How Our Idols Bring Shame on Us

Joining yourself to idols gives legal permission to the spirits behind the idols to bind you and put you to shame.

Ephraim is joined to idols; let him alone. Their liquor gone, they play the harlot continually; their rulers dearly love shame. The spirit binds them in its wings, and they will be ashamed because of their sacrifices. (Hosea 4:17-19)

The words in verse 19 are sometimes translated as the “wind wraps them” but if you look up the meaning of those words in the original Hebrew you will find a more accurate translation is the “spirit binds them”. Just about anything that we love can become an idol in our life. The idols referred to in verse 18 are liquor and fornication, which is translated as harlotry.

The Lord must be our first love, not in words only but demonstrated by our obedience to His commandments. Those who do these things love shame because they are choosing to be put to shame. The will of God is to bring us to a place of honor but He cannot do that if we are joining ourselves to idols because we are giving legal permission to the evil spirits that are behind the idols to come and bind us and carry us to the place of shame.

The Lord warns us to stay away from idols because like any good father He wants the best for His children.

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