God Calling Attention to Price Movements in Silver Market

God is now calling attention to price movements in the silver market, not just for me but for many others too.

After receiving a dream about silver price movements on May 22, I did not receive anything new about the silver market until October 19. Since then, I have received six new visions, as listed below.

Water Gauge Filled Up:
Today, I saw a water gauge filling up to the top. We have a Berkey water filter in our home.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream About Silver Prices Fulfilled

On May 22, I received a prophetic dream, which revealed upcoming price movements in the silver market. Since then, silver prices have moved exactly as the dream revealed with only the final move still to come.

I shared my dream in a post dated June 30 2016, Big Drop in Silver Prices Could Be Coming Soon. It took me over a month to share it because initially I had no idea what it meant. Being new to prophetic market dreams, I sought help from an experienced prophetic trader, Jim Reeve.… [Continue reading...]