but he hasn’t! He is fully aware of what is coming because he is the one bringing it. So as the storm comes the church will be so focused on it they will not see what the real enemy is doing and the Lord has giving us weapons to fight this spiritual battle but most people have never been taught how to use them, they march in to church each week doing the same formations that they know so well, but when God starts to do something new they will not see it. He is trying to tell us to be still and know that I am God. On the other hand the ones that have their eyes on the Lord will know what to do and where to go to be protected. I have had dreams of the storms coming and God’s judgements so I do know they are coming too

Ken Carpenter
Ken Carpenter
October 3, 2017 12:09 AM
I was given this word in 1999 mailed out a few copies, then in 2001 I sent out a few more copies that hit the mail-box on 9/11/2001. In November this year I felt led to send it out by email. Ken Carpenter STORM WARNINGS By: Ken Carpenter April 1999 At first it was just a tropical depression, but it began to grow in size and momentum slowly moving across the sea, each day weather advisories are more pronounced, small craft and gale warnings, as it turns into a tropical storm and when the winds surge past forty-eight knots, hurricane warnings! Some people flee the area, some take the usual precautions just as they have done in the past, and they are convinced they will weather another. Some are over confident, even preparing to have a hurricane party in the face of such great danger. They hear the warnings and laugh when the police come to evacuate the area and refusing to leave, they snicker as their names and next of kin are recorded. There are hurricane warnings on every hand and dark clouds brooding on the horizon: Lost jobs, broken lives, ruined careers, crime, bankruptcies, shattered marriages, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, diseases with no answer and a thousand other tragedies that have come to a nation that is bankrupt, morally, financially and spiritually. God is blowing the trumpet warning about the approaching storms, a few heed and flee, forsaking their sins and turning to God with their whole heart. Most harden their hearts and say business as usual. I heard that message twenty-five years ago, some having a hurricane party, worldly, and mockers whom will walk after their own ungodly lust. (Jude 1:18-19) “And I set a watchmen over you saying listen to the sound of the… Read more »