Chinese soldiers massacre children hiding in USA

On 15th April 2015, I had an awful dream about watching Chinese soldiers massacre people in America; bayonets were being thrust through wooden slatted pathways that people were hiding under and children were fleeing. It was terrible.

Then in the dream, the same thing began to happen in South Africa and I recognized it because I had seen what happened in USA. Once again in this carnage in South Africa, many children were involved. I am from South Africa.

There were many scoffers who would not listen as I tried to warn them it was coming in the same way and I was criticized for riding on a donkey to spread the warnings.

Then in a different scene, we were on a farm with many other people and suddenly old fashioned cars like Model-T Fords arrived with their lights on in a convoy of people coming to the farm because of fighting breaking out in the city. I knew it was happening here in South Africa. I told my husband, but he scoffed and went to watch the news on TV instead of preparing himself. He mocked me for having a donkey as my transport.

People were running around in panic. I went to find my mother and say goodbye in case I didn’t come through what was about to occur. She was talking to another lady after being at the hairdresser and also had an irritated attitude because I was hurrying her, so I just kissed her and left. I was trying to find a safe hiding place and thinking of something to eat like raisins, which one can keep in one’s pocket.

Then in the next scene, my husband and I were on the back of a vehicle going past buildings not built to regulations, so I knew they couldn’t be used as hiding places because they were not safe. We drove past field where men were lying on their backs holding automatic weapons. I said to my husband, “They must be mercenaries.”

He scoffed again and said, “How could they be?”

I replied, “I saw the same thing happening in USA, that they came to fight.”

We were driving very steep downhill and saw little girls dressed in Amish type clothing; they were irritated because their fathers hadn’t dressed in the same color as the rest of the family for what was coming. At one point, I even looked under a slatted, wooden raised pathway for a hiding place and saw children already there, but I knew the bayonets would pierce them as they had before. Looking upwards towards the ceiling for hiding holes, I saw a child in one but then someone outside spotted them so basically there was nowhere to hide.

For some reason, throughout the dream the Chinese soldiers could not see me even though I was in plain sight, but many others were suffering terribly. It was a very chaotic dream and I woke up feeling terribly burdened.


I still don’t understand some parts of it, but I sense the row of classic cars with their lights on represent believers who had returned to the good old paths and had a plan to carry out in case of emergency in the cities. I was already there because I was a forerunner who had gone ahead to prepare the way.

I sense this dream is about the Body of Christ and different levels of preparedness as all the specific people who appeared in the dream were believers, but some had no understanding of the times.

I also feel that the children may not represent real children, but those who are babes in Christ, in spite of knowing the Lord for many years. Watching the news instead of preparing speaks of those Christians who are duped by what the mass media official outlets release instead of being led by the Spirit.

Just as they have in America, the Chinese have also bought up huge amounts of land and strategic buildings in South Africa.

The main thing that remained with me after the dream was the lack of preparedness in the people for what unfolded. For most it was as if this had not ever entered their heads that this could happen.

Christine Beadsworth

Author: Christine Beadsworth

Christine Beadsworth lives in Somerset West, South Africa. She is an artist, poet and speaker, also writing and publishing articles under the ‘Fresh Oil Releases’ banner. She has authored several books, which she offers for free on her blog, Fresh Oil Releases. In 2017, she started a new site for posting her podcasts, called Fresh Air Releases.

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Zandra Potter
Zandra Potter
September 30, 2017 7:52 PM

I have been watching YouTube videos about the children of the Holocaust. I felt drawn to them, Last night I watched Schindler’s List on Netflix. I saw the brutality and hatred man can have when they are satanically controlled. They will not hesitate to kill our children. When they ran out of gas pellets it was reported they threw the children alive into the crematories and burned them alive. Let us remember the Holocaust and pray for God’s protection over His people and the children!

Matt Smith
Matt Smith
September 30, 2017 6:16 PM
This reminded me of a dream I had when I first got saved a few years ago, and I am one who can only remember less than 1% of my dreams, so I knew this dream was from The Lord, plus he confirmed for me afterward. I remember sitting in a high school gymnasium, on the bleachers, and my ex-manager was in a Sgt Uniform. I was sitting next to a bunch of people, some were my age, others were as young as 8 years old. We were all dressed in regular everyday clothing. As I was sitting there, I knew I didn’t complete my homework assignment. My task was to bring a gun type weapon. The person next to me, brought a hack saw, that doubled as a sophisticated gun. He gave me his weapon, because he had more. Now the reason we had to bring these weapons, was because this country was at war, and we were being invaded. Our Sgt told us it is time to get up and go, we had to go to a location. As we left the gym, the scene changed, as though we were in desert south west, and our group had to march run (Double time march) to get to then next location, because over head there were planes flying over us shooting missiles down on the ground at other military platoons, but miraculously they were not aiming at us, they did not see us. These planes all had red stars on them. Somehow I knew in the dream, these planes belonged to China. The explosions we great, and we had to get to where we were going. The scene changed again, and we had arrived at our destination. It was a Chinese Restaurant, in the desert. (Catch the Chinese theme?)… Read more »
September 30, 2017 1:11 PM

Here is a video from Glynda Lomax that discusses the falling away. Maybe this persecution will kill the faith of immature Christians?

Also, Chinese are buying up real estate in Canada, especially in British Columbia. Multiple laws/changes in taxation are also being proposed that will hurt small businesses and farmers, and will lead to the destruction of rural communities (thanks Agenda 2030…) If no Canadians can afford to purchase the land, that opens it up to foreign investors…

There is also a mega Asian mall with 500 shops being opened in Calgary, Alberta.

September 30, 2017 9:21 PM

Pray for our children

Christopher Harris
October 2, 2017 8:54 AM

Thank you sister for sharing. I’ve dreamed of Russian and Asian troops invading and conquering the United States. Also many different dreams of being in Australia with troops invading. It seemed like very little or no warning, like they were already in place. In several dreams like this I often received a warning in my spirit, and if I wasn’t obedient to flee without delay I would be captured! Other times I was captured to show how quickly and sudden this will be. I believe there will be sudden destruction, and they will be going after Christians especially. I’ve dreamed so much of war and them suddenly coming for the people. I pray we in the body of Christ are ready to stand firm in Jesus unto the end, and if we feel an urge from the Lord and His Holy Spirit to flee, we should obey without delay! This is what I have been shown in many dreams. May God bless you dear sister.

Diane B
Diane B
October 3, 2017 11:30 PM

Yes brother I believe that they are already in place. That is what the Lord showed me by 2012. From the north,and south borders,and from the mountain regions they will invade. I dreamt Aug 10,2017 about watching out a large window to the end of my house.(Wasn’t really my house, but a commercial building. My Nation?) I saw a huge brown bear pop up from the long grass. I yelled out,” A HUGE brown bear!” Soon another one popped up, then another and another.There were “TEN HUGE BROWN BEARS!” I yelled. They smashed the window and started to take chunks out of the cement walls. “Let’s get out of here, it’s not safe!” I turned and ran out the front glass doors, but people kept trying to come in as I was trying to get out. End of dream. Interpretation. It seems the brown bears can be Russia, and the fact that they popped up out of the tall grass means they are already here. The grass got long when we cut it regularly makes it look like we got busy/distracted and didn’t realize how long the grass was getting.

Thomas Nodoubt
October 3, 2017 8:57 AM
Christine, the other day when I shared with you the vision I saw of you placed in the Body(of ‘Messiah’) , allow me to relate that once again, in case there are others here it affects; the vision was in two separate scenes, the first was a ‘progressive’ scene which, upon further reflection, was set in three stages. That first stage was you running or rushing back and forth, preparing for something. To me, it looked like you were just doing ‘busy work’ but not necessarily for the Lord(I realize I was looking on from the ‘natural eyes at that point’ because I did not ‘know’ what I was seeing-‘know’ as in ‘depart from me I never knew you.’). I did see you moving around … and as I am seeing this, I am looking from above and I can see a hill off to my left while I see you moving around down below, in and around the city below that hill. The next stage of that vision I saw you going up and down from the city to that hill and it looked like you were either (carrying or, more like ‘ushering’ up that hill several and they looked small which I thought they were all children but I began to realize as I was watching this, that they were not all children, but it was because I was seeing in the spirit now and these ‘small’ ones were ‘babes in christ’ and they would start out as ‘dark-ened’ shapes or forms only but with a very little light in them but as you would ‘usher’ them up this hill, then they left out from you(your ‘covering’ I am thinking) and some were brighter lights by this time and you were like a mother hen then, whisking them… Read more »
Peggy Ann
September 30, 2017 7:49 PM

Thank-you Christine.
The sentence that jumped out at me above was this one:

“The main thing that remained with me after the dream was the lack of preparedness in the people for what unfolded.”

That reminded me of this post through LINDA (CLAY) HASCHE, published 9/4/2017)