Proverbs 1 Extended Edition

  1. The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, the wise sayings of the king of Israel:
  2. To know wisdom and instruction, to recognize clever insights and see the value of being disciplined and corrected when you need to be corrected, to understand words of good judgment, and to be able to tell the difference between foolish talk and words of wisdom,
  3. To receive instruction in being wise and sensible, to take hold of correction and pay the price to get the adjustments and improvements that you need to make, to grab hold of what is right, to acquire justice and to get fairness;
  4. To those who are foolish give them the foresight to look ahead and prepare for what is coming, to those who are simple-minded grant them good sense, to those who are young give them knowledge, discernment, discretion, and a clear sense of God’s purpose for their life.
  5. A wise person will hear and increase in learning, a person who is skillful in their knowledge of God will listen to instruction and align themselves with it, a person who has understanding will possess a clear sense of direction, and a person who has discernment will gain good advice, direction, and guidance.
  6. A wise person knows the meaning of difficult mysteries, a person who is skillful in the knowledge of God understands wit, and knows the answers to perplexing riddles.
  7. Fear of Jehovah is the beginning of wisdom, reverence for the Eternal One is the greatest thing to know, respect for the one who calls Himself “I AM WHO I AM” is the first step to getting understanding and discernment, foolish people despise wisdom and instruction and show contempt for discipline and correction.
  8. Listen my son to your father’s correction and receive his chastening and do not abandon your mother’s teachings or quit following her instructions.
  9. Because they are a graceful wreath to your head and necklaces about your neck.
  10. My son, if sinners make a place for you, do not go along with them.
  11. If they say, “Come, depart from where you are and walk with us so we can lie hidden, waiting for blood. We will be unsuspected, prowling about where no one will catch us, so we can ambush the innocent for no purpose and without cause.
  12. Just like the living are swallowed up whole by hell and completely overwhelmed by the grave and eaten alive by the underworld and entirely engulfed by the place of no return, like those who sink down into a pit, like those who descend into a well, like those who go down into an underground tank.
  13. We will find every valuable substance, secure all the costly riches, and acquire all the glorious wealth, we will fill our house with stolen goods, our home will have an abundance of valuable seized property.
  14. Offer your lot to us, cast down your reward and let your portion fall into our hands, so we will have one purse and we will each share the same bag of money.
  15. My son, do not walk in the path with them, part ways with them and go in another direction, keep your feet from their path.
  16. Their feet run swiftly to do evil, hurtful, wrong things, they hurry and quickly shed blood.
  17. Their invitations for you to join them will come to nothing when your eyes can see the end result of their deceptive schemes. Indeed it is useless to spread the net as a trap before the eyes of any bird.
  18. They lie in wait for their own blood; they ambush their own lives.
  19. So is the path of all who gain wrongfully, this is the way it is for everyone who uses violent force to greedily take what they want and everyone who breaks off portions that do not rightfully belong to them so they can take more for themselves; they take their own lives and cause their own soul to be snatched away from them.
  20. Wisdom shouts in the street, accurate discernment on the inside overcomes things on the outside, good judgment cries aloud outside, she lifts her voice in the broad public arena, she utters her sounds in the open marketplace.
  21. From the highest heights she cries aloud and proclaims with a loud sound, at the entrance of the gates of the city she makes promises, gives commands, and speaks forth words.
  22. How long oh foolish ones will you continue to love being foolish, how long will you who are inexperienced continue being friends with others who are also inexperienced, and how long will those who lack discernment continue to love their lack of discernment, they are under the influence of the demons of darkness who delight in bragging and take pleasure in ridiculing and mocking, fools hate knowledge, those who lack discernment are enemies of understanding, and arrogant people hate wisdom.
  23. Return to Me and receive correction, turn back and receive your punishment, my scolding will restore you, see, I will pour out My spirit on you, heaven will bubble up within you, the mind of God will flow into you, the courage of God will be stirred up in you, I will cause you to know the word of God through your experiences, you will perceive the things that matter most to God, and you will learn to know the calling of God on your life.
  24. Because you refused when I called you by name and commissioned you, I stretched out my hand and no one even paid attention, I extended my power and no one even noticed.
  25. You ignored all of my counsel, instead of following my advice you showed a lack of restraint, you abandoned my purpose for your life, you were not willing to receive my correction, you refused to accept my punishment or yield to my rebuke.
  26. Furthermore I will mock you in your day of calamity, when disaster comes upon you I will joke about it and laugh at your distress, I will scoff when terror comes upon you, I will ridicule you when the thing you dread comes upon you.
  27. When terror comes upon you like a devastating storm and the dread of it attacks you and disaster comes upon you like a whirlwind and falls on you like a storm and you are having an anxiety attack and you feel troubled because you are under pressure.
  28. At that time you will call out for Me but I will not answer you, you will cry out but I will not respond, you will seek earnestly for Me but you will not encounter Me, you will arise early to look for Me but you will find not Me.
  29. Because you hated knowledge and understanding and you were an enemy of wisdom and discernment and you chose neither to fear Jehovah nor to show respect for the Eternal Existing One.
  30. You refused to yield to My purpose for your life, you rejected My advice, you were unwilling to follow My counsel, you rejected all of My correction and despised all of My punishment.
  31. So you will eat the fruit of your own way. Your bad habits will produce things that will consume and devour you, until you want no more of your own plans.
  32. The backsliding of a foolish person will destroy them. The person who turns back from following the Lord will lose their life. Those who fall away from faith in God will be ruined, fools are destroyed because they seek to satisfy themselves. Arrogant people wander off the right path and are lost because they pursue their own comfort and ease.
  33. The person who listens to Me and understands what I am saying will live in safety. The person who obeys Me will have their home protected from danger. They will rest securely without any fear of evil. They will enjoy peace and quiet without anxiety or terror about what other people might do to them.

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