“I have been clothing you with My banners that I have chosen for you in this hour.”

Children, you are My Army of many banners, and My Banners are flying across cities, regions, nations, and shores because there is so much more that I have in store. But I want you to understand there is coming much more, and I must bring you onto the higher floor, because its not just about the open door. Children, its more, its more, its more.

You are My army that I have been preparing in the night. I have been preparing you to look with new sight. I have been preparing you to stand in your might, and stand in your right, and stand together and fight, for you are My army, My terrible and formidable host! (Song 6:4, 10)

I have been clothing you with My Banners that I have chosen for you in this hour. It is not the banners that have been flown in the past, and it is not the banners that have been made and flown before men. No! These are the banners that have flown in heaven and are about to descend and begin because I, and My captains that are mighty in battle, are among you! They have been training you in the saddle.

They have been training you to ride My white horses. They have been training you in your battle courses. They have been training you and they have been restraining you and they have even been chaining you because some of you are running ahead of Me. I say, be still! Be still, My formidable army! Be still and wait upon Me, for I am doing things in this hour, that if you did not understand and you did not wait, you would be ahead of Me and you would fall at the gate.

There are things that are coming in this hour that I am preparing for you, and I am preparing you for, and the first is for My Banners of war. Because My Banners are being assembled in this hour, and I am establishing My Standards here and there and everywhere. My cities shall lift high My Banners. They shall lift high My Standards. As they lift high My Standards in the Winds of Change, My Waves shall come and rearrange, and there shall be a great war exchange, because it is Me!

I am the Captain of the Lord of Hosts’ army, and I am He, and I have been assigned to you, and I am warring with you, and I am preparing you, and I am strengthening you, and I am causing you to shake free of all the things that have hindered you for the last ten years. These things shall come off in a day, because these things shall pass away.

Look ahead, and look up, for the banners of the Lord of Hosts, the banners are assembling, and they are being displayed, and they are being arrayed, and you shall read everyone of them, and you shall know and understand the fullness of My plan. As you look at each banner over each step, over each day in every way. Wherever you look, you will understand another piece of the puzzle, of what I have written for you. You shall walk it out, and you shall carry all of My Standards, because the standards have been written for you!

Scripture References:
Psalm 60:4
Isaiah 49:22
Isaiah 59:19
Isaiah 62:10

Rev Susan O'Marra

Author: Rev Susan O’Marra

Rev Susan O’Marra and her husband Patrick are pastors of The Salvation of God Church in Rochester NY, which is a charismatic Assembly of God prophetic training and equipping center focusing on equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry. She shares her dreams and visions on her blog, In the Image of His Glory Ministries. Susan enjoys camping, archaeology, travel, gardening, and missions.

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Anthony Treffers
Anthony Treffers
June 5, 2018 4:33 AM

Susan, it is interesting that both you and Ivette in the article above have both used Isaiah 62 verse 10 as Scripture reference. Perhaps not a coincidence!

Thomas Nodoubt
Thomas Nodoubt
June 6, 2018 11:26 AM

Wait. That is the word which the Lord has been showing my wife and I am one of the ones Father has had to, -gulp- chain to restrain from getting ahead of Him. Thank you Susan

June 6, 2018 12:07 AM

What a great photo.