Our Journey to Singularity Has Already Started.

The following is an excerpt from chapter 19 of my new book, Remnant: The Righteous Remnant Now Arises.

Even though rapid increases in knowledge have already changed the world faster than ever before, it’s expected to accelerate even more because the technological innovations fueling the changes are accelerating. Ray Kurzweil, a former Google engineer and author of several futurist books, predicts by the 2030’s, we will be able to connect our neo-cortex, the part of our brain where we do our thinking, to the virtual cloud, allowing us to access and share data without assistance from any external devices.… [Continue reading...]

“They are going to release the robots to exterminate mankind.”

On the 27th November 2018, I had a dream which I have summarized below and included my interpretation. I also shared more details about this dream in the 14-minute video shown at the bottom of this post, which was published on my YouTube channel.

In the dream, I was outdoors with a group of people. There were a few buildings around, so we were partially indoors and partially outdoors. I was trying to warn these people, some of whom were Christians and others who weren’t.… [Continue reading...]

Two prophetic dreams warn of destruction of humanity by robots and artificial intelligence.

I recently received two dreams regarding coming robots and artificial intelligence. Both dreams are summarized below and shared in a 35:58-minute video at the bottom of this post.

I received the first dream on October 6, 2018 and it had several different scenes. In the first scene, I was in an unknown place that seemed like an office.  I recognized a man working there as a Christian coworker of mine, but in the dream he acted cold and distant towards me.… [Continue reading...]