Prophetic Warnings of Trouble in the United States in Next Three Months

In the 95-minute video below, Pastor Paul Begley shares several prophetic warnings of calamities planned for the next three months.

He received the warnings from several other people and reads them starting at the 37-minute mark until the 46-minute mark. He identifies the critical dates as August 21 through October 12. The warnings include earthquakes and dirty bombs. Similar warnings have been shared by Z3ers, but without specific dates.

Like many other prophetic warnings, these are not predictions, just warnings, which means they can be avoided if we pray, which is my reason for sharing them.… [Continue reading...]

“As you stay in the secret place, you will know NO MORE DELAY.”

Over the past few weeks, the Lord has been speaking to me constantly about His miraculous breakthrough, turnaround power. He continues to whisper to my heart “I am about to do what only I can do.”

The Lord spoke to me very clearly recently and told me one of the enemy’s main aims is this season is to DELAY. There is a powerful sovereign move of God happening right now in the body of Christ, and if he can’t abort it, he’s doing all he can to DELAY it.… [Continue reading...]

Jesus appears in prophetic dream, warning we are in the end times and of things to come

I had a very powerful dream all about Jesus warning that we are in the end times.

It started with me being in a house with other people when suddenly Jesus appeared as the character of the “Son of God” movie. I was in such awe of the Lord that I couldn’t stop gazing at Him. I wasn’t focusing on the character of the movie, it was who He represented and I knew He knew my thoughts.

Most of the dream was Him in this house with us.… [Continue reading...]

“You Are Marked and Some of You Will Be Told to Leave Everything You Know in an Instant.”

Speak daughter of Zion, speak the words I have put upon your heart with boldness and with courage, for with great mercy, I continue to warn, and out of My great love.

You have entered a season unlike any other. You have been marked. Those of you who walk with Me are marked by Me, sealed, protected and ensured your home with Me for eternity, but your adversary also has marked you. He watches and he plots. He too has marked those who have given their obedience to Me and surrendered all.… [Continue reading...]

“This is how I’m going to lure them in.”

I would like to share with you a dream that I had regarding the path that America is headed on…

Not too long ago, I had a dream that I was in a car on a road trip. I was in the passenger seat, my son was in the back seat, and Donald Trump was driving.

We were driving on a narrow, winding road through what looked like the Rocky Mountains. It was a clear, sunny day.

I had a large road atlas (remember those?) in my hand, and as time went on, I noticed we were starting to head in the wrong direction.… [Continue reading...]

“The world is wearing out and you are about to see things that cannot be explained by science.”

Yesterday, I was just starting to watch a documentary called “Chasing Coral” about the changing ocean when the Lord had me sit down to write this word.

“Little one, they call it climate change, but do not be deceived by labels. My seas are showing signs of the end of the age. The plants and animals are dying as a wake up call! I have sent these signs as a warning.

My people must repent and humble themselves before Me before it is too late!… [Continue reading...]

Could Ivanka Trump be the one who will fulfill William Branham’s sixth prophetic vision?

In 1933, William Branham saw seven visions of America’s future. The first five have already been fulfilled in detail. He described the sixth vision as follows:

“Then there arose in the United States a most beautiful woman clothed in splendor, and great power was given to her. She was lovely of feature, but there was a hardness about her that defied description. Beautiful as she was, she was yet cruel, wicked and cunning. She dominated the land with her authority, she had complete power over the people.” (See the complete post)

What he saw confirms what I saw in a dream in November 2014.… [Continue reading...]

You will get a GLIMPSE this week of the NEW that is upon you and before you!

God is significantly increasing and releasing discernment right now especially in dreams at night. He is growing His people in discernment. He is exposing the hand of the enemy and the ways the enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy in such subtle ways to even make it “seem” like it’s the Lord’s voice.

This is going to be a week of significant freedom and joy in the CLARITY He is releasing in the increase of discernment. He is setting up a table for you in the presence of your enemies!… [Continue reading...]

This is the season where God is leading His people out of the pit and into the palace.

Many prophetic voices have been prophesying for a long time that God is doing something completely new. The truth of Isaiah 43:19 has been booming loudly in the spirit:

“Listen carefully, I am about to do a new thing, Now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it? I will even put a road in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.”


I have been feeling a significant urgency in the spirit recently, I can hear an alarm sounding in the spirit, but it’s not an alarm that sounds EMERGENCY and is NEGATIVE.… [Continue reading...]

“This new wine that I have in these last days will not be held by old wineskins.”

Word from the Father:

My people, listen to your heavenly Father this day.  I love you all with an everlasting love.  However, I must address this issue with many of you.  Do you not understand that you are in the last of the last days of this dispensation?  Are you not aware of all the destructions, chaos, disease, famine and war that is coming?

My people, please understand, you are on the verge of one of the greatest revivals of all time. … [Continue reading...]

We are in a new season of prophetic release.

I saw a vision of an angel standing by the Erie Canal. He was dressed as the Loch Master, who raised and lowered the gates of the canal. He had his hand on the long lever waiting to pull it back to raise the gate. From watching him, I knew that he was waiting for the water levels on both sides to be equal before he opened the gate. After they were equal, he opened the gate. I then could see the waters of the canal flowing freely, and there was now a greater ease in navigation in the region.… [Continue reading...]

“Be on your guard as your enemy has sent assignments to wear you out.”

My children, be on your guard as your enemy has sent assignments to wear you out. These assignments are meant to keep you from your highest level of functioning.

Remember that not all works are of Me. Some may even look like Me or sound like Me, but they are not all of Me. You must discern.

Watch for these assignments of exhaustion and emptiness, and come to Me for restoration and refreshing.

NOTE: I myself have come under assignments of exhaustion at various times.… [Continue reading...]

“It’s time to take up the sword of the spirit and fight the good fight!”

On July 7, Glynda Lomax posted a prophetic word of warning, “You will now be required to war at a whole new level in order to prevail.”

Her warning was confirmed today by this post from Julie Whedbee:

“It’s time to take up the sword of the spirit and fight the good fight! People of God, it’s time to take action and proclaim truth and Father’s promises over your lives and the lives of your loved ones. We are not victims, we are victorious because of Yahushua’s sacrifice!… [Continue reading...]

“My Arm of Protection is Now Lifting – This is the Beginning of Sorrows”

Listen to the voice of your wise Counselor My loves. Incline your ears to hear what My Spirit speaks to you. Come boldly to My Throne of grace with all praise, and giving Me the honor due Me. Make your heart’s desires and petitions known to Me as I hear each and every one of them. I am watching you closely and I will never let you out of My sight.

My arm of protection is now lifting. This is what you are experiencing now in your spirits.… [Continue reading...]

Australia is About to Come onto the Scene

The positioning of the Esther’s in Australia has awoken the Hamon spirit, but Hamon is about to be hung by his own devices.

There is a very significant increase of positioning happening in the nation of Australia right now, where the Lord is beginning to position His people carrying the anointing and mantle of Esther.

The Lord spoke to me that this sudden, strategic positioning of God’s people carrying the Esther mantle and anointing in this nation has awakened the spirit of Haman.… [Continue reading...]

It’s time to enter into the fuller intimate place He has for you!

We were all walking within a massive wing of the Father, in between His feathers during worship at SOG tonight. The atmosphere of His heart was so thick. His fire was fanning in the room among us. The Father was longing for us to come deeper into Him, as we were longing for more of Him. Very powerful!

It’s time to enter into the fuller intimate place He has for you!

I will dwell in Your tabernacle forever; let me find refuge and trust in the shelter of Your wings.… [Continue reading...]

“You will now be required to war at a whole new level in order to prevail.”

Great resistance has come against My prophets and teachers in this hour. Attacks by your enemy have intensified and you will now be required to war at a whole new level in order to prevail against your enemy’s plans.

Assignments have gone forth to remove My warriors from their posts, Apostles have been removed from their places. Evangelists are being sent away. The enemy will spare nothing to stop the work of My Kingdom.

My people, look and discern what is happening around you.… [Continue reading...]

Injured Eagle, Unable to Fly, Found Walking Streets of Washington DC

On Saturday, July 1st, an injured eagle was found in Washington D.C. When reading the article, I immediately felt in my spirit that this could be a sign from the LORD! (Sources: Facebook, NPR,

If you look at the picture, you see this eagle has such a freaked out look! They are calling it a ‘miracle sign’ but I’m calling it a SIGN FROM GOD OF THE CONDITION OF OUR NATION! This bird was having a hard time breathing —- much like what is happening now all around the country, we are being suffocated by lies, deceptions and evil!… [Continue reading...]

“There is a trans-generational handover of the batons of Kingdom interests at present.”

In worship today, I saw a vision of an older man running the last bit of his leg of the relay, holding a baton. The finish line was not far away, but there was space for one more relay runner to complete the race for the team.

In the crowd there were also older people standing watching the race, holding batons and younger people without batons. The older people thought that their time of running for the purposes of God were now over because of their age.… [Continue reading...]

“The time of Moses is over!”

“Hear what the Lord God says to the shepherds! I have given you the sheep to care for and to feed. I spoke in My word to feed the flock. But you have perverted My word! You have made it to be sweet-sounding and pleasing to their ears so as not to offend them! And you have chosen to keep them as babes and children so they will not mature and leave. Now most of the Body of Christ is not prepared or taught to walk with spiritual maturity and authority and cannot properly discern good from evil.… [Continue reading...]

“I now bring blight and pestilence to the crops, and swarms of locusts and worms to consume that which remains.”

I received this from the Lord about five years ago, but did not have permission to release it then, nor instruction on how to release it — for I have no platform (blog, pulpit or public ministry) from which to speak. At that time, I stuck it away in the Bible I was reading; and there it remained while I turned to a new copy of the Bible, which my wife received slipcased with a historical version she had ordered.

Earlier this week, the Lord caused me to take that Bible from the shelf, to dust it off, and to return to studying it; and this morning He caused me to read again that which He had me to write then, and now to release it:

“Speak no longer of ‘weather wars’; for man’s machines have no effect, save that I permit it.… [Continue reading...]

“It’s started! It happened! It has begun!”

While I was sleeping earlier today, suddenly the bedroom door burst open and my wife ran into the room in a total panic yelling, “It’s started! It happened! It has begun!”

I jumped up, adrenaline pumping, with thoughts of war, chaos, and confusion, only to find the door was closed. My wife was nowhere to be found. It was just a dream.

It took me a while to calm down and get back to sleep, so I had some time to think about it.… [Continue reading...]

The roaring sounds came, then the impact, then the winds, then the greenish night air.

It was a normal day at work when suddenly the air became thick with anticipation. Then I heard the alarms go off. Then came the first blast with the force and thrust of a tornado.

Oddly, it blew my cell phone out of my hand and my wristwatch off my wrist. My police officer co-workers were frantic with great desperation trying to reach their loved ones. If you were separated when this hit, ALL FORMS OF COMMUNICATION CEASED immediately. One had to walk and hope and pray to find loved ones and when they came together, it was by happenstance or the mercy of God.… [Continue reading...]

“In the next 30 days, there will be great UPGRADE in your anointing and the favor He has placed over your life.”

I had a dream two nights ago where I heard the Lord say “Over the next 30 days…. UPGRADE!!!!”

In the dream, the atmosphere was full of the sense of upgrade in many areas, there were two particular areas that He highlighted.

1. Anointing
2. Favor

The Lord is shifting the gears right now in the body of Christ. There is a major shift taking place. I hear thunder rumbling in the spirit and it’s the thunder of alignment. It’s the thunder of positioning.… [Continue reading...]

“Plans have been decreed. The elite are preparing for destruction.”

I received this word after asking the Lord about the post, Prophetic Dream Reveals Obama is a Vampire.

“Little one, there is far more happening behind the scenes than you know. Plans have been decreed. The elite are preparing for destruction. They do not yet sound the alarm for fear of others taking their resources. They operate in secret and in greed. They will hide in the rocks of the Earth.

Plans that have been decreed long ago have been put into motion.… [Continue reading...]

The Lord will gently nudge you out of the nest and you will FLY!

There has been an incredible fire sent by the enemy to assault the God-given dreams and destiny of God’s people. The enemy has been coming against God’s people in different ways to attack the DREAMS God has given them.

This has left many feeling disorientated, discouraged and confused. Many are feeling like they don’t know what God is saying anymore concerning their dreams.

This assault against God-given dreams especially in relation to their destiny has been so fierce, that many have been left in a place of despair and confusion and a lie screaming at them, “YOU MUST LOSE, SO YOU CAN GAIN!”

This fire that the enemy has sent against God-given dreams has been a vicious assault that has been screaming at God’s people “You are doing things wrong”, “You are not doing things God’s way”, “You are about to lose your dream”, where the TRUTH IS, there is a SIGNIFICANT TURNING by the HAND OF GOD upon God-given dreams that have been hit with this assault of the enemy, to bring a SIGNIFICANT INCREASE.… [Continue reading...]

“You have entered the Time of Judgments and now shall all lands be judged.”

Ring the bell, sound the trumpet, for the Lord of Hosts has spoken. You have entered the Time of Judgments and now shall all lands be judged. All lands shall receive the fruit of their doings. Every people shall I now judge, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Prepare for war in your lands for a great war is coming and no man shall be exempt from the effects thereof. All lands shall suffer in this great war. Through wars I judge nations, and through wars some are lifted up, and some are put down.… [Continue reading...]

“People in darkness cannot receive what you teach or preach today.”

The presence of the Lord was strong during our worship time this morning. In the words of my wife, Gloria, it was “electrifying.”

As we sang the words of the song, “Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord,” I covered my face with a tallit and sought to see in the Spirit. Then I had a strange experience. My right eye (spiritual eye) could only see darkness, but my left (spiritual) eye saw light. I tried to shift my spiritual focus, but this kept coming back.… [Continue reading...]

Breakthrough and fruitfulness are beginning to burst forth in the body of Christ.

I had a dream recently where the Lord showed me three things. I saw the name “Jeremiah,” which I knew was representing the prophet Jeremiah. I then saw an almond branch and it was and followed soon after was a HUGE juicy, sweet, ripe peach. As I was waking the Lord began to speak to me.

The word of the Lord came to me, “What do you see, Jeremiah?”

I see the branch of an almond tree,” I replied.

The Lord said to me, “You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my Word is fulfilled.” (Jeremiah 1:11-12 MSG Translation)

The Lord began speaking to me that this is the season of harvest and fruitfulness, that He is the Lord of the harvest and the breakthrough and fruitfulness are beginning to burst forth in the body of Christ.… [Continue reading...]

The most complacent generation in history is about to become the most purposeful generation in history.

When I was growing up, we had three television channels plus the public educational channel, which didn’t count because it was so boring. The stations weren’t on 24 hours either. They signed off each night with the national anthem playing, then they came back on the next morning.

If we wanted to see a movie, we had a handful of theaters where we could go, but they were too far away to ride a bike, so we rarely went.

We had a few simple video games, like ping pong, which was fun for about twenty minutes or so.… [Continue reading...]