The Coming Alien Jesus Deception

alien_JesusThe media is now prepping the masses to accept a coming demonic delusion. Even in a Fox News article today, 8-15-15, reported: “Apollo 14 Astronaut Claims Peace-Loving Aliens Prevented Nuclear War on Earth.”

Jesus warned us about great deception coming in the last days, so we should be aware of the evil schemes of the devil and ready to expose them.

And then if anyone says to you, ‘Behold, here is the Christ’; or, ‘Behold, He is there’; do not believe him; for false Christs and false prophets will arise, and will show signs and wonders, in order to lead astray, if possible, the elect. (Mark 13:21-22)

I was prompted to share the following dream from 5-8-15, warning of a future deception associated with an Alien Jesus, which will not really be an alien, but a fallen angel, a demon disguised as Jesus.

I was with several people who were planning on going through a portal, that was accessible through what looked like the back entrance of a bus. The plans were for one person to go through at a time. The first person went in, then suddenly that portal closed up, the bus door closed down and took off.

I don’t remember all of the details after that, but I remember we somehow were able to get that person back out. Then they described the demons that they saw there.

Many people were desperately yearning for the return of Jesus. We were feeling/believing that His return was very close. The anticipation of His return was intense.

I was in a building when I suddenly saw a woman dressed in her coat, ready to go outside and she said, “They’re here!”

I looked outside and saw a spaceship coming down, but my heart was thinking “It’s Jesus coming back”.

I rushed outside as the spaceship was descending and was able to make my way to this landing area that had almost like a lit up runway aisle for Jesus to walk on. It reminded me of a wide walkway, similar to a celebrity “red carpet” walk, but this was outside and the walkway was black.

I saw what would have been a perfect depiction of an artist’s rendition of Jesus coming out of the spaceship. Everybody behind me (a distance away) was already on the ground, bowing and worshipping. My emotions overcame me and I also got on the ground to bow down and worship. Jesus started walking down the walkway and as He got closer, I reached out to touch his garment, but He ignored me and kept walking. Something wasn’t right.

Note: I woke up from this dream and the thought came to my mind that Jesus is coming back on a white horse and that was not the real Jesus. I then fell back to sleep.

Part 3:
I was talking to several people about the difference between Christianity and satanists. I said, “They use a circle (I had a picture of them drawing a circle around themselves) and we have the cross.” I used my arms in front of me and made a cross as an illustration. I knew the circle the satanists drew was a portal that allowed them to access the demonic realm.

One of my former supervisors (who was not a Christian and did not like Christians) was there. I had a copy of Howard Pittman’s small book, “Placebo” with me. This supervisor had some questions for me. We went into another room together, where she started smoking. While she was smoking, I told her, “I generally would not recommend this Howard Pittman book to those who don’t understand Christianity, but here, read it carefully.” I knew I would be able to answer her questions later.

Note: The Howard Pittman book, “Placebo” was highlighted 3 times in this dream. The main focus of that book is the fact that the majority of professing Christians are dulled into a superficial form of “religion”. Also, it reveals the reality of demonic forces.

I understand these dreams all go together as a warning.

Part 1 highlights the demonic forces that are associated with CERN’s quest to access other dimensions. When they successfully power up the supercollider to max, literally “the gates of hell” will be opened up and the demonic forces WILL be coming through. (Revelation 9:1-3)

Part 2 highlights the coming deception of an “alien Jesus” that masses of professing Christians will believe is the true Jesus. This deception will be so massive, only those who are filled with the Holy Spirit and know the Bible will make it. Even then, the pull of deception will be so intense, only by knowing the truth and standing on the truth will any overcome. Those who get caught up in this deception will not follow the truth of the Bible and what Jesus said about His own return. (Matthew 24:23-26)

Part 3 ties everything together, highlighting the demonic deception upon the majority of professing Christians who are spiritually asleep, who have taken the “placebo” of “all is well” and are not aware of the reality of the times we are in, the deception that continues to rise, and the risk of heading into eternal damnation.


Placebo” by Howard Pittman

CERN opening up gates of hell

(note, many sites discuss this, just google “Cern opening gates of hell”)

Former Pope warning of Vatican alien agenda

Pope Francis says he would baptize aliens

Scientists in the United States are urged to make contact with aliens

Linda Hasche

Author: Linda Hasche

Linda Hasche serves as an intercessor for the body of Christ, with a specific focus on the United States. She requests that all who read her posts and comments, to take them to the LORD in prayer for confirmation. Her prayers are for each person to gain a closer walk with Jesus Christ, be strong in the Word, listening to and obeying of the Holy Spirit. To read more of the dreams, visions and revelations given to Linda by the Holy Spirit, please visit her blog at: BelieveActs2Fire.

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August 17, 2015 9:36 PM

Holy Spirit is clearly speaking to those with ears to hear. Others…. Get ready and be prepared.
Trim your lamps, being certain they are filled with His oil. He is showing us that dark evil forces are working overtime attempting to deceive His body and destroy His Word. Be vigilant, indeed our enemy is prowling around.!.

Debra Walker
August 19, 2015 1:20 AM
You are so right, Ali. And for the benefit of those who don’t know, she was referring to the parable about the ten virgins (Matthew 25:1-13). Five were wise and had plenty of oil for their lamps. They got to go with the bridegroom into the wedding feast. Five were foolish and ran out of oil at midnight. While they were buying more, they were locked out of the wedding feast. When they returned, the groom said to them, “I don’t know you.” Several things to learn from this parable: The ten virgins represent Christians and Jews, the many who are called (Matthew 22:14a). Oil represents the Holy Spirit. The lamps represent the word of God. (“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” [Psalms 119:10].) Note that all of the virgins were just that – virgins: they were living according to God’s rules, at least to some reasonable degree. But only the wise virgins were the few who are chosen (Matthew 22:14b). What’s the difference? All were virgins. All had the word of God. But only the wise had enough oil – meaning they had cultivated their relationship with the Holy Spirit to such a degree that they could call on Him even in difficult circumstances, when the darkness is closing in. The five foolish virgins, in being locked out of the wedding feast, were denied access to eternal life with God and instead consigned to eternity without Him, in hell. Even though they were virgins, and thought they were supposed to go to the feast. ….. So, dear reader, how is your relationship with the Holy Spirit? If you were born again, He lives in you. When is the last time you reached for Him, talked with Him, listened to Him? Or… Read more »
Karen Sue
August 19, 2015 4:34 PM

Debra, I agree. Many will name the Name but not know who He is, really. They don’t know Him, and He won’t know them in that day, lest they repent, and quit using the Bible as a weapon, twisting it’s meaning, and proudly becoming the elite Christian that really will be revealed as blind, and naked in the sight of those that will yet pray for the veil to be removed from their eyes, and that they be restored. So, a religious spirit is a hindering spirit and it becomes entrenched right from the pulpits that have not equipped it’s people, God’s people, and seeks to control them. The article is about ‘aliens”, but it speaks of those things that are foreign to God.

January 20, 2016 9:13 PM
Karen Sue
August 19, 2015 4:15 PM

It’s interesting, Linda, that you mentioned two giants. I had a dream about 6 months ago that showed me two giants. When I saw them, I heard Canaan land. I was trying to go through the land when there were these two fierce giant warriors that were guarding the territory. I understood that there names were Fear and Anger, and they had to be conquered before entering Canaan land. I new they were hindering the passage for all seeking to enter into the land. These often intimidate with anger and aggression so as to cause God’s people to fear and run away. I associate these as being the henchmen of the territorial spirits which are ruled by principalities. Ironic that you chased after them! I have done that, too, awake and aware. Sometimes fear and anger are tools to help us overcome and grow stronger in the spirit and in our faith. Yes, I agree that they are here, having help in human form, but these horrific entities are of the lower magnitude, while the rest of them are pressing to gain access, and we are the territory! If we consider the Nephilim, these are not for redemption. At death they have a spirit because they are a product of two species, I guess you could say, it is that spirit that looks to manifest in a body. Seems that many in the tech sci and bio sci communities are willing participants. You may want to consider Montauk and mind programming. It’s straight out the furtherance and furnace of the Nazi experiments and has found it’s way into vogue.

Karen Sue
August 18, 2015 11:45 AM
Linda, I believe that these entities already walk the streets disguised. I believe that many of the ‘alien’ appearances in dreams are to show us the nature of these entities that we may encounter at any given time. I can’t recall having seen these in a dream, but I have had mental images similar, and once in 1988 had what may have been a manifesting reality or vision. I am not sure. I was at a specialty grocery store standing at the magazine rack where the recipe books were. I was wanting to learn how to infuse more grain, fruit, and nuts into my meals. The rack was about 4 ft tall and had three sides to it, so you could stand in a cubicle space. I was facing the check out lanes, but I wasn’t looking, but reading. I felt something intense on the top of my head, like a piercing, so I looked up. What I saw caught my breath. I don’t know how to describe this, but I at first thought this was a person wearing big almond shaped sun glasses. Then in a flash I thought what kind of outfit is that, sort of silver grey. This all happened in a moment, not minutes. I fell to the floor, because it saw me see it. I then got a realization that I was allowed to see something, so I quickly stood up and looked again. It was gone. It was more to do with discernment of spirits than qualifying an ‘alien’ being. So, when thinking of ‘aliens’ I know that they are ‘alien’ by virtue of deception. Who could have imagined that in these days that there is discussion to baptize them, rewrite Bible and interpretations of it, and call them brothers. I have read of… Read more »
Debra Walker
August 19, 2015 12:08 AM

Yes, indeedy! Beautifully spoken, Karen.

August 17, 2015 6:20 PM

That’s interesting I had a similar dream where I was in my car, stopped at a light and a man walked by my window, bent down and looked in through my open window, and I remember in the dream thinking this guy wants to carjack me. Then I heard the Holy Spirit say it’s a dream wake up and I did. I heard Him say you need to be on your guard in the future from now on and be alert. So now I keep pepper spray in my car. But nothing works better than the precious blood of Jesus.

Debra Walker
August 19, 2015 12:03 AM

Amen! 🙂

August 17, 2015 5:57 PM

The other night I also dreamt of spiritual warfare. I was inside a building in a room talking to a few teenage girls. They said something about ghosts and I said I just pray. I started to pray and I saw something coming through the walls and I was praying against it and it couldn’t come through but it kept trying. Then I walked into another room and was boldly praying and speaking in tongues out loud. This older man was mocking me saying, “Oh, we have a tongue talker.” I didn’t let up but was very serious and kept praying out loud like I was in battle mode. I also dreamt the other night I was outside and my dad was with me. Everywhere I turned a snake would be on the ground and I would say dad here’s another, watch out! He was trying to protect me too. I noticed they were everywhere and all different kinds! I don’t think I got bit. I don’t usually dream of snakes but when I do I know it’s a message.

Debra Walker
August 19, 2015 12:01 AM
Natalie, it sounds like these were two different dreams, yes? The first one hardly needs interpretation: Evil spirits are among us and getting bolder. We can prevail over them when we pray, especially when we pray in tongues (or when we pray God’s word), and when we use the authority we have in the Name of Jesus. He promised us persecution; mocking will be commonplace. But we must not succumb to fear of man through mocking or bullying. Rather, stand strong in your spiritual armor (Ephesians 6:10 and following verses), and overcome through the word and the Holy Spirit. Each of us should pray for the gift of discernment of spirits (1 Corinthians 12:10), that we may be able to spot them and their interference. …… In the second dream, the snakes also represent evil spirits. Like satan in the Garden, snakes particularly denote deception (Genesis 2:16,17; and 3:1-13). They were all different kinds, because many different kinds of deceptions will be attempted, such as: False messiahs and false prophets, even performing signs and wonders, trying to deceive even the righteous (Matthew 24:24; Mark 13:22). False evidence of sickness, in the hopes that we will claim it (“I have cancer” or “my cancer”) or take the Lord’s name in vain about it (“I AM going deaf”) and thus legally allow it in reality. And one of the trickiest, false good without God, another way to lead the saints away from Him. Remember, satan and his minions have supernatural powers because they are angels, albeit fallen ones we call demons. They are quite capable of doing something that appears good, as a trap to ensnare the unsuspecting and even God’s people. We have entered the time when we must be constantly on the alert – the snakes were everywhere you turned… Read more »
August 17, 2015 4:43 PM

Hopefully no christian would expect Messiah Jesus to come on a space craft. But with all the deception in today’s world, nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.

Last night I had a brief dream. I was walking to open the door to the back yard. When I did, a ferocious black dog ran toward me. I quickly shut the door and immediately woke up. Holy Spirit told me the black dog was demonic attempts to attack believers. We must be on guard against his attacks and wrap ourselves in His Word, covered in His armor. (Eph. 6).

Karen Sue
August 17, 2015 7:17 PM

Yes, hell hounds. I once had a dream, I actually thought I was awake, that’s how vivid it was. I was getting into a truck, and the window on the passenger side was down about 1/2 way. I wondered who left it opened and leaned over from the driver side to roll it up, when I saw something black, moving at lightening speed toward me. It was at the horizon at one moment, and by the time it got to the truck, I was frantically trying to get the last 1/4 inch of the window up. The thing came right through that cracked window right at me. I put my right arm up to protect my throat, and it dug it’s teeth into my arm, but I wrestled with it, and rebuked it, and it poofed out of the vehicle, and the dream. I woke up.

James Grubbs
August 17, 2015 3:47 PM

Thanks for sharing Linda. I know one thing for sure, Jesus isn’t going to wait on me to board a ship. He will command and the power of his words will do the rest. If some other being asks me if I’m ready to go, as if I had a choice, then my answer will be no. Blessed be your holy name Jesus. Blessings all.
BTW, Jesus will know you’re ready without you saying a word and I’m glad you posted this article in order to share the message.