Two prophetic dreams reveal Hillary Clinton becoming president.

Today I had a dream about Hillary Clinton. I was speaking the words, “Hillary will be our next president.” Even in the dream, I doubted what I was saying because it didn’t make sense to me, but then I saw a piece of paper in front of me with writing on it. As I looked at it, it zoomed in on the name “Hillary”.

In a previous dream, I saw the United States didn’t have a president for some reason. Then I saw Hillary Clinton dressed up in a white pants suit and bright red lipstick and bright blue eye shadow.… [Continue reading...]

Senator Kamala Harris arises as front runner in 2020 presidential race

In a dream in 2014, I was taken into the future where I saw the destruction of the United States, orchestrated by Barack Obama. I knew it was well beyond the end of his second term, but he still had a large staff reporting to him and referring to him as President Obama. I saw him departing the United States, leaving a woman in charge of carrying out the final phase of his plan, which was the mass murder of the American people.… [Continue reading...]