The Coming Judgment and Triumph of the Church

Church_dreamThe following tells about a dream I had with five different scenes. After each scene, I have provided my interpretation.

Scene One: In the first scene, I saw a church building and the property was like a small school campus or a summer camp. The sanctuary was one long narrow room with no pews. Instead, it had amphitheater style seating that was covered in light beige carpet and the color of the walls was also light beige.

The dream began with me just being there in the sanctuary and realizing the service was about to begin. People were in the sanctuary mingling and talking. I was looking around and I noticed there was a thick layer of dust on everything and the sanctuary itself looked like it had not been properly cleaned in quite a while. Stained carpet, dust, paper scraps all over the floors etc.

I was concerned because we had invited so many new people to come and we didn’t seem to bother making sure our church was cleaned up. I looked for the pastor but he was nowhere to be seen.

Scene One Interpretation: I believe the church being set up as an amphitheater shows that the church has become a place of entertainment and full of spectators.

The symbols of dust and pieces of paper scattered everywhere in the sanctuary show our lack of discernment and disregard for sound doctrine and how we have embraced false doctrines.

The light beige color of the walls and carpet shows that the church started out hot, but has become lukewarm. It should be white! Not seeing the pastor shows that the church has no Godly leadership.

Scene Two: The scene changed and I was walking into to the ladies bathroom. Once inside the bathroom I saw it was not actually a ladies room. Instead it was like a summer camp house / girl’s locker room / bathroom / showers all in one. There were bunk beds to the left as I walked in the door, up against the wall.

Then my eye was drawn to an overflowing trashcan. I smelled fresh and decaying food in the garbage. Then for some reason the thought came to me that this was an attractant to bears, so I was upset about that.

Then I sensed some movement in the room and I turned and saw the middle bunk bed mattress moving, I saw that someone was underneath the mattress. I pulled it back and found two preteen girls were lying side by side under it.

I asked, “What are you doing?”

They said, “We are scared of the bears, they breaking in everywhere!”

Suddenly, I heard the sound of footsteps and turned to see a boy walk into the ladies room.

I said to him, “This isn’t the men’s bathroom, it’s the girls, you can’t be in here!”

He replied, “Oh, I’m sorry I don’t know why I came in this way, I guess I got confused.”

Then more and more men and boys came in one after another. Some were young boys. Some were teens. Some were middle-aged men. Many had on Boy Scout uniforms!

I had to tell them all the same thing over and over, “You can’t come in here! This is the ladies room. You are not a woman! You can’t come in here!”

They all said the same thing, “Oh, we must have gotten confused about which door was which.”

But I knew they were not being honest. They came in the wrong door on purpose.

Scene Two Interpretation: I believe this part of the dream shows the church is asleep and at leisure. We have left our youth vulnerable to the enemy! The youth is very aware of the unrepentant sin and hypocrisy in the church today; hence the overflowing garbage can that had old and new garbage in it.

I believe the part about the girls hiding under the mattress shows how our youth feel all alone because they have no one to protect them from the enemy.

The garbage can speaks of the sins of the church being full and overflowing and not being dealt with. There is a stench that has filled the land and the nostrils of God. The old garbage is a symbol of religiosity, hypocrisy and unrepentant sin. The new garbage symbolizes the years of false teachings and doctrines the church has consumed and tossed aside and continues to do so. Call it food, doctrine etc., what they have consumed has left them wanting because it was not the bread of life, so they continued looking for something new and fresh but haven’t found it!

The sudden sound of approaching footsteps shows how suddenly, like out of nowhere comes gender confusion, gay marriage, and deception. First, they invaded the world, and then they flooded into the church. They entered the church on purpose to harass believers, but what the LGTB followers don’t realize is that this very thing will cause the true church to grow stronger, not weaker. I also saw that this would cause great division in the church. Those who accept it will become part of the great harlot. They will actually play a great role in persecuting the true church!

Scene Three: The scene changed again and the location looked like a rice field in Vietnam or the Florida Everglades wetlands. There was some type of racing competition going on. The strange thing though was they were racing were all different kinds of vehicles, including cars, SUV’s, and trucks. The vehicles were from every era, but they had been modified to race over wetlands, kind of like swamp buggies. But some of them were made into not only racing machines, but tanks and battle type vehicles. They could drive over land and sea.

What got me was why were they turning these into war machines?

Scene Three Interpretation: I believe this scene shows a time of great persecution coming to the church. To us it will seem like a wilderness, but there we will be transformed into who we were meant to be in the first place. So it is sort of like a proving ground for Christians.

Many people and ministries will be transformed into warriors who will be equipped to do mighty things in the last days. I believe the vehicles riding over land and sea reveals that some will be sent out as Prophets and Evangelists into the lands of America. Others will be sent across the seas. The Lord will make a way for them like when He parted the Red Sea for Israel.

Seeing all different types of vehicles being made into racing machines showed that many will show their true colors and that their agenda will be all about themselves and their own glory. This will be plainly seen when they are compared to the ones who are made into war machines. In others words, some people won’t be able to cut it.

Scene Four: The scene changed again. Our pastor’s wife was driving my husband and me in our own car, which is a 2008 black Mazda Tribute. Not sure why she was driving but she was. I was sitting next to her and my husband was in the passenger seat. We were on Sweetwater road. It was very dark and raining and we couldn’t see the roads real well. She was leaning forward straining to see the road. I sensed we were in some sort of peril and I had to do something so the only thing I could think of was to reach over and flip the bright lights on so she could see better.

Right then the road turned into a steep clay road going straight up for about 100 yards. I remember being afraid the tires wouldn’t stick to the road because it was raining and the tires were spinning. It was like driving up the side of a slippery skyscraper and I had the sensation we were going to fall backwards. But we made it!!

Scene Four Interpretation: I believe this scene shows the dangers the church will face in the coming days. The dark slippery road and rain reveal the assault of the enemy to deter us on every side. It shows how difficult he will attempt to make it for us to stay on course. We will be severely tested. The road being called Sweetwater refers to the living water we will obtain once we make it to the top of the hill, if we have faith and persevere to the end.

The sensation of almost falling backwards shows the danger of the great falling away of many believers. My flipping the bright lights on for my pastor’s wife shows that the Lord will provide supernatural insight, discernment and instructions for his Church. I think reaching the top of the hill could be the rapture of the church.

Scene Five: Then the scene changed again and we were back at the church, but there was a new woman there I had never seen before. She very tall, a little heavy set, and had blond hair. Others knew her and were talking to her, but I had an uneasy feeling about her. Next thing I knew, the police came and arrested her for murder and theft. Everyone was in shock and disbelief. They all seemed surprised and upset, but I wasn’t. That was the end of the dream.

Scene Five Interpretation: I believe this reveals that those who sneak into the marriage supper of the lamb without having their wedding garment on will be arrested as imposters. The police are the angels who will come and arrest them and bind them hand and foot and cast them into outer darkness.

I believe the whole dream shows us what the bible has already said will happen. It is telling us to trust in the Lord, stay true, keep our garments clean, and persevere until the end.

Author: Cyndi J. Dana

Cyndi J. Dana is a wife and mother of two and grandmother of four. She is a member of the praise team and vice-president of women’s ministries in her local church. Cyndi was called by God at the age of 15 She shares her dreams and visions, as well as current world events on her blog.

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Stephen D. Fretwell
Stephen D. Fretwell
July 2, 2015 3:55 PM

Prophetic dreams are warnings about what will happen soon unless we repent. Repent of what? Best start with repenting of not repenting. Not spending time working at repentance, not getting instruction in wisdom on how to repent. Not identifying and aiming at fruit worthy of repentance. “Christians” finding themselves in trouble for their “faith” should prepare now to testify that they are being rightly judged for, and richly deserve, their fate, as did the thief on the cross who found a death-bed salvation. It is far more likely that they are being judged, and not being persecuted. “Many” have taken Yahhua’s name in vain, utterly failing to bring His kingdom to come onto the earth in any recognizable fashion. So, be warned! Find out from a prophet what other sin Yah would have you repent of, then spend many hours every day renewing your mind and being transformed from that sin. Your eternity, and that of those He has given to you to watch over, your potential fruit from the seed of the gospel, all hang on what you decide to do about this warning.

July 1, 2015 11:50 AM

Wow!!! That was a loaded dream!! Thank you for sharing Cyndi!!!! Great insight on your interpretations as well. Something tells me that as we enter into this time of shaking, the Lord will begin to wreak our sleep lives and fill them with more prophetic dreams than we could ever imagine. Thank you for having an eye to see and an ear to hear!! 🙂