The Calling Given to My Remnant Will Not Be Overcome by the Plans of the Enemy

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.  These words of warning have become the playbook of evil men and women.

There is a public relations campaign to transform the views of people to the point where their ability to tell right from wrong is so warped that their perception of these thing will be turned upside down.  This perversion has been overtaking your nation for years and it is now coming to a head on issues that Bible believing (radical Christians) know to be moral absolutes.… [Continue reading...]

God is Now Calling Many to New Assignments

I sense an urgency in my spirit. Something is in the wind, so to speak, and it is going to come suddenly.

Many of God’s people are being called into new assignments, some are even being sent into the enemy’s camp. Ministries, not really well known, will now rise to the surface with an uncompromising spirit, a huge desire to serve only Him. These people will have such a heavy anointing over them that people will be drawn to them for truth and for the one who lives inside of them.… [Continue reading...]

My People Have Entered a Season of New Mantles

I felt the Lord say: “My people have entered into a season of new mantles.”

“Many have served faithfully, like Joseph in this last decade. They have served and refused to be offended. They have taken rejection, misrepresentation, and even personal attack, yet they have stayed true. Some have suffered great personal loss, yet in all the testing they have stayed true to me and have refused to become bitter.”

“In this next season I’m releasing new mantles of authority and anointing. … [Continue reading...]