“I am filtering My believers into the school system.”

On July 11, I was washing the dishes and contemplating the fact that I have noticed many school counselors who are in the same online groups as I am are believers in Christ (I am working on my Master’s Degree in Counseling to become a school counselor right now).

While I was thinking about this, the Holy Spirit nudged me to sit down and write this word:

“I am filtering My believers into the school system. My heart cries out for the young children and I am directing people there.… [Continue reading...]

“I Am Doing a New Thing in Education. Children Will be Enabled to Learn at Home.”

A few days ago, I was sleeping and saw the words, “School is Cancelled,” written as a post, like on a Facebook page. I awoke immediately after seeing it and asked the Lord about it.

Here is the reply He gave me:

“Many have wondered what the days ahead will look like for children. With so many changes happening in the world, war is coming, detention is coming, chaos is coming, weather changes, and changes to the earth’s surface. So many things that would interfere with daily life, but I am doing a new thing.… [Continue reading...]

Common Core Curriculum Violates Federal Laws and Undermines 10th Amendment to Constitution

The Common Core State Standards for K-12 schools are being implemented in most states in English language arts and math. The Common Core is designed to replace local and parental control over education with centralized, top-down control. It is another federal government power grab, another attack against the tenth amendment to the United States Constitution, which states:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

By empowering the federal government to control public school curricula the Common Core program is also in direct violation of three federal statutes.… [Continue reading...]

New School Policy in Massachusetts Mandates Allowing Boys in Girls’ Bathrooms and Locker Rooms

Just when you think our school systems have hit bottom, we hit another new low. Schools in Massachusetts no longer know the difference between boys and girls.

A new policy has just been approved by the Massachusetts Commissioner of Education mandating that boys must be allowed to use girls bathrooms and locker rooms, and girls must be allowed to use boys bathrooms and locker rooms.

Any student that says they prefer to identify with the opposite gender must be allowed access to all of the same facilities used by that gender.… [Continue reading...]

Total Destruction of the U.S.: An Interview with Larry Grathwohl

If your church’s new pastor had a long and well-known history of atheism, contradicting church doctrine, or fire-bombing churches, would you trust him to serve the church community in good faith, and to do everything in his power to uphold the church’s principles and practices?  More to the point, would you continue to attend that church, and to take your children there?

If people dedicated to the complete destruction of the United States as a constitutional republic became power-players in the public school establishment, would you expect them to build an education system that fostered and preserved the tenets of republican citizenship as understood by America’s founders? … [Continue reading...]

German Homeschool Case May Impact U.S. Homeschool Freedom

Having immersed myself for about eight days in writing a brief for the Romeike family (a German homeschooling family who fled to the United States for political asylum), I wanted to share some insights I gained into the view of our own government toward the rights of homeschooling parents in general.

You will benefit from some context.

The U.S. law of asylum allows a refugee to stay in the United States permanently if he can show that he is being persecuted for one of several specific reasons.… [Continue reading...]

Another Federal Government Takeover: Common Core Curriculum

In recent years, the federal government has succeeded in expanding their control over health care, financial markets, the auto industry, the coal industry, and more. Now they have gained greater control over our nation’s public school systems with a program that one Georgia lawmaker calls “No Child Left Behind on steroids.”

The federal government is in the process of fundamentally transforming America’s historically decentralized public school system into a nationalized system. They call it the Common Core Curriculum and it is sweeping across the country with a vengeance.… [Continue reading...]