Major shift in seasons requires major change in direction for Z3 News.

Many prophetic words posted here on Z3 News have recently confirmed a significant shift in seasons for God’s people. I’ve seen this shift happening in my own life during the past few years and especially during the past year. It also has a direct impact on the future of this site, as explained below.

Many of our posts have focused on warning about times of trouble and God’s judgment coming upon the world, confirming many warnings recorded in the Bible, but the time of warnings is soon coming to an end as we are transitioning into the season of the fulfillment of those warnings.… [Continue reading...]

Gone Writing. Be Back Soon.

After starting Z3 News in November 2012, I worked on it passionately until things started shifting in 2018, not only in me, but throughout the world and especially among the righteous.

For the past three years, I have known God wanted me to write a book sharing the dream He gave me in December 2015, revealing His plans for His remnant. By 2018, I started sensing it was time to complete it, so I tried my best to work on it while also working on Z3 News.… [Continue reading...]

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You can always find this page by clicking the RECENT COMMENTS link located in the menu bar at the top of every page, or just add a bookmark link to it.… [Continue reading...]