Remnant: The Righteous Remnant Now Arises

My new book is finally available, Remnant: The Righteous Remnant Now Arises!

Part 1 of this 398-page book presents scriptural evidence showing the rise of the righteous remnant. Just as John the Baptist came in the spirit and power of Elijah as a forerunner preparing the way for the Lord’s first appearing, God is once again sending Elijah to prepare the way for His return. (Malachi 3:1, Luke 1:16-17) As Jesus said, “Indeed, Elijah is coming first and will restore all things.” (Matthew 17:11 NKJV) Elijah’s first assignment was small enough for one man to do it alone because it was limited to tiny Israel but a lot has changed in the past two thousand years as the message of salvation has been proclaimed to all nations, so the spirit and power of Elijah is coming upon an army of forerunners who will release the same fire from heaven as he did, causing righteousness to arise like the sun.… [Continue reading...]