Proverbs 11 Extended Edition

So far I have only completed the first nine verses…

  1. Deceitful scales are disgusting to Jehovah, false balances are an abomination to Him, but perfectly weighted scales give Him pleasure and scales that use whole stones delight Him.
  2. Wherever pride enters, shame comes with it, wherever arrogance enters disgrace comes with it, whoever allows presumptuousness to come in will also get dishonor with it, but those who allow the Spirit of God to flow through them unhindered will have wisdom to make clever and level-headed decisions because they will be able to see what is coming long before it arrives.
  3. The integrity of the upright will lead them and guide them, but the crooked dealings of those who act deceitfully will destroy them, their dishonest transactions will devastate them, they will be dealt with violently and utterly ruined because of their faithless deeds.
  4. Wealth does not profit in the day of wrath and riches have no benefit in the time of the outpouring of fury, but those who do righteous deeds will be snatched away from the place of death, those who walk in righteousness deliver themselves from death.
  5. Our pursuit of perfect righteousness, having a completely right relationship with God and obeying all of His commandments, causes us to follow the straight path, it keeps us on the right road, it makes us walk in lawful ways, it requires us to pull down our high places and lift up our low places to God, it puts us on a more level path, and makes our rough places smooth. The wicked will fall in their wickedness, those who have chosen to go their own way will fail as the result of their own devices, the guilty ones will be cast down in their guilt.
  6. Through proper righteous acts you deliver yourself, upright acts of justice snatch you away from trouble, walking straight in the ways of righteousness rescues you from destruction, but acting treacherously causes you to be captured by destruction, acting deceitfully is grasping hold of calamity, acting faithlessly causes you to be caught in a deep hole in the earth.
  7. When a wicked man enters the realm of the dead all the things he hoped for are put to death with him, when death comes to a person who is guilty of sin their hope vanishes, when a criminal dies a violent death the things they were expecting perish, their hope for wealth is destroyed, their hope for power vanishes, and their hope for physical strength is exterminated.
  8. Righteous deeds remove you from trouble, lawful acts pull you out of distress, deeds of justice equip you to pass through hard times, wicked deeds lead you beneath others, in subjection to others, they will be favored instead of you, you will be introduced to the under part, burdens will be brought upon criminals, and all who are guilty of sin will enter into oppression.
  9. The mouth of the godless destroys his friends, the mouth of hypocrites injures his companions, through discernment the righteous are armed for war, through knowledge the lawful are removed from harm, and through understanding the just are rescued.

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