Obama’s OFA Takes Credit for Defeating House Bill to Repeal Obamacare

The man of lawlessness never misses an opportunity to twist the truth and take credit for things he had nothing to do with.

I am on the mailing list for his organization, Organizing for Action (OFA). They just sent the following email to their subscribers taking credit for defeating the House bill to repeal Obamacare. The entire contents of their email is shown below:

The truth is the Republicans shot themselves in the foot by not coming together ahead of time with a plan they could all agree to.… [Continue reading...]

Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare Mandates for Health Professionals

The more time passes, the more we learn about our federal government’s assault on our Constitutional freedoms passed by Congress in 2011 in the name of fixing our health care system, commonly known as Obamacare. It empowered the federal government with new ways to punish people of faith by taking away their freedom to follow their religious convictions.

Thank God for the righteous remnant of Christians across the nation who have stood against it, and for Texas Judge Reed O’Conner because he ruled against it on December 31 2016.… [Continue reading...]

Mandatory Flu Vaccinations Now Being Implemented by Obamacare

The antichrist spirit operating through Obamacare is becoming more evident as the details of the plan are implemented.

As stated by former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi when she was orchestrating the vote for Obamacare in the U.S. House of Representatives, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

Thanks to her efforts and many other members of Congress, the American people are now finding out what was in it. American citizens are being forced to bow down to the spirit of antichrist by injecting harmful viruses into their bodies in fear of being cut off from the healthcare system.… [Continue reading...]

As Predicted, Obamacare Is Absolutely Killing The Middle Class

The critics of Obamacare have been proven right.  The Obama administration promised that health insurance premiums would go down.  Instead, they have absolutely skyrocketed.  The Obama administration promised that Obamacare would not kill jobs.  Instead, firms are hiring fewer workers because of suffocating health care costs.  As you will see below, even the Federal Reserve is admitting this.  The Obama administration also promised that the big health insurance companies would love the new Obamacare plans and would eagerly compete with one another to win customers in the new health insurance marketplaces. … [Continue reading...]

Deadly Pestilences Are Coming – Part Two

This post is Part Two of a seven-part series equipping the saints and exposing the enemy’s scheme to bring deadly pestilences.

Part Two – Physical Effects; Eat Non-GMO & Organic

It is strongly suggested that you first read Part One—It’s All About the Blood! No Vaccines! Take what you read here to prayer for confirmation. God is infallible; I am not!

Physical Effects of this Pestilence and Vaccine:

Healthy hardy people (without God’s supernatural covering) who get the pestilence might survive without the vaccine, but it will be quite hard on them.… [Continue reading...]

After Two Moons and Three Days the Zika Virus Arrived

A prophetic warning shared by Denika Alston on November 29 2015 warned about something bad coming in two moons and three days. See her post, In Two Moons and Three Days It Will Come.

Since we don’t count days in moons anymore there were different ideas about exactly when that would be, but if we add two months we get to January 29, then add three days and we get to February 1 2016.

On February 1, the World Health Organization announced the Zika virus is a global public health emergency.… [Continue reading...]

Pastor James Durham: Water Quality Alert

Pastor James Durham, founder of Higher Calling Ministries, regularly posts words and visions that he has received from the Lord. Last week he posted the following warning about an enemy attack on our water supplies, making them unsafe to drink.

I was face down before the Lord when a series of messages came. First, I received the same vision three times. I saw people who were very concerned about the quality of water coming from the city delivery system. We were carried to a reservoir and dipped our hands in the water.… [Continue reading...]

ObamaCare Embraces Health Savings Accounts

Despite getting clobbered in the fiscal cliff negotiations, Republicans have something to celebrate this year — the survival of health savings accounts, or HSAs. They had feared that President Obama would obliterate this critical cost-saving tool.

Sure, the president had promised that ObamaCare would not bar HSA-qualified plans from health insurance exchanges. But we had our doubts.

Fortunately, we were wrong.

A new regulation from the Department of Health and Human Services should put Republican fears to rest. Issued in November, the Department’s proposed
Actuarial Value Calculator has been tested and re-tested.… [Continue reading...]