False Bride Now Being Prepared to Embrace False Bridegroom

Long after I had left the organized church, I had this dream. I struggled in a way to share this, but it came to the surface strongly recently and when I awoke this morning it was even stronger. I prayed about it and felt led to type it out, so here it is.

I saw myself walking along a sidewalk. I came up to an enormous building made of big cement walls. As I walked along just about to pass by it, a door swung open. It seemed to appear out of nowhere because I did not see it at first.

Suddenly, a man stepped out of the door and said urgently, “Quick get in here! There’s not much time left.”

His appearance and the tone of his voice had an emergency feel to it, so I stepped into the building.

Inside was a huge room, very large and dimly lit. I noticed people all over the room were randomly pacing back and forth. I could not see them very well because the room was dim and the areas of the room where they were pacing were very dark. There was a penetrating expectancy in the air that something was going to happen any minute. The energy in the room was strong with intense anticipation. No one was sitting around. Everyone was nervously, anxiously pacing around.

Just then the same man who begged me to come in pointed to a bed and said to me, “Here, quick put this on and hurry. He is almost here!”

I looked and saw a traditional wedding dress laid out perfectly on the bed. I looked around at all the people walking around, but none of them were wearing wedding dresses. I started putting it on, but it felt weird. Something was not right. I thought, “Why am I the only one asked to do this? I’ll stand out like a sore thumb.”

So I put the dress and veil on. The second I did another door opened up from the opposite side of the room. Another man cried out with the same urgency as the first man, “Everybody, quick! Go out to meet the bridegroom!”

Just then everyone ran as fast as they could out of the large waiting room to meet the bridegroom. I felt very hesitant to follow them, so I just stayed at the back of the room. I sensed something was not right, something about it felt wrong, but I followed them out at the last.

When I stepped outside, there was an enormous porch about a story and a half high with all these people crowded onto it. There was no place for me to stand except at the very front of this large group of people. I was never able to get a good look at them because their appearance was hidden, shrouded in a type of darkness, even though they were now standing outside in broad daylight.

I felt ridiculous as I stepped outside and noticed I was standing at the front of this waiting crowd and was the only one dressed in a wedding dress. It didn’t make sense. I thought to myself, “What is happening? Why am I the only one who is wearing a wedding dress and no one else?”

The people behind me looked upon me strangely. I sensed I was an embarrassment to them and they didn’t want to associate themselves with me. I thought about running back into the building to get away, but as quickly as I thought that I saw to my left a delegation of men coming towards us. From where I was standing on the porch, I could look down and see three men coming. I noticed they were all three Jewish officials, all wearing white shirts, Yarmulkes, and big blue and white sashes going across their bodies with emblems openly showing they were high ranking in the Israeli government.

They were following a fourth man as they all came straight up the stairs where we were assembled. The man they were following came up and stood right in front of me. He looked up and down at my wedding dress. He did not to even so much as look at the others behind me. Then I knew he came to confront me and me alone and that was his reason for being there.

I felt very afraid of him and could even feel myself trembling. He looked like a Middle Eastern man, but I knew he was no ordinary man. He looked straight into my eyes never taking them off of me. I looked back into his eyes and they were the eyes of the deepest darkness and blackness, full of murder. I felt intense hatred, a murderous hatred emanating from him. I knew full well he wanted to murder me. I didn’t understand and I wondered, “What is happening? If this is the Bridegroom and I am in a wedding dress and told to go out to meet him, then why am I so terrified of him and why does he hate me with such a vehement hatred tantamount to murder?”

So I asked him, “Are you the Bridegroom?” He answered, “I’m the son of the Bridegroom. I am the son of my father.”

His eyes took on an even greater depth of hell, a darkness I am not able to adequately describe. A sheer wave of terror ripped through my body. Then I heard a voice with immense power even far greater than this man had, and even harder to describe say to me in a strong command, “Get away from this man! Run!”

I thought for a split second, “If I run, he will chase me and kill me!”

I felt paralyzed in fear, but immediately great power from on high came over me in a wave of courage and strength, so I turned and ran back into the large waiting room. I saw a bathroom and ran into it and shut the door behind me and locked it.

I stood in front of the big mirror filled with overwhelming terror. Then I heard that same voice from above in greater power, greater I think than I have ever heard Him speak saying, “Get that dress off! And wash your face!”

I looked in the mirror at my face and saw I was wearing terrible make up. I ripped the dress off and cast it away from me like a filthy garment. I turned the water on full blast and began weeping and sobbing as I scrubbed my face.

That was the end of the dream, but even after I awoke, I trembled deeply and to this day that deep trembling never left me. The power that was in that vision, coming from that voice, was too much to take.  I understood clearly what the Lord had shown me.


Two Brides: There are two Brides existing right now on the earth. In this dream, I represented the true Bride while the large number of people in that place represented the false Bride.

False Shepherds: At the beginning of the dream the door that appeared out of nowhere represented a spiritual door leading into a dark place. The man who ushered me into the building, and the other man who later opened the back door, represented false shepherds, hirelings. They lead their people by clever tactics rather than by the spirit of God.

False Bride: The dimly lit room was full of random people. I did not get the feeling of there being any real joy, just pensive, anxious waiting. The darkness they were pacing around in represented spiritual darkness. They were walking around randomly and separately, not in agreement with each other. It was like everyone was there together, but yet not together. There was just tension. They had no unity because they were not one in Christ. The light that was in them was darkness. They believed anything and everything because they had not been washed from their filthiness.

They represented the false Bride, false believers. They listen to the voices of their false shepherds and follow them and are deceived by them. They thought they were the true Bride of Christ, but they were so deceived they were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Antichrist.

The false Bride not only puts their own lives in danger, but they are used by Satan to lure the true Bride into danger also, just like the man lured me into the building. So the true Bride will be tested by the false bride.

Notice there were many of them, but I was by myself, which shows very few will be saved. The true Bride must be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might individually rather being strong in numbers.

Wedding Dress: The wedding dress I was asked to put on seemed to be out of place because it represented an outward system of religion that is not properly aligned with God. The whole focus was on the outward appearance, including the makeup, while neglecting the inmost, inward spiritual life.

The false shepherds recognized I was not one of their followers, so they used sudden, urgent demands to confuse me and scare me in order to control me. They did not use these tactics on anyone else because they knew the others were already following them, which explains why I was the only one asked to put on the dress.

I put it on even though it made no sense to me because I was foolishly going along with things without questioning. Their tactics were having success with me because I was being led by fear, by my flesh and not by the spirit of God. The suddenness of it all caught me by surprise because I was not ready. When I put the dress on, it made me feel foolish because I was discerning in my spirit it truly was foolish.

My listening to them represented weaknesses in the true Bride that the Lord wants to bring out right now and deal with and make a difference between the righteous and the unrighteous. I represented the true bride, so this had nothing to do with my personal walk with Christ. I was allowed to be a participant in it to help me understand first hand what the Lord needed to show me rather than just being an observer.

False Bridegroom: The false shepherds again used the element of unexpected sudden alarm when the second man thrust open the door at the rear and he announced the coming of the bridegroom. He told everyone to get out there in a hurry, so they ran out to meet him like a stampede because they had been expecting his arrival with eager anticipation. They were all ready for him, all except me.

I eventually followed them to appease the false shepherds. I reasoned that I had already gone as far as putting on this ridiculous dress, so I reluctantly followed them to the porch, even though I never sensed any peace, just confusion.

After I went out, I desperately wanted to hide myself in the back of the crowd due to the embarrassment of being the only one in a wedding dress, but since I was the last one out the only place available for me to stand was in the front of the group, which put me at a disadvantage.

I thought about running back inside, but was caught off guard by another sudden event, the delegation of the Jewish men coming towards us. I knew I was in a bad position, but I didn’t know how to get out of it. So I was trapped there, which shows how suddenly things will happen in the days ahead. We will not have the luxury of time to change our position. It will be too late.

When I saw the Jewish delegation following this man, I remembered Daniel 9:27 tells us he confirms the Covenant of Peace for one week (7 years) with Israel. These three men represented the government of Israel. Following behind the fourth man showed their allegiance to him.

When I saw the man, even from a short distance, I knew unmistakably he was Middle Eastern. I felt I needed to stand still and wait because he was with the Jewish people, which made me wonder if he might be the true bridegroom. I understood that Jesus is Jewish, but he never said his return would commence in this fashion, so I knew something was not right, but I was still confused.

I noticed his footsteps were swift and determinate, which let me know this was not a friendly visit. I felt a terror sweep over me and in me that caused me to tremble terribly even though he was still a short way from me. I knew as he got closer that he cared nothing for those behind me. He did not bother looking or even paying attention to them because he came for the express purpose of confronting me, to flush me out in order to kill me. He hated me and not them because I represented the true Bride of Christ. I knew even in the dream he really hated God in me rather than me personally. It was God who he really wanted so badly to kill with violence.

When he stood in my face, he had eyes of darkness, but not of any kind of darkness I have ever seen, even in the most wicked people I have ever laid eyes on. It was like he was not just looking at me, but through me. His hatred was tantamount to murder, very personal and with great depth.

When I asked him if he was the bridegroom he said, “I am the son of the bridegroom. I am the son of my father,” which told me he was the Antichrist, the son of Satan, the false counterfeit bridegroom.

True Bride Delivered by God: The powerful voice that shook me and told me to run was the voice of the Lord. Hearing His voice and receiving His power to run represented what God is going to do empower His people in the days to come. Satanic power will be manifesting in the false churches greater, wider, and broader than ever before, so it will be necessary for God to overwhelm the enemy by giving us even greater power “over all the power of the enemy.”

When I ran into the bathroom and locked the doors and looked in the mirror at the horrible makeup on my face, and heard the Lord’s voice with a terrifying command say to me, “Take that wedding dress off! And wash that makeup off your face,” my eyes were opened to see it for what it really was, a hideous thing to God. The shame and filthiness of it made me tear it off and throw it as far away from me as possible. The command to wash my face also revealed the same filthiness. I was so intensely filled with utmost grief. I could not get that wedding dress off fast enough as it suddenly felt like I was wearing the filthiest of rags. I felt even deeper grief as I was washing the horrible makeup off of my face.


This message might be hard for many to take, but I believe it is the message the Lord wants me to deliver. God is showing us the earthly, worldly churches, which are at ease and not preparing the bride, are making their own version of what they think the bride is. They are creating a false bride that is not waiting for the Lord, but are in darkness and confusion. They are not in agreement. They are not led by God, but by the cunning schemes of men. They do not love the light, so they walk in darkness and are easily led astray by Satan’s hirelings.

The time has come for those of us who are part of the true Bride to re-evaluate our personal individual lives. We must repair any breaches in our spiritual walls. I keep hearing the word “suddenly”. Just as it was revealed in this dream, we will not have the luxury of time because events are going to come upon us so suddenly, we must be prepared and properly positioned before they come. We must be able to act immediately and with consistency whether we are alone with the Lord or among other people. Our willingness to go along with the masses and put on false garments will end in our demise, even if for a time it might feel right.

There is a cost in serving the Lord.

Joanie Stahl

Author: Joanie Stahl

As a young Jewish girl, Joanie Sthal received Jesus as her Messiah and soon began receiving dreams and visions of world events. At first these gifts scared her, so she asked for them to cease. Instead, they increased and she surrendered her will to His. By spending much time alone with the Lord she learned how to be guided by Him and to wait on Him for interpretation
Today, Joanie is a wife and mother. She believes the time has come for the “Bride to make herself ready,” which is why she now feels released to share her dreams and visions received during the past 40 years as warnings of things that will soon take place. She is currently a cohost on A Minute to Midnite. You can visit her on the You Tube Channel, or at the website: www.aminutetomidnite.com

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Hope S
Hope S
February 5, 2016 8:49 PM

I thought there was something wrong with me because I felt like there was something missing every time I would go to church. I felt like it was a club or a social gathering and I always felt uncomfortable. I went to a few different churches to check them out because I did want fellowship with other believers but honestly, I was always on the outside; feeling like I was missing something. I was thirsting for God’s word but I felt like the messages weren’t digging into the truth and had no substance. I was told that I was being too picky and that what was wrong was inside of me. I just stopped going to church because I wanted to LEARN God’s word, I wasn’t interested in hearing opinions and random stories from a pastor who didnt even open the bible. I really thought maybe there was something wrong with me. Now that I just read my bible, pray and visit this site I feel more fed than I ever did in the church.
Thank you everyone for your testimonies and word from God, it has greatly blessed me.

James Bailey
February 5, 2016 9:11 PM

It is great to know you are getting fed now Hope! It sure is hard to grow without food. Thanks for sharing.

February 18, 2016 11:31 AM

Joanie I am not sure if you’ll even see this posting but there is no other way to reach out to you. I am a Hebrew believer as well. I have a question for you. Based on your dream was there ever a time before or after meeting Christ that you felt obligated to the Letter of the Law; Torah? Being Jewish and all. Curious to know. Reading through the dream I started to possibly see a different interpretation, but maybe not.

February 8, 2016 2:49 AM
February 7, 2016 12:51 AM

Our willingness to go along with the masses and put on false garments will end in our demise ?

can anyone explain this, what does it mean ? thanks

James Bailey
February 7, 2016 1:13 AM

If we attend a false church led by a false shepherd, there is peer pressure to go along with what they are all doing and saying. There is a high cost for anyone who speaks up or questions the leader’s actions. If we bow down to the peer pressure, we are putting on the same false garments the rest of them are wearing just so we can try to fit in and be accepted, which will lead to our demise because we are denying the spirit of God in us telling us what is right.

February 7, 2016 2:24 AM

thanks ! God Bless

i did experience two times, once accidentally came to protestant meeting, later found out the host of the meeting was catholic person, they offer free food ,free goods, free room , they try to do the unified work with protestant, i knew something wrong, i told my friends but only a few listen, so i walk out that meeting. felt very lonely,
later also heard about that christian church allow all kind religion to meet together , how miserably,
personally think , would not mingle with that kind environment., even they offer free room or what.

thanks , God Bless

February 6, 2016 6:59 PM

listen IHOP-KC, ( http://www.ihopKC.org } international house of prayers in Kansas City, they have 24/7 prayer room , every Friday night an Sunday morning sermon and worship !!! awesome, live streaming !

mike bickle, allen hood, ……
also watch Neville JOhnson,, Bruce Allen , david pawson, sadhu, nita johnson, preaching on internet,

there are quite good and decent preaching , and preaching word from Bible . God bless

February 6, 2016 12:20 PM

the picture is horrible, could you remove it, sorry

James Bailey
February 6, 2016 2:46 PM

The false bride is not pretty either.

Laura McDowell
Laura McDowell
February 5, 2016 11:33 PM
I thank God and praise God for the wonderful shepherds that he has placed in my life. I encourage everyone to pray and to ask God where you should go to Church. I did this myself and in a dream I was told where to go to Church. I myself fell that the body needs to work together in unity to function properly. Think about how much it hurts for even a fingernail to be missing from the body. I have been blessed to learn something special from each Church that I have attended. At the first Church I learned about Gods grace. At the second Church I learned about reaching out in love in the community and helping those around us. This Pastor was very good at this. In the next Church I learned prayer warfare. That pastor is such a wonderful man of God. I did not truly feel free there in my heart and so I prayed and I asked God where I should God and the Lord spoke to me and told me to go to a Church out of town. I had to drive two hours to get there and two hours to get home to attend Cornerstone Church in San Antonio which is the Church that I attend now. I was feed the word of God at Cornerstone Church and Pastor Hagee and Matthew Hagee are two of God’s generals in the body of Christ. They are world leaders and taught me the importance of lobbying for Israel and on speaking up in defense of Israel. I have a real heart of love for all the Jewish people. I thank God for every pastor that God has placed in my family and my life. We as a body of Christ really should pray that… Read more »
February 5, 2016 9:54 PM

Hi Joanie. I want to thank you for this post and for all the posts you make here. Also, I really appreciated your appearance on TruNews on Dec. 23 and how you shared on that broadcast that the Lord told you to tell us that every trial and loss we’ve suffered has been His design and that He is doing these things because He can’t have anything between us and Him. That word really spoke to me. The Lord has really been calling me to draw closer to Him. Please pray for me that I will continue to pursue Him. God bless you, Joanie!

Mitch Salmon
February 5, 2016 4:03 PM

I can’t believe I put a lengthy comment up only to have it DISAPPEAR when I pressed send. I am not even going to try to repeat all that I wrote. I do, however, want to share this video. Who has seen this?

Joanie Stahl
joanie Stahl
February 5, 2016 8:52 PM

Hi Mitch, I saw this video a while back. This is the Woman that rides the Beast. An amalgamation of all religions that the Antichrist will support for awhile. All wrapped up in a deceptive love that is a counterfeit empowered by the enemy. With all the wars and hell that has broken out upon this earth, with all the hopelessness, this will be a perfect sales pitch false-gospel dragnet.

Mitch Salmon
February 6, 2016 4:45 PM

What I had written out yesterday was the progression I see coming. It all starts with this false religion…
The false religion will claim that they will bring peace to the world by uniting the world’s religions.
Religious leaders will begin negotiations (facilitated by the Vatican) to hash out what this unified religion will look like.
The central point of concern will be the name and identity of Jesus. The only way the world’s religions can unite is if Jesus is declared false as the Messiah and the Son of God.
The various faiths will come together in this unified world religion. This will include the false church.
The only hold outs will be the remnant church. We alone know that Jesus is not just a component of our faith, He IS our faith.
The false church will first turn on the remnant in word as they slander us for our archaic views and intolerance.
Then eventually words will be transformed into action. Backed by the government, the false church will begin rounding up the true church in the name of promoting peace and unity.
We’ll be targeted, locked up and eventually we will see martyrdom.

This is the progression I see. I am not going to say, “Thus saith the LORD” because it hasn’t been like that but I do feel in my spirit that this is where things are going.

Sandra Wood
Sandra Wood
February 5, 2016 2:01 PM

Prophet Brian Carn is a mighty man of God, He truly speaks as the oracles of God, He also spoke many prophecies and in the words given He said if you are in a dead church you need to get out.