Prophetic dreams warn of gross perversion coming

I had a dream of waking up in a house and my brother was there, but he was younger than he is now. I believe he was representing the younger generation. I went into the kitchen and saw him reaching for a plate of small snakes, so I said “Be careful! A single prick of their teeth will kill you”.

Then he took his hand away and the plate and snakes disappeared. Then I saw him reach for a plate of slugs and pick one up and go to put it in his mouth, so I said, “What are you doing?”

He replied, “It’s just pork”.… [Continue reading...]

Supreme Court Approves America’s Final Abomination

It only took twelve years for America to completely redefine marriage. Now the new definition has opened the floodgates for disaster to strike our land.

In 2003, a court ruling in Massachusetts made it the first state to legalize homosexual marriage. In 2013, the United States Supreme Court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional. Today, the Supreme Court effectively legalized homosexual marriage in all fifty states with a 5-4 ruling in the case of Obergefell vs Hodges.

Violating the Constitution:

Today’s ruling was based on a twisted interpretation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S.… [Continue reading...]

Google Now Openly Persecuting Christians

Google, the noun that became a verb, is best known as the world’s favorite search engine. However, Google has become much more than that. They have become an adversary to anyone who believes the Bible.

Google became the world’s leading search engine by delivering faster, more relevant search results than any other site. The bulk of Google’s revenues are still generated from their dominant share of Internet searches, processing over one billion searches every day, but their empire greatly expanded to include just about every area of our lives, including the following:

  • Our cell phones with the Google cell phone
  • Our phone calls with Google voice
  • Our emails with Gmail, the world’s largest email service with over 750 million users
  • Our video viewing history through YouTube
  • Our Internet search history, which they store for 18 months, with Google Search and Google Chrome
  • Our backup files through Google Drive
  • Our news source through Google News
  • Our social contacts through Google Plus
  • Our travels through our use of Google Maps
  • Our purchases through Google Shopping, Google Checkout, Google Offers, and Google Wallet
  • Our favorite sites with Google Bookmarks
  • Our photos with Google Picasa Web Albums
  • Our schedule with Google Calendar
  • Our text messages with Google Talk
  • Our discussion groups with Google Groups
  • Our ebooks, music, and movies with Google Play

Google has become far more than an Internet search engine.… [Continue reading...]

Tim Tebow Stays on the Sidelines in Controversy over Homosexuality

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has opted to stay out of a firestorm of controversy surrounding homosexuality. Tebow was coming under severe pressure from liberal news media outlets over his plans to speak at the First Baptist Church of Dallas in April.

Nearly a year ago in March 2012, Tebow’s speaking engagement was criticized by Meredith Bennett-Smith at the Huffington Post, “This polite strand of evangelicalism stands in sharp contrast, however, with the barnstorming, hate-filled rhetoric of the church where he is scheduled to speak in April.”

The Baptist Press reports the following comments made in an article by CBS Sports columnist Greg Doyel:

Likewise, CBS Sports columnist Greg Doyel complained about Jeffress, describing him as “an evangelical cretin … who does the work of the Lord sort of like Westboro Baptist in Topeka, Kan., does the work of the Lord.… [Continue reading...]

French Lawmakers Approve Gay ‘Marriage’

The French National Assembly approved a bill Tuesday that legalizes gay marriage and allows same-sex couples to adopt children, following months of protests and debates in the once heavily Roman Catholic nation.

The bill passed 329 to 229 with 10 abstaining, and will be sent for a Senate vote in April, where the Socialist majority likely will confirm the vote. While polls last August showed same-sex marriage had two-thirds support among the French, that number has now dropped to a narrow majority.… [Continue reading...]

6 Ways Homosexuality is Hurting America

When I was growing up in America, homosexuality was considered taboo. But things have changed dramatically since then. Today growing numbers of Americans are embracing it as an acceptable alternative lifestyle.

One major reason for the change is the massive onslaught coming from media vehicles including movies, television sitcoms, news programs, magazines, and the Internet. There was a time in America when our government and business leaders would have refused to broadcast content that supports the homosexual lifestyle. But today our leaders publicly embrace it, our elected representatives make laws to defend it, our judges call it a civil right, and our business leaders openly help finance it.… [Continue reading...]

Voters Approve Homosexual Marriage

Four states voted on November 6 on the issue of homosexual marriage. This issue has been voted on previously in 32 states and has been rejected every time. However, this time the results were different.

Voters in Maine and Maryland became the first states to approve same-sex marriage by voter ballot measures. Just three years ago, voters in Maine rejected same-sex marriage. Yesterday, they reversed that position. In Minnesota, voters rejected a constitutional amendment that would have banned same-sex marriage. However, Minnesota still has a state law which prohibits same-sex marriage.… [Continue reading...]

Woman Fired For Biblical Views Continues Fight After Court Rules Diversity Trumps Religious Rights

Christian News Network has reported a story of an Ohio woman who is being persecuted for believing the Bible and having the courage to voice her Biblical view of homosexual behavior.

This story illustrates what the homosexual agenda is all about. Homosexuals are seeking a lot more than the right to mind their own business in the privacy of their own homes. The truth is homosexuals are seeking to violate the rights of others by removing their rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion.… [Continue reading...]