“I have saved the best until last. The MORE is being poured out at MIDNIGHT!!!!”

Over the past week I have had a strong sense in me of encouragement from the heart of God for those who have been holding onto prophetic words from the Lord, standing in faith & so far their experience has not lined up with what the Lord spoke over the season or situation.

As I pressed into the Lord I heard the whisper of His heart…

“It’s not over yet!!!”

For those of you who have been feeling discouraged or perplexed with how things ‘look’ right now or your experience with the season you are in thus far, I want to encourage you, DO NOT lose hope.… [Continue reading...]

“The tipping point of your greatest adventures with Me has arrived.”

I felt the wooing of the Lord recently, that He wanted to speak and release a declaration over His people for this season that we are in. He wanted to bring comfort, encouragement and strengthening to many who are still facing battles, discouragement, fear and despair in the journey. He wanted to bring increase to passion, hunger and excitement that others are feeling for what He is doing in this season.

I felt His heart so strongly, that He wants to minister to His people in such a deeper, and more intimate way right now.… [Continue reading...]

“An all out battle will wage between demons and those on the earth. Who will prevail?”

I received a dream on the 9th of June 2018, showing an all out battle is coming between demons and those on the earth. Who will prevail?”

In the dream, I was riding with my dad as he was driving. I saw outside on the road something like a fleshly spiky pinkish ball on the ground then it disappeared. I noticed my dad saw it as well and he was shocked. I told him “That was a demon”.

We kept driving on a main road with two lanes in each direction.… [Continue reading...]

“This shaking will be great, so great you will cry out to Me to stop, but I will not hear you!”

My son, I have spoken to you today to warn My people that the shaking has started. I will shake everything that can be shaken. I will shake the spirit in each of you and call you to repentance. Come out of the world; have no part or pleasure in it! Set your eyes and hearts on Me, and I will renew you with fire. The joy you had when you first came to Me, I will magnify, and your cup will run over.… [Continue reading...]

While darkness engulfed earth, there were some, not many, who radiated light and peace.

The outline of the earth’s circular sphere was barely visible to the eye because of extreme darkness upon the earth; regardless, I saw a very faint distinction between its outline and the vast universe that surrounds earth. As I contemplated earth, I was very aware that it is one planet of many others that the Creator, Yahweh, has anchored in place.

Darkness covered the earth, removing the beauty we have become accustomed to when viewing it through satellite images. Unaware of the reason for its darkness, concern for those living in such darkness found me standing in the midst of a society never seen before in my lifetime.… [Continue reading...]

“The line is now being drawn, and if you wait to choose Me wholeheartedly, your eternal fate will be chosen.”

He who has ears to hear what My Spirit is saying in these last hours, let him know and hear My truths. I am the Alpha and the Omega, He who was bruised for your iniquities, and the chastisment of your peace was upon Me. I have borne your griefs and carried your sorrows, and for love’s sake, My body was crushed in death- My blood poured out for all who would believe. My death won your victory, and forever abolished darkness from claiming you and all I have created.… [Continue reading...]

“Those with heavy concerns of heart right now, as they take refuge in Me, I am carrying and covering them.”

Over the past few days, the Lord has really been speaking to me for those who are carrying “concerns” right now. I saw many have been in a “wrestle” over things that have been weighing heavy on their heart and creating a worry and anxiety.

The Lord has been highlighting two Scriptures very clearly to me this week:

“Refuse to worry about tomorrow, but deal with each challenge that comes your way, one day at a time. Tomorrow will take care of itself.” (Matthew 6:34 – The Passion Translation)

“His massive arms are wrapped around you, protecting you.

[Continue reading...]

“Things are going to look different.”

This is your season to discover in greater ways who you are and what the Lord has placed within your heart. This is your season to discover the passions, the purposes, the desires the Lord has placed in your heart. The Lord is stripping off expectations. He is stripping off “false pressures” of things that many have been feeling they “have to do” or “how things should be”.

The wind of the Spirit is blowing strongly over you right now to awaken within you the desires that HE has placed within you.… [Continue reading...]

“I am inviting you into a new place, but there are many of you who do not recognize it.”

In the United States, the Homeland Security Advisory System has a “color coded” terrorism threat advisory scale, which displays the terror alert level. In the natural we have an enemy who is trying to kill, steal and destroy our country, but the true culprit is from the kingdom of darkness.

In the spirit realm, the Lord wants to raise our spiritual discernment level to discern spiritual attacks when there is a code red attack planned. In order to go to a higher level with God, we must recognize the spiritual attacks that are coming against us, and be aware of the enemies’ game plan in our lives.… [Continue reading...]

“Death and destruction are on the doorstep, but the watchmen are sleeping.”

My son, My prophets, and watchmen, I have seen the tears you have shed for the lost, for the nation, for My land Israel, but destruction surely comes, and with it, a famine that will cause men to eat the flesh of men. The nations are arrayed for war. The red horse rides upon the world, bringing with it the death and destruction.

Where is the white horse? you asked. The white horse has arrived, but the rider will not be revealed until the time I have set.… [Continue reading...]

MUCH is going to be accomplished for many in the next month, and it will be by the HAND OF THE LORD alone.

“God, the Lord, is my strength; He makes my feet like the deer’s; He makes me tread on my high places.” (Habakkuk 3:19)

The Lord spoke to me today about many in the body of Christ feeling like they are lacking strength right now. Many are still in that place of weariness and feeling battered by the battle. The Lord showed me significant weariness in the body of Christ physically, emotionally and mentally that many are facing and enduring. I also saw many are enduring this “weariness” in secret, only the Lord knows really how tired they are.… [Continue reading...]

“The day of turning is now upon you.”

My son, hear the Word of the Lord. My people have partaken in abominable sin, offering sacrifices to strange gods of pleasure and filth. I have seen the follies that transpire in My house; they offer incense to the flesh. My people do not worship Me; they worship what they do not know. Because of your doings, I am bringing desolation to this land. Because of your abominations, I will bring fire to this land.

My son, the day of turning is now upon you.… [Continue reading...]

Hawaii’s volcanic eruption fulfills prophetic dream

The second dream I shared in a post on April 18 seems to be happening now. I have been watching the coverage of the Hawaiian volcano and it is doing to the earth exactly what I saw where the ground was opening up and flames were coming up.

Here is an excerpt from that post:

In this dream, I was with some younger women whom I was not well acquainted with, but we had a friendly relationship. They appeared to be single women who lived in a high rise apartment building.

[Continue reading...]

“All things spoken of by My prophets will begin now and will transpire very quickly.”

My son, the nations wage war upon each other, for man loves to kill man. All the nations have plotted and planned for every situation but one – MINE!!! Oh, foolish nations, you do not know that I control all things! You do not pull the strings – I own the strings! Why do you think if you speak of peace and safety that I will follow you? My Word says that when peace and safety are spoken so freely, that sudden destruction will come.… [Continue reading...]

There’s a great shift this week in HEARING.

I prophesy over you this week will be a week of hearing the Lord with greater clarity. I prophesy that you will hear His heart with greater clarity and hear His voice in HIGHER DEFINITION.

I had a vision and saw those drawing close to Jesus, He was placing headphones on their head and there was a cancellation of other sounds and a greater focusing in on what He is saying.

The Lord showed me in this, that the “noise” that has tried to prevent you from hearing Him clearly, as you press in this week, will be FINALLY drowned out and there will be a greater focus upon Jesus and what He is saying come upon you by the empowerment of the Spirit this week.… [Continue reading...]

“He will open his mouth in blasphemies, and the evil one will possess him.”

Greetings to one and all in Yahushua’s precious name.

What do an Egyptian pharaoh, a former US president, and some twisted scriptures have to do with one another? What secret dish is the kingdom of darkness preparing that seems to have at least these three in its ingredient list? . . . I truly don’t know. Except for what I saw, what I heard in my spirit, and what I felt was impressed on my spirit, I don’t know. Therefore, please take up what I am sharing below in prayer before the Lord Yahushua himself.… [Continue reading...]

“I will restore everything that has been stolen and I will contend with those who contend with you.”

There is a story in the book of 2 Chronicles chapter 20 about a righteous King named Jehoshaphat. He received a report that there was an army coming to wage war against him. As he stood up in the assembly of the people of Judah and Jerusalem, he said to the Lord, “Power and might are in your hand, and no one can withstand you”.

He reminded the Lord how He drove out the inhabitants of the land before His people Israel, and was convinced that He will do it again.… [Continue reading...]

“For those who linger, I will entrust the secrets of My heart”.

The Pioneers, the forerunners, the trailblazers. They are moving with the leading of the Holy Spirit to create His pathway and breakthrough in new ways. There is a great birthing these Pioneers are now walking into, they are exploring new lands, conquering new places and they are actively running, stewarding and releasing the new move of the Holy Spirit in these terrains that have not been forged and ploughed before.

Warning for the Pioneers, Don’t Rush Ahead

I saw there was a warning and invitation being released from the heart of God to the Pioneers to remain in the place of REST.… [Continue reading...]

“The cup of wrath is overflowing.”

While praying on April 22, 2018, I received a vision and a quick message from the LORD. In the vision, I saw a bright red balloon floating upward, as if it had been let go and quickly flew high up.

I looked up what the meaning of that meant because I had heard the phrase, ‘when the balloon goes up.’  It is a military term used during the Civil War, WW1 and WW2:

“When the balloon goes up is a phrase used to imply impending trouble.

[Continue reading...]

“Mark this day.”

I was driving home from work yesterday, April 20, and it’s an hour drive, so I was praying and meditating on the Lord. As I was praying, I heard the words spoken to me by the Lord, “Tomorrow – Mark this day.”

I heard this phrase repeated several times by the Lord, and that was all He said. After I got home, I went back for prayer and quiet time with the Lord. During prayer, I asked the Lord what He meant, what is going to happen tomorrow?… [Continue reading...]

“The imminent return of the Son of God is at hand.”

In a dream on April 11, 2018, I saw Him descending from above. His colossal size was unlike anything in the natural realm. Light and power emanated from Him. The dark canopy of the night sky ignited with rays of brilliance. Those who knew Him as their beloved Savior all ran towards Him. Shouts of praise filled the atmosphere around me. My hands were lifted high, and my joyful jumping gave way to my own boisterous voice, “It’s you! It’s you!”

His bride, distinguished by white glistening robes, all exclaimed His Kingly prominence at His arrival.… [Continue reading...]

“I AM doing a new thing; can you not see it?”

“Be of good cheer, for I AM doing a new thing,” says the Lord.

“I AM doing a new thing; can you not see it? It has been said that there is nothing new under the sun, but I tell you there are new things coming forth in My spirit. From the rising of the sun unto its setting down, there are always new things.

Why would you always be looking backwards? Why would you always be looking backwards to the former things that I have done in your life?… [Continue reading...]

“If My people keep on praying, it will be delayed.”

Over the last week, I have been receiving messages from the LORD about an upcoming war. In the messages, I believe the LORD is showing me WW3 will be coming, but not quite yet. It is dependent on the prayers of HIS saints.

HE also showed me how severe this war will be with its outcomes. HE did this by giving me a quick dream on April 14, 2018, while sleeping.

I walked into a business building during a holiday celebration like Veteran’s Day.

[Continue reading...]

“I saw missiles coming into Israel from the north and the east.”

On Jan 17, 2018 Sharlene saw the future of Israel in this vision (#10). She refers to this vision in later visions involving the Middle East.

The same routine of praise and worship in the Throne Room.  The vision took me to Israel. I recognized the landscape as I was there Feb 2017 on a 2 week tour. The area was hilly, rocky and dry with sporadic green grass and trees. I don’t know where in Israel this was. I’m thinking north east but I’m not sure.

[Continue reading...]

“Your peace, joy and strength is coming back by the brooks of bliss with Me.”

The Lord has been speaking to me so much about rest lately and the power of REST. The rest that comes from being in His presence and in the secret place, but also the rest that comes from deeper levels of encounter with Him.

I had a profound encounter with the Lord recently and the Lord spoke to me about the season of REST and the season of SOARING, going hand in hand. The Lord showed me that many have been in a place of great battle.… [Continue reading...]

18 things that MAY happen in 2018

My son, you have asked what will happen in 2018/5778. I will give you a list of things that MAY come to pass. I say MAY come to pass because some things may be postponed until a later day. There are, however, some things that must be.

1. War with North Korea – It will be very quick.

2. War in the Middle East – Nations will attack Israel.

3. War in the Far East – China will attack Japan.

4.… [Continue reading...]

“It is a new season of favor! My favor is falling on what I forged in the fires of adversity.”

The Lord has been speaking to me recently for those who have been through intense fires of adversity over the last season.

The Lord showed me that many faced fires that almost “took them out”. Many faced intense fires of adversity where the enemy came ferociously to steal, kill and destroy and many were left in that place of wondering whether they were ever going to make it out alive. The fire was so intense, and the Lord showed me that these fires of adversity were some of the most intense battles of their life.… [Continue reading...]

There is about to be a POWERFUL INCREASE of freedom in the body of Christ for God’s people.

Recently I had a dream and the Lord showed me that there was a powerful move of His Spirit that has begun but is going to significantly increase in this season where there is going to be a sweeping of MASS deliverance in the body of Christ.

“He is my faithful love and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer. He is my shield, and I take refuge in him; he subdues people under me.” (Psalm 144:2)

As I have sat on this dream for a while and have been leaning into the Lord, I had a vision and I saw the Lord “stepping onto the scene” (lives of God’s people) like a mighty warrior.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic vision reveals demonic portal at CERN facility.

Sharlene received the following vision #49 on March 28, 2018.

My vision began once again from atop of a mountain when I proclaimed Psalm 91 (which is from my prayer group prayer) Just before I was about to fly off… my eagle presented himself to my right and I understood that I was to fly with him. I also had my armor on. We flew with me proclaiming Psalm 91 over the earth.

I then came to a Russian office as I saw Vladimir Putin and a couple of dignitaries, but I prayed over a woman wearing a suit sitting at a desk working with her computer.

[Continue reading...]

“Watch how My anointing will resurrect everything that pertains to your life and ministry.”

This week Christians all around the world are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus died, went into Hades, disarmed principalities and powers, made a public spectacle of them and triumphed over them. Then he was resurrected by the Father on the third day.

Before Jesus died, He told his disciples no one would take his life but He has the power to lay it down, and take it again. He also said,

“Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.” (John 14:12)

Jesus also said (John 16) He had to leave the earth so the Holy Spirit would come.… [Continue reading...]

“There is MONUMENTAL breakthrough and blessing upon many.”

Many have been going through some opposition and attack the last while and have found it intensified in the last few weeks, especially in the area of the mind and a spirit of fear and foreboding attacking many.

The Lord showed me a word that the enemy was attempting to place like a blanket over many believers right now and the blanket said, “BREAKDOWN!!”

It was a lie from the enemy to say that things are about to BREAKDOWN rather than BREAKTHROUGH.… [Continue reading...]

“We have been sold out, betrayed by our own government, like sheep for the slaughter.”

I believe I have received an urgent warning which came to me through through a series of confirmations. This morning I just received another confirmation. All I can say is, every word is true. Judge for yourselves.

It began two or three nights ago when I was reading through other posts on Z3 News. I have only had Internet for two weeks, so I am new to Z3 News. As well, I am not an expert in prophecy and I have no idea why God speaks to me so much about end times events.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic vision reveals President Trump negotiating treaty with Israel

During her morning prayer on January 13 2018, Sharlene received this prophetic vision #8.

Same as all the others in the Throne Room of Jesus. This time I was seeing other people viewing what I was looking at in heaven! I saw them look at that gigantic screen, which was several stories high. I didn’t see any faces as I was too far away. It seems I was looking down at the scene from a higher up point of view. Then I looked ahead at the screen and saw U.S.

[Continue reading...]

Rapture vision reveals beautiful diamonds forming in the earth

Even though I have been in a church that teaches a pre-trib rapture since I got saved in 1978, I never could see what the teachers “saw” in Revelation 4:1.

Then, in 2012 I had an open vision that propelled me into a deep Biblical study of the rapture. In the vision, I saw the earth hanging in its atmosphere with diamonds buried throughout, representing “true lovers of Jesus”. Then a fire broke out in northern Asia/Russia, which I knew was to happen in the not too distant future.… [Continue reading...]

They had a locust body, but their faces looked like little evil demons!

Sharlene received the following Vision #45 on the morning of March 20, 2018.

I was walking in the corridor or area that I believe is below the Throne Room in my perspective, that large expanse area that I always see from the top of the stairs.  I walked past the magnificent tall pillars and everything was still the same color and brightness- white.  I met my friend on the way and we walked to the vision area together. There were others there in white robes waiting for the vision to start as well.

[Continue reading...]

“The days of trepidation start now.”

Monday morning the Holy Spirit said to me, “The days of trepidation start now.”

He gave me this scripture:

Men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. (Luke 21:26)

I don’t know exactly how this might tie in, but this was all flowing together yesterday morning. Last year, the Holy Spirit told me, “It will start with a trickle, then a stream and then a torrent.”

After I was told that about days of trepidation, in my spirit I saw a stream that was just a trickle because rocks were piled up hindering the flow.… [Continue reading...]

I heard a voice clearly saying, “As in the days of Noah.”

My friend Sharlene is a middle-aged loving wife and mother who lives near the west coast of Canada.  She has been having significant visions since 2016 and now they are end time based.  Much of what the Lord shows her is in the news.  President Putin recently winning reelection confirms her Vision 37.

Here is Vision 44, which she received in the evening of March 18, 2018, with my notes at the end.

I was spending time with God in worship and prayer.

[Continue reading...]

Righteous remnant finds shelter from coming storm

In August 2015, I received a vivid dream that felt like a warning. It involved my mom and my children. We were just arriving at our church and getting ready to take the kids to their Sunday school and nursery rooms. My mom and I looked outside and saw a storm coming.

The church had two stories and huge windows. When we saw the storm coming through the large windows, we knew we had to get downstairs to safety and fast.… [Continue reading...]

“Many false prophets are throughout America.”

My son, these people who REFUSE to hear My Words, which walk in the imaginations of their hearts and walk after other gods to serve them, shall be like this dirty, worn-out girdle – GOOD FOR NOTHING!

My son, many false prophets are throughout America. These people do not hear from Me, but from the vain imaginations in their mind. Many of these so-called prophets and seers only say what the people want them to say or to promote themselves to make money.… [Continue reading...]

The Lord is bringing an INCREASE OF CLARITY and REVELATION to the “times and seasons” prophets.

I released a word yesterday for the prophets about the lying spirit and witchcraft that is coming against many of these ones right now. The Lord spoke to me very specifically today and I felt an urgency to release this word.

I believe in the body of Christ we are moving into a deeper place of insight as God’s children to recognize the “times and seasons” we are in as the Church. I also believe there are prophets that carry the anointing of the “sons of Issachar” (1 Chronicles 12:32) to call out the “times and the seasons” and to help guide and encourage the body of Christ in the seasons we are in and in the transition times.… [Continue reading...]