“This is where America is: she is in the book of Jeremiah.”

As I prayed, I saw a mob of people. I knew it was those coming over the border from Mexico into the USA. I saw some of the mob push against men with riot shields up. This happened over to the left of my view. They pushed the men with the shields over to one side, the left side.

Meanwhile the majority of the mob were sweeping unimpeded through the entrance gate. As I watched, this mob changed into a mob of sheep, many, many sheep.… [Continue reading...]

Pastor Ramiro Pena: “God Has His Hand on President Elect Trump”

Appearing as a guest on the Jim Bakker Show, Senior Pastor Ramiro Peña of Christ the King Baptist Church explained why he believes God has His hand on President Elect Trump.

Pastor Pena is a member of Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council. When asked what he believes Trump will do regarding the issue of immigration, Pastor Pena identified two things.

First, he believes Trump will succeed in stopping terrorists from crossing our borders. Pastor Pena has more reasons to be concerned about the borders than most Americans because his church is located in Waco TX, just 330 miles from the Mexican border.… [Continue reading...]

Illinois Approves Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

Until yesterday, there were only three states that did not require proof of legal residence to get a driver’s license. Those states are New Mexico, Utah and Washington. However, Illinois lawmakers passed a bill yesterday allowing illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses in their state.

Proponents of the new Illinois law argue that everyone is safer when illegal aliens have driver’s licenses because they are required to know the laws and pass a driving test. However, the facts show allowing illegal aliens to drive is a deadly mistake that dramatically increases the number of accidents, drunk drivers, and fatalities.… [Continue reading...]