America! You Forgot to Zip Your Pants!

I had a dream yesterday morning. I saw a large pair of pants coming down in the sky. They were so large they could be seen from great distances. I noticed they had a metal zipper, like blue jeans, and it was unzipped.  After this I heard God’s voice stating with Great Authority, “AMERICA! You forgot to zip your pants! Now the whole world can see the shame of your sin!”

I immediately thought of the last Republican debate. I did not watch it, but I heard it had turned crude at one point.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream: America Was at War

For many years I worked as a nurse in the hospital. I worked in cardiology and often assisted in pacemaker implantation. Since it has been about 15 years since I worked in that role, I was very surprised when I was called to assist a surgeon in the operating room.

I protested because it had been so many years since I had performed this type of work I was worried I might not remember all of the names for the instruments.… [Continue reading...]

God is Going to Pour Down His Spirit in the Market Place

Two years ago, the Lord made me aware I was a lukewarm Christian in a church that did not acknowledge our brothers and sisters in the Middle East being persecuted and murdered for their faith. He has been leading me on a journey to awaken me. I have been shocked in what I have discovered about our country and our great need for repentance.

On February 23 2016, I dreamed I was shopping in a store looking for a tool for my husband.… [Continue reading...]