Proverbs 2 Extended Edition

  1. My son, if you lay hold of my words and receive my commands and take possession of my promises and treasure my commandments within you,
  2. If you pay attention with your ear to hear wisdom, incline your heart to pay attention to good judgment, and stretch your thinking to get understanding,
  3. If you cry out for discernment and utter loud sounds calling for it to come to you, and lift your voice for understanding,
  4. If you seek her like silver and desire her like money and ask for her like asking for gifts and search for her like searching for hidden treasure,
  5. Then you will discern the fear of Jehovah and you will understand that the Existing One is awesome and terrifying. That is when you will learn the wisdom of the divine rulers and find the knowledge of the Gods and obtain the insights and understanding of the divine ones.
  6. Jehovah gives wisdom, the Existing One yields a harvest of keen discernment and good judgment, from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.
  7. He stores up wisdom that can be put to use for those who walk uprightly. He accumulates sensible knowledge and hides it away to give it to those who are pleasing to Him. He is a shield to those who walk in integrity. He protects those who live a completely innocent way of life.
  8. He guards the paths of justice. He watches over the right way of living. He keeps watch over the faithful way and protects the journey of the holy ones.
  9. Then you will discern righteousness, justice, and everything that is upright and fair, all that is on the prosperous path and the way of total excellence.
  10. Wisdom will enter your heart. Your inner man will be led into long-lasting success. Your mind will get sensible knowledge. Discernment will be pleasant to your soul. Understanding will make your life delightful. Knowledge will be lovely to your mind. Wisdom will be sweet to your emotions.
  11. You will be guarded and protected by your own determination to make right choices. Your understanding will watch over you and keep you safe.
  12. It will deliver you from the way of evil. It will rescue you from the road to misery. It will snatch you away from going in a bad direction. It will save you from the man who speaks wicked things and threatens to do evil things and gives unreasonable commands.
  13. It will prevent you from being like those who leave the right path and neglect the upright way of life. They depart and go away on a journey down a dark road that leads to a dark, unknown, secret place.
  14. They delight in doing bad things. They take joy in giving pain to others. They are glad to make misery. They rejoice when they act evil. They are glad when their stubborn, unreasonable behavior causes pain, sadness, unpleasantness, and evil.
  15. Their paths are twisted. Their way of life is distorted. Their ways are underhanded and purposely misleading. They go in the wrong direction. They have lost sight of the road.
  16. Wisdom will deliver you from the woman whom you do not know. It will snatch you away from the wife of another man. It will rescue you from the adulteress who flatters with her words and steals from you with her promises and divides your wealth with her commands.
  17. She leaves behind the companion of her youth and departs from her intimate friend from her past. She forgets the sincere and solemn agreement she made with the divine rulers. She ignores the vows she made to her Gods. She no longer cares about her covenant with the divine judges.
  18. Her house sinks down to the realm of the dead. Death rules over her home. Her path leads to the spirits of the dead.
  19. Everyone who enters her house returns to her again. They all go to die with her. None of them reach the way of life. None of them have enough of the right way of living to sustain their life.
  20. Make it your purpose to walk on the excellent path. Be determined to go the good way. Persevere to conduct your life in a prosperous manner. Keep watch to guard the righteous path. Be on the lookout to protect the correct way of living.
  21. The upright will live in the earth. Those who are pleasing to God will settle down in the land and stay there. Those who are right with God will reside in the land. Those who are entirely blameless and completely acceptable to God will remain.
  22. The wicked will be cut off from the land. Those who are guilty of sin will be cut down and eliminated from the earth. Liars will be uprooted. Those who deliberately mislead other people will be dragged out. Traitors and betrayers will be torn away.

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