Demonic Serpents Lulling Obama’s Audiences Into Catatonic State

In about 2007, following a period of seeking the Lord as a watchman, I received the following dream.

I was with four acquaintances from my church and we were going to a pageant. We were all excited, but I had no idea about what was going or what was the purpose for this pageant.

When we got there, it was so filled with people that seating was hard to find. As we stood in the back looking for seats, I felt something weird and then a shift.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Flaunts His Plans Before Deaf and Blind White House Press

President Obama made some amazing statements in his 33-minute speech at the 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday April 30 2016.

I believe he spoke prophetically through a series of jokes to an audience that was too spiritually deaf and blind to know he was not kidding. They laughed along as he mocked their deception.

He openly joked about his plans to destroy our Republic saying, “It is an honor to be here at my last, and perhaps the last White House correspondence dinner. … [Continue reading...]

Water Rationing Begins After Obama’s Face Appears in the Sky

On February 15 2016, Heather Castro received a disturbing dream about President Obama. She shares her testimony in the video shown below.

In her dream she saw the sky turned into darkness. Then two beautiful portals appeared on opposite sides of the sky with colors like the aurora borealis. She also saw stars and hearts surrounding the portals and everywhere in the sky flickering like a disco ballroom.

She saw other people looking up into the sky mesmerized by the beauty, and she was too.… [Continue reading...]

“You Have Not Seen Obama’s Wicked Side Yet, But It is About to Manifest”

Appearing as a guest on the Tribulation Now Internet radio program on April 21 2016, Glenda Jackson shared a powerful vision and prophetic word regarding the 2016 election.


Glenda Jackson is the founder of Glenda Jackson Ministries. When she was young, the Lord Jesus told her she would be a prophet like Samuel in her latter days. She has been ministering for over three decades, following in the footsteps of her great aunt, Maria Woodworth-Etter.

Back in October 2014, I shared the following prophetic warning from Glenda Jackson, which she gave when she was a guest on Sid Roth’s television program, “It’s Supernatural”.… [Continue reading...]

This Will Be a Sign to You of the Fall of Man and Awakening of a New Order

Winter is a time for cold weather. Why are seasons so out of line? Why in summer is it not hot and spring green with new growth? Why do the leaves stay on the trees in the fall? What is this phenomenon?

“Seasons change in the natural form by Me, yet you see these things so out of time. Manipulation of the seasons is part of a great fall. What you think you need for winter you will need for summer.

[Continue reading...]

The Fourth Beast Now Arises

With all eyes focused on the 2016 Presidential election, almost no one is reporting the real story, which is far bigger and far more important. America has been taken captive by the dreadful fourth beast, which is now arising, taking drastic actions, which will manifest his true nature for the whole world to see.

The prince of darkness has moved into our land unnoticed by most Americans because of spiritual blindness and slumber. Now the time has come for him to rise up as he seeks to destroy the harlot.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Raises Dagger High in the Air and Stabs the Bible

I was given this message a few weeks ago, but only now do I get the ‘go ahead’ from the Holy Spirit to release it. Jesus is my “commander-in-chief”, NOT the president.

I was on the fence about who the Antichrist was. I’ve seen from many blogs that Obama is the antichrist and I was still unsure. So I asked the Lord and prayed for Him to make the truth known to me. Immediately I got an answer, but what I saw shocked me to say the least!… [Continue reading...]

Terror is Coming From Your Own Nation, From the Inside, Not the Outside

Today I had a dream in which I saw Christians being murdered in America.

I was out on the street that was very busy with people going back and forth. There were some people there gathering all of us and putting us in a large room.

I knew it was a church building they were putting us in, and I knew we were Christians. We all began to realize something was wrong, they were going to kill us. We were not allowed to speak or get up, if we did not obey they would kill us immediately.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Regime Swiftly Bringing About America’s Demise

I had a dream/vision on February 16 2010, a few days prior to Obama’s nationally televised health care summit at the Blair House. In the dream the president’s face appeared. Then I saw a MASSIVE coffin shaped like a cross with rounded edges, overlaid with gold brocade.

My first thought after waking: someone will assassinate the president. Immediately I prayed, thinking he’d soon be dead. I didn’t pray that he would die, of course – although, in all honesty, I felt like it.… [Continue reading...]

Serpents Have Flooded the Earth

Of Obama’s refugee plan, Charlie Daniels used the analogy of someone dumping a load of snakes in your backyard, and you walking out and hoping and praying that one of the venomous varieties doesn’t strike you…

But when rulers are determined to change the political demographic and implode the economy, forget sound judgment. Obama’s plan is deliberate, calculated, and cunning. He knows exactly what he’s doing to our once great nation.

The Dream/Vision

I saw it in the eighties, my backyard infested with snakes.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Seated High Above the Earth with Master Control

In a dream I was walking along a street. A man came to me and asked me to come with him. He said he wanted to show me something.

As soon as I agreed, I noticed a ladder from the earth that stretched up into the sky. The man showed me the ladder and I knew he wanted us to go up to the top. I knew there was something up there he wanted to show me.

Instantly, we were at the top of the ladder.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Appears Dead But Is Unharmed and Gets the Last Laugh

In a dream I saw myself standing with a group of people. Standing in front of us was President Obama.

He was dressed in casual clothing, not in a suit as he usually is. He was making a speech to us regarding his last days in office.

He was saying he had done his best and saying goodbye to us as a nation. He was speaking many things about how much he had tried and how he thought he had done great things.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Summons Demonic Forces to Destroy United States Military

I wanted more clarity and confirmation about the events coming upon the world, so on the night of January 6 2016 I asked God to show me in dreams.

That night I had a dream, which began with me sitting in a room looking at a set of those fifty state quarters, with each state have a unique design. I was admiring these quarters and noticing how shiny they were and how they each had different kinds of animals and structures on them.… [Continue reading...]

The Enemy From Within Has Opened the Gate So The Enemy from Without Will Meet Little Resistance

I am going to preface this word only by saying I did not want to write it and I don’t particularly want to share it.  However, this isn’t about me and what I like or don’t like. It’s also not about what I want to speak or not to speak.  It is about the LORD God Almighty and what He has to say.  So with that I will get out of the way.  What follows is the word the LORD gave me early this morning. … [Continue reading...]

Obama Appears Dead Then Recovers Completely Demon Possessed

On January 3 2016 during a three day fast, I dreamed I was at my childhood home in Puerto Rico when an unexpected visitor came to see us.

It was a black man. He parked his car inside our house garage, but he couldn’t walk into our house. It was as if something or some supernatural force was preventing him from coming inside the house, so he waited outside for someone to come out.

I walked out to see what he wanted and found him sitting in my neighbor’s front yard.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream: Attacked by Obama

I dreamed I was standing in a room with another person to my right. Suddenly I saw Obama in front of me, wearing a white dress-shirt and black business pants. He quickly approached me with an evil look on his face, then slapped me on my left upper arm. He stepped back and continued looking at me with an evil stare.

I instantly held up my right hand and made a pinching motion with my thumb and index finger, pointing at him.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Orders Beheading of Christians

In a dream I saw myself on an enormous stage standing before a throne. Two men were standing at my right hand side making accusations against me to the one seated on the throne. Their prosecution attacks were filled with angry vicious language.

Then I looked at the throne, which was about 25 feet in front of us. I saw a man seated on what looked like a classic white throne. It was a black man dressed in a business suit.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Taking Action Against the United States with the Help of a Foreign God

Early last year I remember laughing when I heard people saying Obama was the antichrist, but after hearing it again and again from different people I finally asked the Lord about it. When I did He immediately showed me a vision, which I shared in my previous post, Obama Taking Action Against the Strongest of Fortresses.

The vision was based on Daniel 11:39, which states, “He will take action against the strongest of fortresses with the help of a foreign god.” Daniel was describing the actions of the antichrist, who would come at the time of the end, which happens to be now.… [Continue reading...]

Obama’s Plans are Working to Bring Down Nations

Without a doubt, there is more, much more behind the scenes to Mr. Obama’ speech to the nation tonight, 6 December, 2015. We must watch what comes from the Oval Office closely in the weeks ahead.

On 21 November 2015, in my spirit I heard:

“Barack Hussein Obama’s agenda is dominance of the world. All is done through cunning, deception and deceit. His plans are working to bring down nations. As a leader he was trusted. Now, too late the truth of Barack Obama is coming to light.

[Continue reading...]

The Leader of Your Nation Has Done His Job Well

The clock strikes 3.  Three bells chime.

The clanking of the chains as they drag on the ground can be heard.  The “monster” from the depths has been released from the bowels of hell.  Know that it is all connected.  The forces of evil move upon this earth carrying out great and horrible schemes.  One leads to another and to another as the cacophony of chaos grows:

The eruption of fire from the depths will come not in just one place but many.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Made a Pact with the Devil on Friday November 27

On Friday 27 November 2015 into my spirit came these words:

“Barack Hussein Obama made a pact with the devil today, relinquishing power and control to the evil one. This one act has and will set in motion much more coordinated efforts by the NWO to dominate and control Americans who choose to live godly lives – those who have seen the danger and are standing in prayer against these forces of evil.”

This pact with the devil could be connected with the shooting that happened on the same day at a Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. … [Continue reading...]

A Very Evil Man Handed An Eagle to the Bear

A visitor to this site named Laura McDowell shared the following disturbing dream.

What I saw in a dream really upset me terribly. In the middle of the U.S.A. I saw a bear standing on all four feet.

Then I watched as a very wicked, evil man handed an eagle to the bear. The bear plucked the feathers out of the eagle and then sunk it’s teeth into the flesh of the eagle. The eagle was ripped apart by the bear.

[Continue reading...]

Antichrist System is Now in Full Control of Your Lands

Several nights ago, I was shown a skeletal looking white or pale rider with a bow on a horse laid down on the horse in a riding position as if galloping. Praying for interpretation and revelation, this is what I received this morning while meditating.

“These distressing situations and evil manifestations that you are experiencing in your lands are indeed escalating yet many of you seem suprised at the intensity of these things.”

“I have spoken to you previously of having released many, many demons from under your earth at this time.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Will Be a Part of Signing the Peace Treaty

I received an email today from Pastor Benjamin Faircloth from Ignited Church in Lavonia GA. He shared a prophetic word he received in 2012, which I believe confirms what the Lord has shown me about President Obama, that he is the antichrist.

Before the re-election of both President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which would have been 2012, during my prayer time I heard these words, “Obama will be a part of signing the peace treaty and Benjamin Netanyahu will rebuild the temple.”

The Lord didn’t call him President.

[Continue reading...]

“The Person You Are Looking At Is the Antichrist”

In June 2011, I had a dream. In this dream, I found myself in an open place in a compound, which looked like it was the White house compound in Washington, DC.

There were many people there, all well dressed in black suits. I was not able to recognize who they were. I could see them, but they could not see me as I was walking around inside the compound.

I was eventually able to move some distance where I was able to recognize one of the people there.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Will Soon Lock Up All Churches and Synagogues

In the morning of 14th February 2015, in a vision (supernatural dream) of The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, I saw The antichrist walking around, and as he walked around, he was literally locking and taking away the keys to the temples of The LORD including synagogues, churches, and houses of worship of Jehovah (Yahweh), The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.

So I literally saw him locking these places of worship and taking the keys with him as he moved from one place of worship to another.… [Continue reading...]

It Was Given to Him to Make War With the Saints and to Overcome Them

On the afternoon of February 23 2015, I saw myself standing in the Oval Office of the White House.

I stood before a desk at which President Barack Hussein Obama was seated. He was dressed in a black suit and I was in white. His expression was one of hatred directed at me as he verbally assaulted me. I could feel his anger, but I was not able to hear what he was saying. I made no response as he continued his verbal attack.… [Continue reading...]

Could 2015 Be the Year the Identity of the Antichrist is Revealed?

Today I saw what could be a prophetic sign regarding the identity of the antichrist. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed the day (August 25) at 15,666.44.

What came to my mind:

2015… AntiChrist (666)… 44th President of the United States

In other words, 2015 could be the year the antichrist is revealed to be the 44th President of the United States.

The Bible tells us his identity will be revealed when he takes his seat in the temple in Jerusalem (2 Thessalonians 2:1-4), but it also tells us about another important sign that will reveal his identity to those who are watching for it.… [Continue reading...]

I Saw Obama Come Up Out of the Water Three Times

Back in 2009, shortly after Obama had taken office I was shown satan entering into him. Then a short time after that, I saw Obama come up out of the water three times, and three times I saw a dragon with the word ANTICHRIST written underneath.

Then I heard a voice behind me say, “Now do you understand?”… [Continue reading...]

I Saw Obama’s Face Shifting into a Reptilian Form

Here is yet another opportunity to “get on the full armour of God, because the verbal onslaught is about to commence…”

I was walking around my apartment, interceding for the body of Christ. Suddenly I had a flash vision of Obama’s face shifting into a reptilian form. The vision was very brief but quite startling, to say the least.

I looked into it and considered the possibility further while still stunned at what I saw.  I also sought confirmation about this from more than one source.… [Continue reading...]

I Wonder What Obama Will Look Like Once He is Revealed

On April 3 2014, Zachary Wilkinson shared a prophetic dream about President Obama. In his dream he saw President Obama removing his mask. His testimony is shown in the 5-minute video below.

He asked the Lord for confirmation and received it the next day through a sister in the Lord who lives in Europe. She saw people running away from government people during a time of riots. Then she had a very strange encounter with President Obama and Michelle Obama. In her encounter she saw President Obama’s eyes were all black with no white part.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Will Not Be Taken Out of Office

Prophetic minister Stephen Hanson of In His Truth Ministries received a word from the Lord telling him President Obama is not leaving office at the end of his second term. On August 9 2015 he posted the following statement on his website. Stephen also has a Facebook page.

I realize that this prophetic word/vision will cause many to be upset and to question it.  However, I have been obedient to the Lord in sending it out.  I have prayed over it and asked others to discern its truth as well.  

[Continue reading...]

Only Two Choices in the 2016 Election: Obama or Obama

Melissa Peggs recently shared another prophetic dream about President Obama. This time she saw the 2016 Presidential election. In the dream she went to the voting precinct to vote, but was surprised to see the only choice on the Republican ballot was Obama and the only choice on the Democratic ballot was also Obama. Her 11-minute video is shown below.

Her dream confirms a prophetic word shared by Glenda Jackson, which I posted previously, Glenda Jackson: Obama Will Suspend 2016 Presidential Election.… [Continue reading...]

Son of Perdition’s Evil Schemes to Rule the World Exposed

On the night of 29th December 2011 I had a short dream. In this dream I found myself in an office setting.

I was working in an office that was partitioned into various cubicles. One of the people we were sharing the floor with was USA President Barack Obama. I was working as one of his intelligence advisors.

I found myself discussing with a team in this office about the death of a certain West African leader who had just died in the dream.… [Continue reading...]

I Asked the Lord if Obama is the Antichrist

When people ask me about the identity of the antichrist I will gladly offer them a few points to consider. However, I am not interested in getting into a debate on this topic with anyone because it is a waste of time.

So if someone wants to debate, I just break off the conversation by encouraging them to do what I did. I tell them to ask the Lord about it.

When I asked him, I was so amazed by what he showed me it took six months before I would even discuss it with anyone.… [Continue reading...]

The Dark Pearl from Out of the Deep

I had a dream back in 2007-2008.  I saw what I thought was an angel gliding down from above.  It was framed somehow as if I was looking through a window.  I was amazed.  It came from the right upper side across to the left lower side.

I then noticed that it didn’t shine, no glory attending.  It had a luster, as if from within.  I noticed that it did not have a face, but instead it looked like a dark pearl, a black pearl. … [Continue reading...]

I Saw a Beast Rise Up Out of the Sea

I had this dream in early 2014.

I was walking on what seemed to be near a high steep cliff. It was dark, but I wasn’t sure if it was early morning or night. As I was walking across a hilly place, I saw a little light coming as a streak over the grass.

I noticed a pattern barely discernible in the tall grass. I stood there and realized it was like an arrowhead shape pointing in the direction beyond the cliff, so I looked in that direction across the ocean.… [Continue reading...]

Position Left Vacant by Adolph Hitler Soon to be Filled by Antichrist

Adolph Hitler’s private study

I had this dream October 01, 2008. This is one of those dreams that you know means something very serious. Every single detail of the dream I can still see and smell.

The dream began with me walking down a long dark hall. To my left I found a door. I opened the door and walked into a very dimly lit room. The room had heavy dark drapes on the windows and a very large oak desk.

[Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Exposes Obama’s Secret Plans to Destroy America

A visitor to this site named Amy recently shared her dream about President Obama. She asked for my interpretation, so I have provided it here.

I had a dream on 4-26-15. In this dream I was outside somewhere. I saw people walking into a building. They walked down a few steps then entered into a building.

Obama was outside talking to me about Joe Biden, telling me what a great guy he was. I knew that was not right. Obama was trying to build him up by saying this. 

[Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream: Obama Moving Up to a Much Higher Position

On July 17 2015 Crystal Clay shared the following dream on her YouTube channel. She shares her dream in the 5-minute video shown below. In the first part of the video she shares a different dream. She shares this dream starting at the 2:40 mark.

Today I had a dream, this morning. It was in New York City. I remember being in New York City. I was on the Empire State Building, on the pointy thing on top of the Empire State Building.

[Continue reading...]