“There are Goshen Nations As Well As Goshen Places”

Just a few days ago, the Lord suddenly began speaking to me about some nations in the last days. This is what He said to me. First, He said to read Isaiah chapter 2, which is shown at the bottom of this post. Then He said this:

“In the last days, I will pout out My Spirit upon some and I will pour out My judgment upon others. In the last days, nations will put down their weapons and begin to plow the land and grow much food.… [Continue reading...]

God Identifies Ozark and Smoky Mountains As Safe Areas

I had been praying for a year for confirmation on exactly where to go to be safe from the trouble coming upon the United States. Then a couple of months ago, I had the following dream from the Lord revealing the two safe areas.

I saw a map of North Carolina outlined and shaded in bright red. While I was looking at the map, the Lord said, “North Carolina will be uninhabitable due to flooding.”

This was the second time He gave me information on this.… [Continue reading...]