“Violence and protest against this announcement will escalate further and there will be no peace.”

My beloved, I tell you now that you are ever closer to the time of tremendous sorrow, horrendous destruction, and satanic chaos in your world. You need to be prepared for what comes by being under the shadow of the Almighty, where the enemy fears to tread and where My protection is all around you.

So many of My children have again allowed themselves to be deceived by the masquerade of the enemy. This is not at all good, for your world is beginning to change at lightning speed and it will even become quicker as war engulfs the entire sphere of the earth.… [Continue reading...]

“Moving an embassy to Jerusalem will cause a fire of disputes and imminent war will unfold.”

Throughout the reception of this word, I kept seeing Netanyahu’s face and Trump’s face as well. They were facing each other and shaking hands, with the city of Jerusalem in the background.

“Everything is beginning to wrap up. Moving an embassy to Jerusalem will cause a fire of disputes and imminent war will unfold. Do you think that peace would ensue from doing something like this? I tell you that the tables are going to be turned upside down. For even though I have loved Israel with an everlasting love, her times are in My hands.… [Continue reading...]

Unfulfilled Bible prophecy reveals a future attack against Israel from the land of Magog.

The prophet Ezekiel saw an attack against Israel coming in the last days from the land of Magog. It’s often called the Ezekiel 38 war, and some believe it will be fulfilled in World War 3.

Bible scholars have sought to identify which modern day nation is Magog and many have concluded it must be Russia because Ezekiel 38:15 says they will come from the remote parts of the north. Russia is due north of Israel, but so is Turkey. Pastor Steve Cioccolanti, founder of Discover Ministries, believes Magog is more likely Turkey.… [Continue reading...]

Israel running out of options as Iranian influence in Syria grows stronger

After years of trying to reverse Iran’s growing influence in Syria, Israel’s efforts have failed. Israel formed an alliance with one of Iran’s greatest enemies, Saudi Arabia, seeking to overthrow the Syrian government, removing President Bashar al-Assad from power. However, the Syrian government has successfully withstood years of attacks and driven back the invading forces thanks to military support from Russia.

Tensions increased further yesterday after satellite images revealed Iran has been building military bases inside Syria, which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned his country will not allow that to happen. … [Continue reading...]

Hurricane Harvey’s Israel Connection

During the final week of August as I was thinking about Hurricane Harvey and the August 21st American eclipse, God reminded me how in the past, whenever natural disasters like Harvey have happened in the US, it has always been His reaction to moves by the US to force Israel to give up land. Since I was not aware of any such action by the US towards Israel that could have triggered Hurricane Harvey, I didn’t think much about it and left it at that.… [Continue reading...]

“Place it upon the heat, for now is the season for My people to see the ancient words of My prophets come to pass.”

Pastor TD Hale shared the following amazing prophetic dream on his Facebook page yesterday. Pastor Hale is pastor of Calvary Christian Center in Galipolis, Ohio.

“WOW! I just came out of a dream concerning Israel. I saw the biggest and I mean biggest pressure cooker over Israel. It was as if a loud voice said, ‘Place it upon the heat, for now is the season for My people to see the ancient words of My prophets come to pass.’

I saw an angel walk over to an ancient cooking fire of stones and placed that pressure cooker on top of those stones.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream warns of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Losing Power

On the 16th of February 2017, I had a dream in which I was in a room where Benjamin Netanyahu was standing. I walked over to him and shook his hand as I told him, “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, nice to meet you!”

I then told him how I prayed for him often. He then confided in me how he had dreamt he would lose power. Just as he was telling me this, he seemed to lose strength in his legs and he collapsed.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Warnings of 11:11 Revealing What Time it Is

Many Z3ers have shared testimonies of frequently seeing the number 11:11 or 1111 on clocks. They just happen to look at it at precisely that time, or they see it other places.

An unbeliever would likely dismiss these sightings as coincidence, but for those who are eager to hear what God is saying, it is worth looking into further. I was reminded of these testimonies when I read the following comment posted today by Christine.

“I had a dream about three years ago where my husband and I were in a church that was filled with people.

[Continue reading...]

Angels Watching as Storm Approaches Jerusalem

During my prayer time today, I saw a short vision of an illustration divided into four squares. In the top left square was an angel in the sky looking down to his left. In the square below him were ancient Middle Eastern buildings, which I understood was the old city of Jerusalem.  In the top right square, another angel looking down to his right, as if he was watching the old city. In the square below him, the bottom right corner, was a dark stormy sky. … [Continue reading...]

Israel will soon be attacked and the attack will spark World War III.

In the morning of 13th June 2017, in a vision (supernatural dream) of The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, I found myself in a place where The LORD showed me a scheme being hatched to attack Israel. Israel was being accused of some religious matters and affairs.

The LORD then made me know, in the vision of The LORD, that an attack on Israel will spark World War III. The LORD then further made me know that the United States of America will not come to Israel’s Rescue.… [Continue reading...]

“When the US divides My Holy Land, I will divide this land.”

In 2015, The Lord showed me a vision that impacted me. It was so vivid. I saw a map of the USA, and then I saw Jesus standing behind the map and He said, “When the US divides My Holy Land, I will divide this land.”

When He said that, I saw Him grab the map of the US and with His hands He tore the map in two; right down the middle, as you would tear a piece of paper.… [Continue reading...]

Protective Cloud Appears Over Border of Israel and Syria

On Dec 4, 2016, Israel News Online shared a video of an enormous cloud of dust and rain hovering over the dangerous border between Israel and Syria, in the very same area where ISIS militants had attacked IDF forces for the first time four days earlier.

The mysterious cloud ended precisely at the border without crossing the border fence or entering Israel’s Golan Heights region, seeming to afflict the Syrian side while not harming Israel. It sat like a barrier between ISIS and Israel.… [Continue reading...]

This Is Not How You Reverse The Curse: Trump Administration Set To Announce Support For A ‘Two State Solution’

Many had believed that the “two state solution” would be “dead” under a Trump administration, but that is turning out not to be the case at all.  According to an Israeli news source, the Trump administration is about to publicly declare support for a “two state solution”, and officials have reportedly been in contact with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office regarding “ideas to promote the two state solution.”  This is extremely alarming, because I have previously written about how those that bless Israel will be blessed and those that curse Israel will be cursed. … [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Reveals Islamic Schemes to Attack Israel

Z3 News contributing author Etienne-Pascal Nadeau shared the following dream, which he received on January 22 2017.

I was walking in a city during the day. It seemed to be near where I live in the province of Quebec, Canada.

I lifted up my eyes and saw a crescent moon, highlighted in a special and unusual way. It was very beautiful and I was in awe. The lighting suddenly began to change multiple times. Halos of light formed around the moon and then the sky went dark.… [Continue reading...]

“Donald Trump Will be Instrumental in the Building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem”

In the second half of the video shown below, which was published yesterday on YouTube, Dr. Patricia Green shared how God showed her Donald Trump’s role in the construction of the third temple in Jerusalem. Patricia Green is founder of Joy Ministries Worldwide.

The following provides a transcript of her comments:

“On November 9 2016, which is the same day Donald Trump was declared the winner of the election, the Lord gave me 1 Kings 5:5 in a dream three times.… [Continue reading...]

800-Year-Old Prophecy Says Israel Will Lose Control of Jerusalem This Year

In the 14-minute video shown below, Dr. Patricia Green shares an 800-year-old prophecy from Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel regarding Jerusalem.

Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel lived during the 12th century and consecrated his life to God. He wrote the following prophecy in AD 1217, which has so far proven to be accurate with only the final part of it remaining to be fulfilled.

“When the Ottomans conquer Jerusalem they will rule over Jerusalem for eight jubilees. Afterwards Jerusalem will become no-man’s land for one jubilee, and then in the ninth jubilee it will once again come back into the possession of the Jewish nation – which would signify the beginning of the Messianic end time.”

When he was asked where he received this prophecy, he said, “The prophet Elijah, who will precede the Messiah, appeared to me and revealed many things to me and emphasized that the pre-condition for answered prayer is that it is fueled by enthusiasm and joy for the greatness and holiness of God.”


The first part of his prophecy was fulfilled exactly 300 years later when the Ottomans took control of Jerusalem in 1517.… [Continue reading...]

“I Will Divide Your Nation!”

I received a warning from God for our nation as I was in church Sunday morning, January 15 2017, the same day as the UN Paris “Peace” conference concerning the division of Israel.

During the worship service, I was worshipping my Father in Heaven. His Spirit came upon me very strong, and Father began to speak. His voice was fierce and angry. I have never heard Him speak that way before. In some places, it almost seemed like He was shouting.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Reveals Catastrophes Striking U.S. Following Middle East Conference

On January 11, 2017, I had an open vision within a dream.

In this dream, I was in France, standing in what looked like an outdoor mall. I was inside a store when I felt the earth shake and sway from side to side. I ran outside thinking it would be better to be out in open space in case buildings started collapsing on top of me.

The rumbling continued as I ran outside, but the ground wasn’t shaking as much as before.… [Continue reading...]

Podcast: Warnings of War Coming in Israel in 2017

Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, founder of Jesus Ministries, recently shared some important revelations concerning Israel in the year 2017. He has a long history of delivering accurate prophetic words, including the election of Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

On April 30 2014, the angel Michael brought Sundar a message about the future of Israel. He was shown numbers respresenting significant years in the history of modern Israel, including 1948, which was the year the nation was re-born, and 1967, the year they fought and won the six-day war, which was the first time they had regained control of Jerusalem in nearly 2,000 years.… [Continue reading...]

“The Bomb Will Come from the East, Not on American Soil”

I received the following word from the Lord on January 5, 2017:

“The time of preparation is not over. Do not get discouraged or live in despair, but continue this path. I need you to continue this path. Today you trust Me, and hear My voice, for tomorrow you know not what comes.”

As I was praying I kept seeing and hearing a bomb. Then I heard this:

“This will set in motion what must be. The bomb will come from the east.… [Continue reading...]

Multiple Prophetic Warnings of War Coming Soon

Rumors of war have increased significantly in recent weeks, especially since the UN passed a resolution on December 23 2016 to divide the land of Israel.

A growing number of prophetic voices are warning war is coming soon. On December 29, Z3 contributor Phanuel received the following prophetic word for 2017.

“Things are going to be a lot different next year. It’s going to be upside down. Trump will help steady the ship, but it’s going to be rough.

A lot of chaos is coming next year, because of my inheritance Israel.… [Continue reading...]

“The Time Has Come to Deliver My People Israel!!”

At a time when President Elect Donald Trump has promised to drain the swamp of corrupt members of our federal government, God has promised to deliver His people Israel.

The recent UN resolution pits the world against Israel by demanding Israel halt settlements within their own borders and by forcing them to divide their land, including Jerusalem. Even their closest ally, the United States, betrayed them, but they are not alone because God is moving in their behalf.

On November 26 2016, professional violinist Maurice Sklar posted the following prophetic warning on his Facebook page.… [Continue reading...]

Ominous Alarm Sounds Instantly After Fox News Correspondent Finishes Reporting UN’s Anti-Israel Resolution

Was it just a coincidence or an ominous warning? The instant Fox News reporter David Lee Miller finished making his comments regarding today’s UN resolution vote against Israel, a loud siren started sounding in the background.

Skeptics would call it a coincidence, but both Bible prophecies and historical precedents indicate God takes action against any nation who takes actions against Israel (Zechariah 12:3). The United States has a long history of suffering swift and severe destruction whenever we have pressured Israel to divide their land.… [Continue reading...]

Israel Rejects UN Resolution, Refuses to Adhere to It

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today called today’s UN resolution despicable and boldly declared Israel will not adhere to it.

“Israel categorically rejects the despicable anti-Israeli resolution at the UN, and will not adhere to it.” (Source: Times of Israel)

He continued his strong stand by pointing out the hypocrisy of the United Nations anti-Israel actions.

“While the Security Council does nothing to prevent the massacre of half a million people in Syria, it is shamefully singling out Israel — the only democracy in the Middle East.” (Source: Times of Israel)

Then he blasted the Obama administration for betraying Israel and cooperating with Israel’s enemies.… [Continue reading...]

United States Betrays Israel in Dramatic Policy Shift

In a dramatic shift in U.S. policy, the United States chose not to use its’ veto power to block a United Nations resolution demanding Israel “immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem.” The resolution also states Israeli settlements there have “no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under International law.”

The UN resolution makes an outrageous claim that Israeli settlements located within the borders of Israel have “no legal validity,” which is like telling American citizens they have no legal right to live in Kansas or Florida or any part of the United States.… [Continue reading...]

The Real Reason Why America Has Been Given A Reprieve

This is one of the most important articles that I have written in a long time.  The strange events of the past year and a half have befuddled and mystified many, and in this article I am going to explain why America has been given a temporary reprieve.  If you go back to June 2015, I warned my readers that major financial problems were imminent, and sure enough in August 2015 we witnessed the greatest financial shaking that we had seen in seven years. … [Continue reading...]

The Coming Enormous Task of the Lord in Israel

In a vision (supernatural dream) of The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit in the morning of 18thNovember 2015, The LORD was speaking to me and showing me and indeed revealing to me that I will be going to the nation of Israel, to go serve Him (The LORD) there (in Israel) during The Great Tribulation period. The LORD made me know that this will be after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ.… [Continue reading...]

Secretary of State John Kerry Blames Israeli Settlements for Recent Wave of Palestinian Terror

While innocent Israeli citizens are being murdered by Palestinian attacks, Secretary of State John Kerry blames Israeli settlements in east Jerusalem for causing the Palestinians’ frustration.

The Jerusalem Post reports that since October 1, seven Israelis have been killed and dozens more have been injured in 26 separate attacks across Israel. According to Palestinian reports, 27 Palestinians, including nine alleged attackers, have also died.

In addition to blaming Israel, John Kerry is also using the attacks to promote his political agenda of a two-state solution in Israel.… [Continue reading...]

Al Qaeda Forces Causing Increased Tensions Along Israeli-Syrian Border

Rumors of war in Israel have increased after a failed attempt by Syrian forces to expel rebel forces from the Golan villages along the Israeli-Syrian border. Israeli forces are on heightened alert to the threat of Al Qaeda attacks on Israeli army patrols along the border, which could quickly escalated into a multi-front war.

IDF command is deeply concerned by developments of the last three weeks in the southern Syrian sectors facing the Israeli and Jordanian borders: The offensive the Syrian army launched Oct.

[Continue reading...]

Bob Jones: Warning to America, Do Not Put Pressure on Israel

Prophetic Minister Bob Jones recently warned America not to put pressure on Israel to divide her land. The following is the transcript of his comments. The video presentation of him making these comments is also shown below.


“One of the worst things that could happen to America. The last time we butted into Israel’s business we pressured them to divide Gaza and New Orleans got all the rain they wanted. There is an intention now of dividing Jerusalem and if this takes place the new Madrid fault will divide United States.

[Continue reading...]

Three Prophetic Warnings of a New War in the Middle East

This article puts together three prophetic words received by three different prophetic ministers over the past few years regarding the start of a new war in the Middle East. There is a lot of overlap in the things they saw. By putting all of these words together, we can get a clearer picture of the future events in the Middle East.

Warning #1: At the beginning of this year (2013), prophetic minister Cathy Lechner from King Jesus Ministries in Miami FL shared the major events coming in the future.… [Continue reading...]

Armenia Struggles to Absorb Christian Refugees From Syria

YEREVAN, Armenia (RNS) — Sarkiss Rshdouni escaped the fighting in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo months ago but cannot shake memories of what he witnessed.

“I was with a friend when I heard gunshots,” said Rshdouni, who is among hundreds of thousands of people who have fled the war in his homeland. “It was fast — second by second, the sound was getting closer. I saw mass shooting, people running.”

Aleppo is home to more than 80 percent of Syria’s Armenian community, and those who are still there remain at the center of the battle for control of the country.… [Continue reading...]

Nearly One Million Refugees Have Fled Syria; Death Toll Climbs

The trucks delivered 15,000 blankets and 10,000 tents to an Internally Displaced People (IDP) camp near the Syrian-Turkish border in the country’s northwest. For only the second time in the nearly 2-year Syrian civil war, the U.N. refugee agency completed an aid delivery Thursday, reports MNN.

However, the reception was surprisingly cool. Jeff Palmer with Baptist Global Response explains, “There were ties to other factions out there. People perceived where the aid was coming from, so they actually refused the shipment of the aid.”

He goes on to clarify, “The men were the ones who rejected the aid.… [Continue reading...]

Report: Hamas Thugs Come to Morsi’s Rescue

The Muslim Brotherhood is losing the very thing that brought it to power in Egypt: Popularity. President Morsi’s power grab and his Sharia-instituting constitution has destabilized his rule, sparking ongoing protests and bloody clashes. There are now unverified reports that Morsi has even resorted to importing Hamas terrorists to serve as loyal protectors.

In late January, RadicalIslam.org was told by an Egyptian source that there were reports spreading of security personnel arresting people with weapons or bomb material and Palestinian identification cards, indicating that they were Hamas members.… [Continue reading...]

Israeli Forces to Continue and Possibly Escalate Air Strikes on Syria – Former Israeli Official Warns

Israeli forces struck two locations inside Syria just two weeks ago, one being a convoy that allegedly was carrying anti-tank missiles to Lebanon and the other being a scientific research center, which was used to enhance defense and resistance tools. As SLN reported, “Tuesday night’s Israeli attack on Syria brought confusion to the media as to what was hit inside Syria, and as the dust started to settle, it seems everyone was right.”

What was learned after the attacks on Syria is that the U.S.… [Continue reading...]

Syrian Jets Bomb Northern Air Base Seized By Islamist-Led Rebels

Tuesday night, Feb. 12, he Syrian Air Force began bombing the large al-Jarra air base which rebels led by Islamist battalions conquered near the northern city of Aleppo. Bashar Assad has ordered the destruction of the dozens of fighter-bombers on the ground in the captured base. Most are Czech-made L-29 trainer planes which his air force has been using to pound rebel positions in built-up areas of the cities. But still in hangars are also Sukhoi Su-22M bombers and Mig-23 interceptors which too have been pressed into service for striking rebel-held territory.… [Continue reading...]

Bombs Raining Down On Israel by December 2012

The following provides a transcript from an interview with Dr. Daniel Bohler regarding many things God has shown him, including bombs raining down on Israel by December 2012, and the consequences of a coming war in Israel coming upon the United States.

Note: I believe this word was fulfilled a few weeks before December as terrorists in Gaza launched hundreds of rockets into Israel reaching even as far as Tel Aviv. These events were reported by all major news media including this story on the NBC website.… [Continue reading...]