Martin Armstrong: “By 2020 or 2021 you’re going to see a currency reset.”

When economic forecasts from highly respected economists confirm prophetic warnings, I think it’s time to pay attention. Yet, much of the Church rejects prophetic warnings, even mocking them by calling them gloom and doom.

I even heard one well known false prophet recently accusing another ministry of doing the work of the devil simply because they were warning of potential trouble ahead. On his YouTube channel, he was accusing this ministry of traumatizing people, which he claimed is the work of the devil, even though the Bible is filled with examples of God warning His people of trouble, from Genesis to Revelation.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic dreams reveal price movements in Electroneum

Wow, what a week. Between Christmas traveling and preparations, plus the whole crypto currency feeding frenzy, it has been very busy here, which is why I haven’t posted anything new the past few days and I’ve fallen way behind on responding to emails.

Based on some new dreams I received yesterday morning, I believe God is keeping open the window of opportunity for Electroneum for a short time longer to give His beloved children time to get in before it starts rising dramatically.… [Continue reading...]

Electroneum bringing 1,000-fold return!

After reading Christopher Harris’s recent post in which he shared the dream God gave him about the new crypto currency, Electroneum, I asked God to confirm to me if I should invest.

This morning, I had two dreams about it. In the first dream, I saw the price of Electroneum on a chart, $62.25. I woke up soon afterwards and wrote it down. I was excited about it because the current price is about 6 cents, so anyone who buys now would receive a 1,000-fold return!… [Continue reading...]

Phanuel: Bitcoin likely to move higher before correction

Bitcoin prices have skyrocketed this year with seemingly no end in sight, but back on July 30 2017, Z3 News Contributor Phanuel was warned about a major correction coming when God showed him the price at $2,339.

In August and September, Phanuel posted comments on Z3 News warning about a coming correction, but since he was not shown any dates, the timing was unknown. Yesterday, he emailed me with his updated estimate.

“Please warn the Z3 family, I think Bitcoin is heading to $22,000 to $27,000 before any major correction.

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Jim Rickards warns of 20% Chinese Yuan devaluation

In July 2014, I saw a sequence of events in a dream, which I interpreted to mean the U.S. dollar would gain value relative to other currencies, causing hardships for many nations (since International trade is conducted in dollars). Then the dollar was suddenly devalued, causing China to become so angry they threatened to declare war.

The first part of the dream came to pass in 2015 as the dollar index soared from 84 at the time of my dream to over 100 by March 2015.… [Continue reading...]

NIA reverses Bitcoin position from short to long

After forecasting a crash in Bitcoin prices last Thursday, the National Inflation Association (NIA) has now reversed their forecast, closed their short position, and opened a long position.

They still believe Bitcoin prices will eventually collapse, but that will come later rather than sooner. They attributed the change in their forecast to news of printing $25 million in new Tether (USDT) tokens.

On Thursday afternoon, NIA announced that it had shorted a large amount of Bitcoin at $5,950, prior to Thursday evening’s Amazon earnings conference call.

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NIA forecasting a crash in Bitcoin prices

Bitcoin prices have skyrocketed this year. In December 2016, prices were below $800 per coin. Today, it closed at $5957. However, the National Inflation Association (NIA) is now forecasting a crash in prices due to the market getting saturated with too many similar products. They sent out the following email today:

NIA has just shorted a large amount of Bitcoin at $5,950 and is also attempting to short Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) here at $704.40. NIA believes that a Bitcoin crash could be imminent.

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Patrick Byrne: “Bitcoin technology is here to stay.”

As shown in the 8-minute video below, founder and CEO Patrick Byrne appeared as a guest on Fox Business on Monday where he shared some great insights regarding bitcoin.

Is bitcoin here to stay? Patrick Byrne explained why it is.

“The underlying technology of bitcoin is the main event. It’s called block chain. And block chain is going to be as disruptive to all kinds of institutions, like banks, as the Internet was itself to publishing. So that’s really the main event.

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Five reasons why I believe the US dollar index will soon be surging.

2017 has not been a good year so far for the US dollar, but I am expecting that to change soon.

At the start of 2017, the dollar index was at 1.03. Since then, it has steadily dropped, reaching a low of .948 yesterday. One of the main reasons for the drop was the steady rise in the euro (the dollar index measures the value of the dollar relative to six other major currencies, including the euro). After starting 2017 almost at parity with the dollar, the euro rose to almost 1.15 yesterday, a 52-week high.… [Continue reading...]

“A Horrible Decline” Could Be Coming Soon for the Euro

This morning, I saw a flash vision of a trading screen showing a green 99.31 with a quote written below, “a horrible decline.”

That seemed to be a contradiction because I understand green to mean profits while red means losses, yet this green number was identified as a decline. I was not shown what was declining, so my comments below are only sharing my interpretation, which could be wrong.

I only considered items in my current portfolio because that is what God has spoken to me about in the past. … [Continue reading...]

U.S. Dollar Moving Much Higher After Brexit Vote

Equity markets dropped sharply on Friday June 24 and again on Monday June 27 after England voted to exit the European Union, but based on my recent Brexit dream, I believe this drama is just getting started due to big moves ahead in currencies.

I shared the details of my dream in my previous post, but for convenience I have included it here:

I was in what looked like a small European town at night. The buildings looked like they were built centuries ago.… [Continue reading...]

Major Currency Changes Could Be Coming on May 25 2016

There are no news reports warning about any major events happening on May 25 2016, but several prophetic warnings have identified this date and the list keeps growing. Here are some examples:

Z3er William Frederick posted this comment on May 14 2016: “My 11-year old son had a dream a few weeks ago and the most prominent thing he told me was that something was going to happen on the 25th.”

Z3er Peachey posted this comment on May 14 2016:

“I was given two numbers by the Holy Spirit in a dream last night.

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Extra Profit Opportunities for USD/CHF

Here is a quick update for anyone trading USD/CHF in the forex market.

This past weekend, I saw two price movements with no numbers and no dates. I saw them in the order shown below, but they might not occur in this order.

The first move shows the price moving straight up, then down just a little before moving up at about a 45 degree angle. I believe this was shown to say do not close out to take profits after the straight move up because more upward movement follows.… [Continue reading...]

USD Fighter Counters With a 98889 Combination

In my previous fight update three days ago, I was able to confirm the big punch had finally landed in the karate fight between the U.S. dollar (USD) and the Swiss Franc (CHF).

Today, I am able to confirm the USD fighter has not only recovered from the nasty punch, but he is now landing effective counter punches. I had my doubts about him yesterday morning after seeing a graph showing the price dropping steeply then straight down before finally hitting the bottom.… [Continue reading...]

Big Punch Lands in a Big Way in USD/CHF Fight

This provides an update on my karate fight dream, which I posted on February 15 2016 showing forex price movements for USD/CHF.

After nearly four weeks of waiting and lots of quick slaps from the USD fighter, the big punch finally landed on Thursday March 10 and it was a doozy. The USD fighter had just landed one final quick slap, which drove the price up briefly to 1.007. Then the CHF fighter retaliated with a crushing blow dropping the price all the way down to .982.… [Continue reading...]

Ringside Update from the Karate Fight

The fight is on! And it looks like a good one. Go USA!

When I first received the dream about the karate fighters on February 15, I was not sure whether we were at the beginning of the fight or near the end because there was such a close parallel between past events and what was revealed in the fight. So as I stated in my post, I took a “wait and see” approach to find out where we were. For details, see my post, Karate Fighters Reveal Future Forex Price Movements.… [Continue reading...]

Stock Market and Dollar Might Both Get Punched Hard This Week

After a long period of waiting, prophetic signs are unfolding much faster now. This post shares prophetic warnings about a sudden drop in the stock market that might happen this week. A drop in the dollar could also be coming very soon and perhaps even simultaneously with the drop in the stock market.


This background is provided for the sake of those who are new to Z3. In a dream in 2014 I saw a sudden economic crash coming. At first I thought it would happen within weeks.… [Continue reading...]

Karate Fighters Reveal Future Forex Price Movements

During my prayer time today, I dreamed I was standing in the living room of an apartment looking into the dining room where two men were standing facing each other. They were wearing white karate uniforms and were preparing to fight, but they were just sparring, not really fighting. I never saw any furniture, so it appeared they had plenty of room to fight.

The one standing closest to me had his back towards me, but I was not directly behind him, so I could see the face of the man he was fighting.… [Continue reading...]

Wild Volatility Coming in Currency Markets

In a dream yesterday I saw wild volatility coming in the forex market, specifically for the USD/CHF pair. I also saw unprecedented movements in the price including specific prices along the way. These movements provide great opportunities for traders, but might also be hard to believe because it is so unusual. So before sharing the details, I thought it would be helpful to show how my previous forex dreams have played out.

Previous Forex Dreams:

Back on April 11 2015 I saw in a dream the price for the forex pair USD/CHF was dropping fast.… [Continue reading...]

Volatility Alert to Forex Traders

I had a very disturbing dream last night that felt more like a nightmare. I was relieved to wake up and realize it was only a dream.

In this dream I was watching the forex price movements on my computer screen. At first, the price was not moving very much. Then suddenly it shot straight up about 5 cents and stayed there for a few seconds and went right back down to where it was before. I thought, “Woe! What was that?”

I was alarmed, but also happy because in this dream I was holding a long position (I am not really holding a long position).… [Continue reading...]

Confirmation USD/CHF Price Going Up to 23

In my previous post, Get Ready for the 220 Fold Return, I shared a dream I had in which I saw the forex price of USD/CHF going up to 23. I believe this is the price we will see after the euro and franc collapse.

Today, a visitor to this site shared the following amazing confirmation of my dream.

I wanted to share some additional confirmation regarding the dreams the Lord gave you that you posted in “The Final Four Stages of the US Dollar.” Its not that you necessarily need the confirmation, but as you know, especially in the prophetic, we only see in part so sometimes it can be encouraging for the Lord to re-confirm his word.

[Continue reading...]

Get Ready for the 220 Fold Return!

Jesus told us about the 30, 60, and 100-fold returns, so a 220 fold return would be off the charts! Maybe so, but that’s what he showed me.

Yesterday morning I had a short dream in which I saw the price of USD/CHF currency pair moving up to 21. Then I woke up briefly and went back to sleep. Then I had another dream in which I saw it moving up to 22 and then 23.

With the current price at .956 a move up to 23 is mind boggling, but it is coming.… [Continue reading...]

USD/CHF Price Moving Up Gradually Forming an Arch Shape

I had a short dream a few minutes ago in which I saw a graph of the USD/CHF price moving gradually up, forming the shape of an arch that gradually leveled off and then started to gradually move back down. I did not see any numbers, but based on the size of the arch my guess is it went higher than .98 before it finally leveled off and started moving back down.

If it follows the multiples of seven, the next multiple would be about .983 because yesterday it dropped to .969 on the one-hour chart, then moved up and passed the first seven at .976.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Reveals USD/CHF Price Movements

A visitor to this site named Kevin received a prophetic dream about the coming price movements for USD/CHF. Here is what he posted in the comments on August 5 2015.

This is very rare for me… but I just went back to bed for a while and asked our Lord Jesus if He would give me a dream about the $USD/CHF trade. Just as I woke up I dreamed a very short dream. In the dream I knew that oddly enough it went from right to left.

[Continue reading...]

Forex Secret of The Magnificent Seven

During my prayer time a few weeks ago, the Lord gave me an insight into the price movements of USD/CHF in the forex market.

I saw a graph of the price movement and the Lord showed me the price moved 1.4 cents. Then he pointed out it moved in two increments of seven tenths. I understood he was revealing a key to how the price movements happen. He revealed it typically moves in increments of seven.

Since then I have been watching the price movements to see if this holds up.… [Continue reading...]

The Trade of a Lifetime Could Be Coming This Summer

The collapse of fiat currencies for major developed nations is a rare event, but we could see it happen this summer. That is great news not only for Forex traders, but also for anyone who trades stocks. The trade of a lifetime could be just around the corner.

If you have been following this blog you already know the Lord has given me dreams revealing major financial events coming this year. I have seen the coming collapse of the stock market and the devaluation of the dollar.… [Continue reading...]

Six Reasons Why I Believe the Crash Could Happen by the End of July

Anyone following this blog already knows the Lord warned me in a dream about a coming drop in the stock market and the value of the dollar. I shared that dream in my previous post, Warning: Sudden Economic Collapse Coming in 2015.

Now I am seeing increasing signs that we are getting close. There are six reasons why I believe it could happen by the end of July. Even if it doesn’t, I know it will happen before the end of this year.… [Continue reading...]

New Graph for USD/CHF Shows Big Moves Ahead

I saw a new graph today showing future price movements for USD/CHF. I think there is some overlap between this new graph and the previous graph, which showed the price moving straight down then straight up, then straight down again. The first move down happened on Friday when it fell to .935 and then bounced back up to .944. It closed on Friday at .9417.

The new graph shows it dropping back down again, then bouncing up much higher. I did not see any numbers.… [Continue reading...]

Next Big Move for USD/CHF is Straight Down

I believe we have completed the pattern shown on the graph in my previous post, USD/CHF Next Move Up. Today I saw a new graph, but before commenting on that I want to share a couple of things I learned from the previous graph.

Lessons from Previous Graph

The previous graph showed the price moving straight up, then gradually coming down, but with volatility. Just as I saw, the price moved up from .945 to .953. However, it did not move straight up like I saw.… [Continue reading...]

USD/CHF Next Move Up

In my previous post, USD/CHF Price Dropping Soon, I shared a graph I saw, which showed the price moving down gradually, then dipping down sharply followed by an immediate sharp bounce back up. As I stated in that post, there were two sharp dips coming even though that chart only showed one of them.

The first dip happened on Thursday when the price dropped down to .9308. Then the second dip happened on Friday when the price dipped down to .929.… [Continue reading...]

USD/CHF Price Dropping Soon

In my previous post I reported how I saw two sharp dips coming. I also added comments to that post explaining how the chart I saw on May 17 started with a sharp spike up followed by a sharp drop back down. I wrongly assumed that spike was a historical reference to a similar spike that happened on Friday May 15. Actually it turned out to be a new spike this week.

I went back and reviewed the previous graphs the Lord has shown me and all of them have always been showing future events.… [Continue reading...]

Update for USD/CHF Price Movements

Today I saw a graph that looks like the one below. The graph shows historical price movements for May 13-15 plus future price movements in the green line.

The first thing I saw was the price moving up close to .917 then resuming the sideways movement with some minor volatility along the way. Then there are two sharp dips coming up with sharp moves back up following each one. Please note I did not see any numbers on this graph, but I did see the recent history on the same graph so I was able to compare and estimate the scale of the movements.… [Continue reading...]

Two Big Price Movements Coming Soon for USD/CHF

In my previous post published on April 30 2015 called “The Decline of the Dollar Has Started“, I shared how the Lord had revealed to me what was coming next in trading the U.S. dollar against the Swiss franc (USD/CHF).

On April 11 he showed me this pair was going to make a significant move down. On Monday April 13 the price reached .986. By the time I posted on April 30 the price had already dropped by 5 cents and was bouncing around in the range of .934 to .943.… [Continue reading...]

The Decline of the Dollar Has Started

I believe a big event is coming soon, but it will not be the death of the euro or the dollar, although both of them are eventually going to die. Before those major events, I believe we are going to see the dollar suddenly lose much of its value.

In my previous posts I have referred to this as season two. See this post for details: “The Final Four Seasons of the U.S. Dollar“. If you have not read that post yet you should read it first.… [Continue reading...]