Two New Visions Confirm Starting Point for Two Legs Down in Silver Prices

Sometimes you have to wait for it, but I believe this one is worth the wait.

I have been waiting for this for the past ten months or so, which is when I first started seeing visions of silver prices dropping fast in two legs, with the second leg being larger than the first, which I documented in a post on January 20 2017.

On March 15 2017, I saw the pattern for the start of the first leg down and recorded it in my journal as follows.… [Continue reading...]

Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices

Spot silver prices have moved into the range where I saw some graphs back in March. The current price is $17.47.

On March 16 2017, I saw a graph of silver dropping down steeply to $17.10, then bouncing back up to about where it was, then it continued working its’ way down, but I did not see how far down. It might have made it back to $17.10.

Four days later on March 20 2017, I saw a graph of silver moving a little lower, maybe 10 or 15 cents, then it dropped straight down, but I did not see the price at the bottom (my guess is $17.10).… [Continue reading...]

Basketball Bounce Pass Vision Fulfilled

On the morning of March 2, I believe God showed me in a dream the fulfillment of a previous vision was starting that day, referring to what He showed me on February 17. Someone who I could not see tossed a basketball towards me, but not directly to me. The ball went down steep and then bounced back up steep, then passed by me on my right side. Since basketballs are often orange, and red and yellow make orange, I interpreted it as a move down and back up in metals.… [Continue reading...]

Moving Closer to Two Legs Down is Silver

I believe we are getting closer to seeing two legs down in silver, but might see a small move up before then. I have seen both recently, so it is challenging to know exactly how it plays out.

On March 7, I saw a graph showing a steep move up followed by a short sideways to downward move followed by a steep move down. So if we see a steep move up, I am expecting it to quickly reverse back down.… [Continue reading...]

Two Legs Down in Silver Prices Coming Soon

Little by little, the picture is getting clearer. For the past couple of months, God has been revealing a big drop in silver prices with a consistent theme of two legs down.

On November 28 2016, I posted my vision of a large golf ball flying between the legs of a golfer, ripping holes in his green knickers on the inside of both legs. The ball came straight at him from the front, so it was moving in the opposite direction.… [Continue reading...]

Fancy Lady Shows Silver Prices Dropping Soon

On January 11 2017, I received a short vision in which I was in what appeared to be a large night club. I saw an attractive woman about 30 feet away walking straight towards me at a casual slow pace. She seemed to be in no big hurry as she was looking around as she walked. She had short blond-hair and was all decked out wearing a short white fur coat, a little longer than this photo, but still very short because it was showing almost all her bare legs.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Visions Fulfilled by Silver Price Movements

This provides an update on two visions, which I shared recently showing what I interpreted to be silver price movements.

Black and White Cat:
On December 15 2016, I saw a short vision of a black and white cat walking on a table approaching my white plate. Since cats are bullish dream symbols, I concluded the price would be moving higher, but not right away because he stopped to look around. I never saw him start eating, so it was just letting me know a move up was coming.… [Continue reading...]

Silver Prices Now Testing Hurricane Theory

This provides new insights into silver prices received since my previous post on December 17.

God purposely gives only partial information as an invitation to seek Him and trust Him for more details (Proverbs 25:2). Perhaps as we grow up spiritually and prove ourselves trustworthy, God will provide us with a more complete picture. The process can get frustrating and even offensive, but I believe it is all by design, part of His sifting process, giving us opportunities to demonstrate whether or not our heart is truly seeking Him.… [Continue reading...]

Upward Price Move in Metals Interrupted by Pull Down

Today I saw a short vision of a Pittsburgh Steelers football player after he had scored a touchdown. My view was on the lower half of his body as he jumped way up high towards the fans in the bleachers. I saw the black, white, and yellow colors in his uniform. As he was moving straight up, a hand from below reached up and grabbed his ankle just above his white cleats. His upward movement was stopped by this hand pulling him back down.… [Continue reading...]

Silver Prices Expected to Turn Up Soon

Yesterday, I saw a short vision in which I was seated at a table, which was set for dinner with a white plate of food in front of me. Then a black and white cat came walking up to my plate on the table. When he got close, he turned his head to look around before starting to eat. That was the end of the vision.

Since cats are bullish symbols and white often represents silver, the white metal, I believe this shows silver prices are about to move up higher.… [Continue reading...]

God Revealing Turning Points in Silver Prices

Over the past few days, I have been seeing silver prices during my prayer time. The ones that have already been fulfilled have all been turning points, so I believe these are good places to take profits.

On November 30, I saw a .35 and a $17.13. The .35 was fulfilled two days later, on December 2, when the price dropped to $16.35. The $17.13 was fulfilled on December 7. Since then, the price has been trying and failing to break through resistance in that range.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Vision Shows Three Legs Up for Silver Prices

During my prayer time today, I saw a short vision of three bare Christmas trees standing on the roof of a house.

Each tree had a wide base, which was covered in white wrapping. The trees were all standing right next to each other and all leaning to the right because of the slope of the roof. In front of them, the roof sloped back up again, so they were not in danger of falling. The sky looked bleak, all covered in white clouds, a typical winter evening sky.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Insights Show Silver Prices Dropping Fast and Far

In the past few days, I received several new insights showing silver prices dropping fast and far. However, before that happens, I am expecting it to move up significantly higher than the current price, which is $16.84 per ounce.

Based on my interpretation of several recent dreams, which I have shared in my previous posts, I am expecting to see silver’s downward trend turn around and make an aggressive move up. That includes the following four dreams/visions:

[Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Fulfilled by Drop in Silver Prices

In my previous post on November 7, I shared two new dreams, which helped me understand a third dream more accurately, showing the price of silver was going to drop before moving up quickly.

When I posted that on November 7, the price was about $18.23 per ounce and trending up. Just four days later, on Friday November 11, it dropped sharply and continued dropping until Friday November 18, hitting bottom at $16.46 per ounce. Since then, it has moved up slightly to $16.65.… [Continue reading...]

Two New Dreams Add Insights Into Snow Leopard Vision

The silver market opened lower Sunday night, but I don’t believe it is a buying opportunity, at least not yet.

I received two new dreams yesterday, giving me the following new insights regarding my vision of the snow leopard, which I posted on Saturday.

  1. First, I believe my position standing behind him shows he was moving away from me. Since cats are bullish symbols, moving away from me would be the inverse, which is bearish, meaning prices are initially going lower rather than higher.
[Continue reading...]

Encounter with White Snow Leopard Reveals Silver Prices Moving Higher

Yesterday November 4, I saw a short vision of a white snow leopard with black spots. When I first saw him I was standing directly behind him, but his head was turned around looking back at me as if he had noticed me coming. I got a close up look at his white fur with black spots. The next moment, I saw a close-up of his face looking right at me. He showed his white teeth like cats do when they hiss.… [Continue reading...]

God Calling Attention to Price Movements in Silver Market

God is now calling attention to price movements in the silver market, not just for me but for many others too.

After receiving a dream about silver price movements on May 22, I did not receive anything new about the silver market until October 19. Since then, I have received six new visions, as listed below.

Water Gauge Filled Up:
Today, I saw a water gauge filling up to the top. We have a Berkey water filter in our home.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream About Silver Prices Fulfilled

On May 22, I received a prophetic dream, which revealed upcoming price movements in the silver market. Since then, silver prices have moved exactly as the dream revealed with only the final move still to come.

I shared my dream in a post dated June 30 2016, Big Drop in Silver Prices Could Be Coming Soon. It took me over a month to share it because initially I had no idea what it meant. Being new to prophetic market dreams, I sought help from an experienced prophetic trader, Jim Reeve.… [Continue reading...]