The changing of the guard as His messengers of fire arise.

Greetings, precious saints of God,

I recently had the privilege of speaking at a prophetic conference in South Africa, aimed at releasing the messengers of end time fire. The Word says that He makes His messengers flames of fire. Those who have read my Book of Endtime Fire will understand the depth of this concept and my measure of understanding (so far) as to how this will unfold.

On the very day (1st Sept) we were engaged in this prophetic mandate in Bloemfontein, the seat of the Judiciary in South Africa, Neville Johnson, a father to many in the bridal company, was taken home to receive his reward. Neville lived in Australia, the great southland of the Holy Spirit, and his going triggered something profound in the kingdom. Immediately, the Lord reminded me of Neville’s message on the changing of the guard which contained much revelation and understanding concerning the passing of the baton from the generation which has prepared the way in the last season to the generation who will run the last leg of the race.

The Lord had been sharing with me in the last while that we are entering the day of 3-fold things. This involves both the depth of revelation and understanding of heavenly things and also the hundred-fold harvest that emerges from those who have buried the seed of the Word in the good soil of their hearts. One seed falls to the ground and dies in order to yield a rich harvest of end-time harvesters.

I had the sense that the Lord will be taking many home to their reward amongst the saints in these days, and as we see this unfold, we must understand that they go to take their places in the heavenly side of the army of God; to carry out the portion God has appointed them in ushering in the days of glory poured out amidst dense darkness on the earth. Their places will be taken by a multitude of prepared bridal saints who are then released to carry out their end time mandates.

God once said to me that I place far too much emphasis on life on this earth; that He holds His saints in the palm of His hand and deploys them as He sees fit to bring His eternal purposes to completion.

As I awoke in the early morning of Friday, the 6th of September, the lines of a poem began to flow through my heart and I understood the Spirit was releasing the sound which encapsulated what this next chapter will contain, shown at the bottom of this post. May the words I have recorded here inspire fresh light, prophetic paintings and songs which powerfully declare the blueprint for the season we step into. May they ignite the flame within your own hearts so that its bursts into a fierce fire that carries the heart of a jealous, loving God to a world lost and wandering in desert places.

I leave you with one last deep sentence which the Spirit whispered to me in the days following the conference:

“You must stop dwelling on earth and dwell fully in your appointed place in heavenly places in Christ’.

Herein is our safety, sanity and peace.

In His service,


The Changing of the Guard (recorded 6th September 2019)

The cloak of mourning clouds the sky

while angel songs are heard on high

and some are snatched while others sleep.

The river wide is also deep,

and understanding heavenly things

is only portioned to the kings,

while others scratch their heads and cry

“Why is it that the young must die?”

and ancient songs are sung again

while fear grips the hearts of men

as God now rides in stormy skies.

Where are the teachings of the wise

Who shine as stars against the night

and give the saints their heavenly light?

and Wisdom’s counsel beat strikes hard

amidst the changing of the guard

One brought near and two are born.

The great and dreadful Day now dawns.

The double portion army rides;

a fiery trail blazed through the skies

and heaven and earth together sing

It is the day of 3-fold things.

The Lion’s roar is heard again

as judgment falls like beating rain

and justice lines are drawn and marked,

while remnant seed hides in the ark

and ‘Holy, Holy’ now they sing

beneath the shelter of His wing

As fire consumes the wood and chaff.

And all who shook their heads and laughed

at prophet warnings, tremble now

and every knee before Him bows.

His messengers of fire arise

propelled by zeal, His fiery eyes

are searching now both high and low

Where are the ones who say, “I’ll go”

and scan the byways east to west

and call men to the wedding fest

Where are My saints willing to die

to gather in what souls are Mine?

The ancient scroll is near complete,

Let’s lay the harvest at His feet

and cast our crowns before the throne.

And wave on wave of plowmen come,

marching now to Heaven’s drum.

Cutting words, engraving deep

the broken heart of God Who weeps

at those who’ve turned their hearts away

and wandered from the narrow way.

And early rains compact the ground

where dead seed lies, a locked up sound.

Then miracle! His fiery breath

now resurrects

and beating heart begins to form

and stretch Hope fingers to the warmth

as Living Rays of Light now come

and draw potential from earth’s womb,

and green shoots break out of the tomb

and cast aside death veils and doom.

The whisper beats of Father’s love

encoded in the scroll above

caress the face of all to come

and powerful cry of battle won

resounds decree that it is done!

And all rise up for He has come!

And soft, the hum of each one’s song

vibrates and resonates within

as worship rises to their King.

and Heaven and earth converge as one;

a symphony in Christ the Son.

And all creation, wave on wave

resounds and echoes perfect praise.

and Hope breath stokes the DNA

of all that God would like to say

through vessels yielded to His call,

the ones who’ve come and given all;

the harvesters who break new ground

to shout aloud, release their sound.

The Lamb, once slain, deserves to see

His fruit, the weight of Victory.

The mourning veil is stripped away

and gladness greets a whole new Day.

The ticking clocks of some are stilled,

while others rise to do His will.

The glory train approaches fast

and one is breathing out his last.

A twinkling pause, a heartbeat stills;

He executes His perfect will.

As one is changed to glory robes,

another tills and starts to sow.

The remnant seed now takes its place,

the final leg of History’s race.

A sheaf is plucked and gently placed,

its course complete, to see His face,

As birdsong wakes another wave,

a new leaf turns, silences grave.

The Book of Life has come to pass

and glory crowns are falling fast.

A teardrop falls: the Gardener’s hand.

We’re hearing now the thunder band.

The turning of the clock of God

unlocks the vault on mortal sod

and lighting up the morning sky,

He plucks the apple of His eye.

The waiting world has yet to see

the force of what will be will be.

The horses ride the paths long trod

the hoofbeats of the heart of God.

The former reigns now sing again,

join stanzas of the latter rain.

The Moses strains unleash their song:

The Opus of the Lamb of God

And all creation joins refrain,

The ancient stave the glory plays;

The changing guard; a symphony

to 3-in-1 and One in Three.


Christine Beadsworth

Author: Christine Beadsworth

Christine Beadsworth lives in Somerset West, South Africa. She is an artist, poet and speaker, also writing and publishing articles under the ‘Fresh Oil Releases’ banner. She has authored several books, which she offers for free on her blog, Fresh Oil Releases. In 2017, she started a new site for posting her podcasts, called Fresh Air Releases.

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Regenia Sue Fancher
September 14, 2019 10:56 AM

Those are beautiful, anointed words! Let them be fulfilled, Oh, Lord!

September 13, 2019 11:58 PM

I know that Christine referred to this as a poem, but it is much more than that. It is prophetic, perhaps even the first page of the “New Book”. There are parts within that expand upon many of the “hidden nuggets” of both the Old and the New Testaments, that are only revealed through the spirit.


Christine Beadsworth
September 15, 2019 11:03 AM

Thank you, Tim. The Spirit dictates these type of poems line by line and I have to read them over many times to get the full depth of what He is saying. Mostly I know with certainty that I did not author the lines and couldn’t have thought them up in a 1000 years as sometimes they speak of things I do not even know yet, never mind understand! It’s a very humbling experience. So much stated in so few words!!!

September 15, 2019 10:58 PM
Christine, Thank you for your reply! First off, I too know that YOU did not author these lines. The Lord has also dictated to me, at the PRECISE SPEED I was writing. I was dumbfounded back then! That was several years ago; now He simply gives me “understanding” – a “this is from I AM” type of thing. Secondly, I considered whether to continue, to add any of my understanding or not. But, immediately I understood “No”, for at least the time being… Remember, spiritual understanding MUST come from the Lord. Also remember, an “understanding” is far DIFFERENT than “knowledge”. An example of this is, Pilate asking Jesus, “What IS truth?” But, what I have done is to copy down a couple of lines of your “poem”, and I will give you a SMALL HINT at something to look into – something that Jacob spoke about. Where are the teachings of the wise Who shine as stars against the night and give the saints their heavenly light? and Wisdom’s counsel beat strikes hard amidst the changing of the guard One brought near and two are born. …… The Opus of the Lamb of God And all creation joins refrain, The ancient stave the glory plays; The changing guard; a symphony to 3-in-1 and One in Three. Do you see how these are connected? Ask the Lord for discernment, because He IS INDEED revealing His hidden mystery at this time. Seek His face. A friend and loving brother in Christ, Tim
September 13, 2019 9:23 PM

That stirred my heart deeply.

Ahmed koya
Ahmed koya
September 13, 2019 3:24 PM

A very Beautiful, artistic, profound and inspiring poem. Also the truth.

Rebecca Bonnell
September 13, 2019 7:18 PM

WONDERFULLY Uplifting messsage and poem Dear Christine. GOD BLESS YOU Dear Sister Love and Huge Hugs XXX

Expat Gal
Expat Gal
September 17, 2019 1:03 PM

What a lovely poem and very encouraging!

Are you by chance, being called to leave South Africa? I am helping many South Africans come to the country I reside in in South America. many are Christians. God is moving in this secular country so I am excited about what He will do here!

September 16, 2019 1:08 PM
There is indeed a changing of the guards, but it is more than just a changing of positions. Merriam-Webster defines transition as a change in state, stage, place, condition, and this is exactly what the Church is going through. It is in fact the fulfilling of the Jewish festival Rosh Hashanah/or Shana, usually defined as the Jewish New Year, the new beginning where debts were wiped out, slaves were freed etc. But spiritually speaking, it is far more than the new beginning. It is by its own definition of words that compile the festival name, such as Rosh, the head, as that which is most easily shaken, the head, as that which is the primary principal that which rules over the body, that in which the human spirit, the rational soul and the mental soul dwell, that by which we ascertain the knowledge and wisdom of the one true god, YHUH, or another deity posing as the one true god, the place where the divine nature speaks from. You see, in the Hebrew religion, the heart of man is the sanctuary, the place from which deity speaks forth. Rosh also carries the notion of the poppy plant due to its conspicuous head. Also, the venom of the serpent, such as that which infected the mind of Eve and then Adam and then all humanity. Also the hemlock, as in the hemlock which has grown up in the furrows of your fields. The word shanah/shana means to fold into, to duplicate, to do again, but its’ greatest notion is to exchange or change natures from a lower to a higher nature, to trans-mutate, to transform, to transition. This is the season we are in and this is why there is much confusion, chaos, and uncertainty in the world today. It is the… Read more »
September 16, 2019 9:38 AM

I found myself singing “This world is not my home” over and over again last night and woke up to this word. I’m also in the midst of starting a company at the moment – the name of the company is Symphonie. Thanks so much for sharing – I love seeing those common threads between what God is doing in each of us!