Church Rejects Message of Repentance

I don’t know what’s happening in everyone else’s home church, but let me tell you what we’re experiencing.

Our pastor has begun preaching a message of repentance, saying things like, “It doesn’t matter who becomes President, no man can save this country!”

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

I’ve watched him transform to preach this end time message, and he’s on fire for the Lord. But as soon as his messages became politically incorrect, people began to walk out of the services – right in the middle of his messages.… [Continue reading...]

Great Judgment is Coming on the Church in America

On May 14 2016, I dreamed I was in a small room filled with people, young and old, from all races. They were all standing because there was no place to sit and waiting on a word and a touch from the Lord.

There was excitement in the air because everyone was eager to experience the goodness of the Lord. I laid my hands on a young boy who I felt had a demon. As I touched him my hand tingled.… [Continue reading...]

America! You Forgot to Zip Your Pants!

I had a dream yesterday morning. I saw a large pair of pants coming down in the sky. They were so large they could be seen from great distances. I noticed they had a metal zipper, like blue jeans, and it was unzipped.  After this I heard God’s voice stating with Great Authority, “AMERICA! You forgot to zip your pants! Now the whole world can see the shame of your sin!”

I immediately thought of the last Republican debate. I did not watch it, but I heard it had turned crude at one point.… [Continue reading...]

Judgment Falls On America with the Death of Justice Scalia

The death of Justice Antonin Scalia on February 13 was not only a tragic loss for everyone who loves the United States Constitution; it was the judgment of God falling on our country. It was a symptom of our weakened spiritual condition and a warning of far worse things ahead.

To whom much is given, much will be required and America has been given much. Our forefathers had the light of God, but we turned away from it. They walked in humble repentance with their house swept clean, but we have allowed the unclean spirits to return with seven other spirits more wicked than the one who left (Matthew 12:43-45).… [Continue reading...]

Deadly Pestilences Are Coming – Part One

The Lord Jesus warned us plagues would come in various places during the end-times (Luke 21:11). The Apostle John warned when the fourth seal is broken a rider on a green horse would be given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill through a variety of ways, including pestilence (Revelation 6:7-8).

This post is Part One of a seven-part series equipping the saints and exposing the enemy’s scheme to bring deadly pestilences.

Part One – It’s All About the Blood![Continue reading...]

Cry No More, The Time Has Come for Judgment to Begin

As I write this I feel we are on the eve of something about take place, a time of great testing and shaking, but also a time of great signs and wonders.

A short time ago the Lord spoke very clearly to me in the early morning hours. “Something is being birthed. Call it to life!” I believe revival is being birthed and the remnant is being gifted with amazing gifts to be used soon! How exciting!

This poem once again flowed out from me today and I thought I would share it.… [Continue reading...]

A Time of Great Sorrows is Upon You

“A time of great sorrows is upon you. Never has there been a time such as this in your nation and never again will such a time come. The decisions you have made (speaking to the nation as a whole) are not without consequence. The choice you have made to turn your backs on Me in favor of your own lusts and the gods formed by your own hands have forced Me into a position concerning you. For a season I turned My back.… [Continue reading...]

The Lord Has a Controversy with the Church

The year 2016 will be a year in the earth where the church will be tested like never before concerning her allegiance, trust, and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ and His ability to save, deliver, and lead them through the turbulent years in the earth that are ahead. Let it be known that God the Father has a CONTROVERSY with the church, as He has grown heart broken with her desire to put her dependence in men (specifically political figures) and not in His Son!… [Continue reading...]

My Hand is About to Sweep Across the Churches of Your Nation

“Let us sit here together.  As you close your eyes and are overcome with peace, remain there.  Commune with Me and I will commune with you.  I am always with you according to My word.  Yet you only sense My presence when you focus on Me and search with the eyes of your heart.  What we desire is the same.  You are mine and I long for intimacy with you.  Sometimes you will come to this place and it will feel as though I have not. … [Continue reading...]